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    Hello, Do I need Atheros and ATI Catalyst Install Manager Programs. I have Windows 7 and I don't play and games like WOW.
  2. P

    Ati Catalyst Control Centar

    Hello, I have installed windows 7 ultimate 64bit on my laptop and i was trying to install CCC but as i extract proper setup and all that program only installs ati manager app,im geting whole install pack form and my graphic card...
  3. C

    LinkedIn: The IPO Chain Reactor, Raising Money

    Will their move be the catalyst of more IPOs of its kind to come? LinkedIn: The IPO Chain Reactor, Raising Money : Read more
  4. S

    Ati catalyst download

    Whenever I am trying to download the new 11.1 ati catalyst mobility driver for my lenovo ideapad y560, it gives a message that "ATI Catalyst Mobility download cancelled". But this did not happen when I did the catalyst 10.12 on 7th jan, it was smoothly downloaded. I do not understand this...
  5. B

    ATI Catalyst problem

    Specs: Ati Radeon HD 5870, AMD Phenom X4 965 BE 3,4Ghz. I can run Borderlands 1920x1080 maxed out above 60 fps, Dead Rising 2 1920x1080 120 fps maxed out but everytime I reboot my games framerates drop. I can fix this by uninstalling Ati Catalyst and reinstalling it and everytime I uninstall it...
  6. V

    ATI catalyst control center startup item needed ?

    Hello, I have noticed that after i install the catalyst drivers , there is a startup item added, called the catalyst control center. I don't tweak my graphics settings. So is it safe to disable it ? I have a mobility radeon 4330 and use win7 the path of the startup item is : ..ati...
  7. K

    No place to start ATI Catalyst

    Hello, I installed ATI Catalyst; unfortunately I cannot find a wary to start the program. No icon or programs listed
  8. G

    Catalyst A I

    Hello, i need help with some ? about a grphics card
  9. coasterman

    ATI CCC installer won't work

    -----ATI CATALYST CONTROL CENTER INSTALLER----- I found that I have the incorrect Catalyst driver for my laptop and now the installer will not install/uninstall my software. When I select the language and click Next, it asks if I want to install or uninstall the software. I click Uninstall. As...
  10. D

    CCC error?

    When I first installed Catalyst Control Center, it worked fine. However, due to various circumstances, I had to use system restore a bunch of times. Afterward, I reinstalled CCC, but I get the usual Microsoft message when I open it: Catalyst Control Center: "Monitoring program has encountered...
  11. M

    Omega Vs Catalyst

    Hello, guys. I just have a small Q, but it could be a tricky one. Heard much about the Omega drivers, and heard much about the Catalyst drivers. I run the ATI 9700(His). Which are better? Is not an urgent thing, though. Cya, Myk <P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by mohha53 on 05/04/03...