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  1. L

    Broken Charger Port

    I've had my Coolpad Catalyst for a little over a year and a half, and it's been working up until last month. It stopped charging without me putting it at a slant, so I looked in the hole and everything seemed fine. That is until I took a toothpick and moves it on the little charger thing on the...
  2. T

    Laptop uses integrated gpu instead of dedicated one

    My laptop has an AMD Radeon R7 M340 but it always uses the AMD R7 Graphics i have searched on the internet and tried practicly everything. Even changing games in catalyst to "High Performance" didn't work i also wiped my laptop and that didn't help too is there any other way ? i am currently...
  3. R

    AMD RADEON 7970 Can i work only on a single GPU

    Hello Forum, I need to know if it is possible running the catalyst control center on a single GPU , my other gpu is most probably busted ( black screen when enabled). the problem is the driver shows in the device manger as functioning properly after installing the driver but i can not seem to...
  4. Z

    My AMD card disappear !

    HI I Have Lenovo z5170 with amd graphic card amd r9 m375 suddenly when I opened amd catalyst it gave me this error ( : No AMD graphics driver is installed, or the driver is not functioning properly. ) so i uninstall my amd drive to install a new one but when i did that it said no amd hardware...
  5. V

    looking for help over catalyst and crimson software

    My laptop is having R7 M360 graphics and having amd catalyst software..i have checked software update in that app itself,it says up to date..No problem..but i searched on internet found that my gpu is compatible with crimson software and i used amd auto driver detect utility and it is showing...
  6. P

    dell inspiron 5737 - 5870m problem

    Hello, While playing a game on my Dell, A blue screen showed up with a atimpkg.sys error. I rebooted the it and it was ok until it showed up again after 2-5 minutes. I uninstalled the drivers and had nothing but problems after that. Whenever the new driver is installed from Dells portal, once...
  7. A

    AMD Driver undetectable

    Latest amd driver update removed catalyst and amd settings didn't open ,so I uninstall drivers and unfortunately used IObit uninstaller to remove remaining files of amd and for some reason now my AMD card is undetectable :( and can't install latest driver it says that driver not detected by amd...
  8. V

    Can I run at catalyst centre in PC having only Intel HD graphics

    I want to play the games in my PC by advancing my graphics ram 4gb processor Intel i3 3.3 GHz . Can I use ati catalyst center
  9. H

    amd catalyst control centre

    I have a ati radeon hd 3200 graphics card. I heard that i can increase my gaming performance by installing amd catalyst control centre, so i decided to install it. however, after installing it, when i start the application, it shows only my cpu power and does not show anything about the graphics...
  10. H

    AMD Catalyst Control Panel

    Hi,I want to configure my graphics.Under "Display Adapters" I have Radeon R7 and Radeon 260DX(2gb).However,most of the games I play only recognize the first one which is 1GB.I understand that this can be fixed on the AMD catalyst control panel but I can't find it anywhere.Right clicking on my...
  11. V

    Unable to install Catalyst Control Center

    As said above, I seem to be unable to install this particular software on my PC. I have tried wiping out the AMD drivers using DDU and tried installing the drivers again with no result. I have tried searching for the answer through the internet only to find myself still having this problem after...
  12. CatalystGamez

    Which of these is the better headset? Or is there a better one out there?

    Hello, I currently have the gamecon 780 gaming headset, and I want to buy a better one. I have looked around on PartsPicker, and found these three, so can you help me choose one? Or is there is a better one out there, please comment! Oh, and also, my price limit is £150 These are the one that...
  13. M

    Every game locked at 47 fps

    I recently did a clean install of Windows 10 on my laptop. All drivers are from Windows Update. Everything is working fine except one thing. All Steam games are locked at 47 fps! Framerate can be lower, but it never goes higher than 47 fps. I have v-sync off in-game and in CCC. And I have no...
  14. W

    AMD Radeon during installation a new Catalyst I got blackout

    Hi, I would like to ask you about this issue, I had to update my driver for AMD Radeon R7 260X on my laptop and when I tried to install it I got just one message, that it can make blackouts. catalyst started to check and after that whole displey was down due blackout and nothing works, only...
  15. S

    Attempt to reset display driver and recover from timeout failed.

    Hi, i have a packard bell EasyNote EN LS44HR. While using a program recently my computer gave me a bluescreen error saying "attempt to reset display driver and recover from timeout failed". And basically got stuck on a loop, everytime i opened normally i would get the same error then the laptop...
  16. Claszureme

    Do I need to update my AMD Software

    Hi guys, since I cat find a sub topic about AMD software then I'll post it here. I have a question? So my new PC arrived last week. The AMD Catalyst Software shows that my driving packaging version is: 13.351.1007-140402a-170998C and the amd catalyst control version is: 2014.0402.444.6576 .. Do...
  17. T

    How to turn off built in graphic card.

    Hello, so my problem is that i don't know how to turn off my graphic card. I have AMD processor AMD A4-6210 APU with AMD Radeon R3 Graphics and AMD Radeon R5 M-230. So my problem is that i don't know how to turn off R3 card so my system runs fully on R5, this will give me usage of whole 4GB of...
  18. ItZzSora

    Lenovo z565 IdeaPad driver problem

    So I recently updated my AMD Drivers from Catalyst to AMD VISION Engine Control Center, and when I launch this program it freezes my computer completely, causing me to have to hard restart my laptop. Can I manually download the AMD Catalyst Driver? AMD Phenom N660 Dual-core processor, AMD...
  19. X

    AMD Catalyst won't open! Update came out 7/8/15

    Hi. I got on my computer this morning and my resolution on my monitor was downscaled. I figured it was my graphics drivers. So I went and reinstalled those. When I reinstalled it, I did my system reboot. But it didn't fix anything. Still can't open Catalyst. And a window shows up saying I don't...
  20. IrishWolfHound93

    AMD Catalyst Control Center has no GPU options ?

    I recently updated my AMD catalyst drivers to Omega 14.12 ,for windows 8.1 64 bit on my laptop, but I've recently noticed when tinkering around with settings for gaming, that there's no GPU options ? Is there any way to fix this ? I've tried searching online for solutions but after uninstalling...
  21. J

    R7 m265 Shown as R7 m260

    I'm installed Catalyst 15.14 beta for Gta 5 improvement but the driver shown as r7 m260 instead of r7 m265 and give me the bad performance,how to fix it? My Laptop Core i5-4210u , R7 m265 , 4 GB of Rams , Windows 8.1 Thanks !!
  22. Y

    AMD 7970M Black Screens and Now Not Working

    So a few days ago I was playing a game and got a couple black screens where I could still hear background music from the game but I couldn't do anything and had to force shutdown. After that I tried updating software and Windows update, ended up downloading the KB 3004394 update. I have since...
  23. J

    AMD Catalyst causing blue screen of death

    Hi, My laptop was working fine and i could play games but than i got blue screen of death.I took him to repair and it was working fine and one day i got basic theme on windows 7 so i reinstall all drivers again also AMD Catalyst and i got blue screen of death.Does anybody know why is that or how...
  24. A

    Has anyone tried out the AMD Catalyst Omega driver?

    I got the notification regarding the AMD Catalyst Omega driver update via the Raptr application of AMD. I haven't installed any of the v14 drivers due to the black screen on installation and rebooting problem with the Windows 8.1 So wanted to ask whether anyone has tried out this new driver on...
  25. N

    AMD Catalyst Omega drivers / Assassins Creed Unity problem

    So i installed the new drivers from AMD. Then i wanted to test them i used FurMark and Cinebench and everything was great. Then i wanted to test them on a game. And here is what happend. Also as you can see the menu and the HUD are broken. Also in games the map is blank and out of place and...
  26. M

    Black Bars Around Laptop Screen- No Scaling Option

    Hey there, I recently received a Dell Inspiron 15 3000 Laptop. It has an AMD A6 Quad Core with a touch screen. I'm a bit tech savvy, so when I saw that this laptop had black bars I went into AMD Catalyst to scale it out. However, the option was not available. Then I decided, it being a new...
  27. I

    Blurry words/images in certain games

    Hey, in some games I have tried (mostly cod4) the graphics have gone all blurry. I hadn't played cod4 in a while and when I came back the game was like this,41XyvA1,y5cG4cJ (but worse). Also when playing the game the textures have gone very basic and show only when I get...
  28. D

    Amd catalysts control center not displaying Powertune options

    Basically I just got a new r9 290. I downloaded the newest beta drivers (14.7) and rebooted my system. I then noticed the Powertune settings were not being shown under the overdrive/performance section( things such as the target gpu temperature and max fan speed settings). I have no idea what...
  29. W

    AMD CCC Not opening

    I just downloaded the new CCC 14.7 drivers from AMD's website but when I try to open it it says this: The application has fail to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect. Please see the application even log or use the command-line sxstrace.exe tool for more detail. Im not sure...
  30. S

    AMD Catalyst and Color Output Formats

    Is there a way to change color format in Catalyst 14.4 from RGB to YPbPr? I'm just curious because my monitor supports it but I can't seem to find an option for it in Catalyst. I'm using a DVI connection to my monitor if that's important.
  31. W

    AMD CCC Keeps Crashing

    I have been trying to get Dayz SA to run with crossfire. I found something that seems to be the solution for many others. I added Dayz.exe to the 3D Application Settings and when i go to the bottom and try to change what crossfire mode i want to use, CCC just crashes. Any ideas on how to fix...
  32. N

    amd catalyst control center has detected a change in your computer setup

    What should I press?
  33. A

    catalyst control center: monitoring program has stopped working

    for the past few days my laptop has been shutting down randomly (mmostly while playng BF4). today, i booted it up after one of these crashes and got this message: catalyst control center: monitoring program has stopped working idk if that has anything to do with the random shut-downs buti don't...
  34. Oggi-Wan

    Cannot Un/Install AMD Catalyst - Please help!!!

    Following happened. w7 Premium 64bit 1.Instead of VGA updates I installed an APU Driver. 2.I set the the 3d gaming settings on "Optimal Performance". 3.I rebooted the pc, after that it seemed like it was in safe mode. 4.No game worked. 5.I uninstalled CCC and then tried to install it again...
  35. SoumyaHD

    AMD Catalyst driver 13.12 or Catalyst 12.10

    Most games like rivals or BF4 wont play in AMD Catalyst 12.10...Whats new in 13.12 Is it better than 12.10 version ??
  36. T

    Catalyst Control Center host application has stopped working.

    I got this error yesterday for no apparent reason. I have found no viruses in my laptop,I have reinstalled the program and drivers and yet it still gives me the error. I downloaded the drivers from HP's support page.
  37. T

    AMD Catalyst 14.1

    Hey guys I have a Lenovo z575 with a AMD A8-3520 processor and a AMD A8-6600G graphics card. Will AMD Catalyst boost these to run even faster? Cause my CPU sucks (1.60Ghz) -.- I am playing BF3 and COD Black Ops2.
  38. T

    my ccc is missing a bunch of options

    instead of this display I only get these options in advanced view any ideas? Im afraid this will become an issue when I try to crossfire in the future.
  39. M

    AMD Catalyst Control Center launching problems

    After my PC short circuited from water damage and I had to replace all the hardware inside Ive noticed problems with the application "AMD Catalyst Control Center". Whenever I try and open it from the right click drop down menu or the taskbar the window appears for a second or two and then just...
  40. L

    Catalyst Control Center won't open

    I installed the latest Beta Driver 13.11v8,after that i can't open the CCC,i clicked it many times and it doesn't appear (Only appear in the background process). What should i do ? -Sorry for my bad english
  41. J

    Delete CCC with Nvidia?

    Hey guys, I've got a little bit of a problem with CCC (catalyst control center) or something to do with ATI. I'll start off with saying before I upgraded my PC to a custom build, I had an ATI graphics card, and an AMD processor too. When I built the PC I'm using now I kept the HDD, but I...
  42. I

    missing options in the catalyst control center

    hi, i have a dell inspiron 5423 with intel hd graphics 4000 and amd radeon 7570m. most of the options in ccc are missing, i already tried to re-install the drivers. how can i get the options to show up?
  43. K

    Catalyst control center only showing CPU settings and not GPU

    I recently updated my control center to beta 13.6 cause the others wouldn't open, but when I opened it, it only came up with the settings for my CPU and not my graphics card. If it matters my graphics card is Radeon HD 4850
  44. R

    Catalyst Control Center

    I have been looking at every setting in CCC and I do not see any option to force enable VSync in games. In Cube World, newer game, it tries to use 100% of my graphics card ability (Radeon HD 7800). Ideally, I would want to add triple buffering and enable VSync. I want to do this because I have...
  45. th3controller

    How to fix most AMD Catalyst software/driver issues

    Most people seem to have an issue with AMD's Catalyst software and/or drivers, especially when updating from an old version to the newest. The Catalyst Team has made a software specifically designed to completely uninstall any AMD Catalyst software and drivers in your computer. You do not need...
  46. Sonicbounty50

    Unlocking Catalyst limits for Crossfire?

    I have been able to unlock the limits in Catalyst in order to overclock further before, but only when I had a single card installed. Now that I have a crossfire setup going. (2 HIS IceQ 6950s) I was wondering if it was possible to unlock CCC limits for both cards? With the last method i used, i...
  47. G

    ATI catalyst wont download

    after i download the driver and start it, i click install for the driver program and it does and then the catalyst program comes up and when i click download so it can download the package, a popup comes up and says ati catalyst mobility download is cancelled, it does it every time and i really...
  48. M

    AMD Control Centre

    Hi, I just had a questionabout AMD's Catalyst control centre. See I just got my new gaming computer :D and I was wondering how control centre measures the temp. Sorry if that sounds stupid :\ I mean the temp display at the AMD Overdrive/Performance tab. Does anyone know what temp it measures as...
  49. B

    Catalyst software with second screen to the rigth

    Hello, I'm running AMD Catalyst software with an extra monitor (extended) but I can not find a way to run it as an extra monitor that is placed to the left... E.g. if I have my main monitor (the LapTop) and move the cursor I can only move it to the next screen by moving over the edge to the...
  50. KUR0KO

    What's the correct way to update AMD Catalyst and MSI Afterburner?

    Do I need to uninstall the old drivers, reboot, and install new stuffs? or just install the new drivers over the old stuffs? Thanx :)
  51. E

    Apply current video quality settings to internet video is not working

    Can someone help me ? please. Apply current video quality settings to internet video. In the catalyst control center, is not working, don't know why. It doesn't work anymore in youtube videos nothing happen when i applied it.
  52. Hellsrage

    AMD Catalyst Drivers?

    Okay so anyone who has and AMD Card probably knows how much of a PITA Catalyst is and I recently tried updating to 12.4 but had an issue. So I just let it sit but I'm curious about what version is best? And if it's best to just run without Catalyst and just the driver?(If even possible) The...
  53. D

    Quick Driver Question

    Hey guys, I recently downloaded the AMD Catalyst 12.4 drivers for my Radeon 6870. However, Catalyst Control Center says I am still at Catalyst 11.5. MSI Afterburner also says this. So I downloaded drivers (and installed) them again (and again) but in both programs it still says I am at 11.5...
  54. L

    60Hz to 59Hz can't apply via AMD catalyst control center

    Hi .My problem is that, I can't apply 29Hz and 59Hz in CCC . option 59Hz is available but when i hit apply from 59Hz reverts back to 60Hz . I can't find any solution ,I've tried to force via RadeonPro not solved my problem . Any thoughts ,suggestions ?
  55. J

    Catalyst control center stopped working for sony laptop

    catalyst control center stopped working for sony laptop
  56. G

    Ionic Liquid Helps Turn Greenhouse Gas Into Fuel

    A research team at the University of Illinois claims to have developed an ionic liquid to act as a catalyst when greenhouse gas emissions are converted to fuel. Ionic Liquid Helps Turn Greenhouse Gas Into Fuel : Read more
  57. J

    Updated to 11.8 CAP 4 No CrossFireX Enabler/Disabler?

    Hello I have 2x 5770 CrossFireX and I recently updated to Catalyst 11.8 w/ CAP 4. CCC starts up, but, there is no CrossFireX "anywhere" in the control center. If i'm correct it should be located in Gaming Performance? My 2nd card is currently in Idle, obviously i'm not getting full juice from...
  58. D

    Catalyst Version 11.8 gpu scaling?

    I can not find it, and all other screen shoots I find online show only the older versions.
  59. H

    Unable to rid "Microsoft Corporation WDDM 1.1" and install Catalyst

    Hello, I am having trouble upgrading to the newest 11.8 Catalyst package for my HD 4850 video card. It all started after I did a format partition and reinstalled Windows 7 64-bit. For some reason, Windows already supplied me with a video card driver upon installation. I checked control panel...
  60. G

    New Alloy Produces Hydrogen Using Sunlight

    Scientists at the University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville discovered that a new alloy could be used as a catalyst to harvest hydrogen from water using sunlight. New Alloy Produces Hydrogen Using Sunlight : Read more