Question Help finding a good laptop for Animation for use with maya and photoshop

Jul 20, 2019
Going to college for computer animation and trying to find a good portable laptop that would seemlessly run Maya and Photoshop. I would like it to be able to accommodate my Wacom tablet (USB and HDMI) if at all possible a great pressure sensitive rating touch screen would be amazing. If there's anyone with experience or suggestions on what they use or first hand experience that would be great. Biggest problem I have found was when looking at reviews they don't quite use said product the way I would so I'm hesitant. Thanks in advance for any help 🙂
Jul 21, 2019
Hi !
I'm in the exact same situation as you .
I personally think that the MSI GS65 is really good because of his portability and it's powerful performances. I still haven't bought it and I'm still hesitating but I think it could be perfect for those tasks. The only thing negative that I heard about it is that since it's small and thin, the device tends to get really hot during a long period of heavy usage. So my suggestion is do some research about this laptop and if you are not interested/satisfied about it then tell me and I think we can do some research together !
Have a great day!