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  1. BaumOfRosen

    Question Help finding a good laptop for Animation for use with maya and photoshop

    Going to college for computer animation and trying to find a good portable laptop that would seemlessly run Maya and Photoshop. I would like it to be able to accommodate my Wacom tablet (USB and HDMI) if at all possible a great pressure sensitive rating touch screen would be amazing. If there's...
  2. K

    What mobile CPU would run dolphin and Maya?

    I have an engineering class where we have to use CAD products and Maya. I want to run the dolphin emulator for.... ya know... games. I have to be able to code java and run maya at max. Could a i5 4200u (surface pro 2). I like to play SOME games that are intensive but I highly doubt I would be...
  3. P

    Will this run Maya and RenderMan with an upgraded RAM?

    Title explains it.
  4. J

    Looking for a laptop to run Maya, Rhino and Grasshopper

    I'm looking to purchase a laptop that will suit my needs for a postgrad Architecture program. We will be rendering mostly on Maya, Rhino & Grasshopper. Are there any recommendations for good, compact laptops with long battery lives? I currently own a MacBook Pro that doesn't have the...
  5. 3

    looking for a mobile laptop to run 3d programs ?

    hey looking for a computer I was thinking about getting the surface pro 3 I 7 256 gigabyte. It cost $1550 +$125 for keyboard and got to buy pen. programs I use is Photoshop, Maya , Zbrush ,Mari , and game engine like unity . I seen the surface pro 3 how you can run zbrush and maya ...
  6. T

    Best option for Animation/rendering

    [code]Hey guys, Im practically amateur building laptops I´m currently looking for one that can fit for my school and work for at least until march of 2017 I was looking for options and I found those 2 so I want to know wich one you think is better and if possible, why. Description of what I do...
  7. X

    whats are some good laptops for around 500$ - 600$ to use for maya (animation -rigging)

    ok so right now this is the computer that i have and it runs maya impressively well but ever since the 2015 maya release its been acting buggy (this was also after i was forced to upgrade to windows 8.1 ... ) it would crash after 30 mins of...
  8. C

    New laptop infos

    Hello everyone! I want an advice for my next buy. I have to use programs like maya, nuke, mudbox to make CG. I want to buy a Macbook Pro. Is better the 15-inch: 2.5GHz with Retina display Specifications 2.5GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 Turbo Boost up to 3.7GHz 16GB 1600MHz memory 512GB...
  9. ZenShredder

    Surface Pro 2, Cintiq Companion, What Do You Recommend?

    So as digital artists, my girlfriend and I have decided to buy a portable Tablet-PC because it's just something we'd like to have. We mainly work in Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash, with the exception of my girlfriend working in Maya and similar programs for animation. I've been looking at...
  10. M

    What do you need for 3d Development in a laptop.

    First, I see tons of these post of "Need laptop with X for gaming and game dev! PLOX HELP!>!>!?" and it leaves me deeply wondering if a laptop solution is even worth the time, sadly with my current job it would make the continuation of my indie development impossible if I did not have a laptop...
  11. THRobinson

    3D for Designers - Maya vs 3DS Max vs Blender

    Oddly enough, I posted this on a Graphic Design forum and got very (almost no) response. I'm looking to learn a 3D program, but not for games/animation/film but rather just for product images. Mocking up packaging, making it look like a photo and using files made in illustrator/photoshop as the...
  12. R

    Need help with PC for VFX/3D work (Maya, Nuke, AE, C4D, Photoshop...)

    Hi guys. So I've been a mac user for the last 8 years or so, and am looking to get into a new computer. I can't afford 3K for a new mac, so am thinking about switching back over to PC. The work I do is mainly VFX and 3D related, and something with good power for rendering would be nice. I'm...
  13. R

    Please suggest a good ultrabook for running softwares like maya ,autocad smoothly without any lag?

    Hi I want to buy a new laptop/ultrabook. My budget is 3000 dollars.or Rs 200000 for indian friends. I will be working with maya 2014 ,autocad,photoshop ,after effects. Basically ,I need it for 3d rendering ,animations etc . Since my desktop has i7, please suggest the 8 will be good...
  14. T

    Need laptop for 3D Modeling - Autodesk Maya $1500

    Please help me find a laptop suitable for 3D modeling in Autodesk Maya. I only model, no rendering/animating. Thanks! 1. What is your budget? $1000-$1500 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? 17 inch 3. What screen resolution do you want? 1024x768 or higher...