Looking for Laptop for Animation and Graphic Design.


Nov 18, 2015
Ok I am in college for Animation and Graphic Design and I need recommendations for laptop choices. My budget is around $1500-3000 and I am fine with both OSX and Windows but truthfully I am torn so I am looking for another opinion.

I have been looking at:
MacBook Pro R 512SSD ($2500)
The New Razer Blade Pro (2500)
Alien-ware laptops ($ Varies)
Digital Storm laptops ($ Varies)

The Screen must be 15.6" -17.3" or higher though.

I just need a good reference on what would be the best. I want something that will last me ALL through college. This is going to be a one time buy and i don't want something that is going to die after like 2-4 years. I will also be doing some gaming on it and portability would be nice.

Your help is must appreciated!