Unable to rid "Microsoft Corporation WDDM 1.1" and install Catalyst


Sep 14, 2011

I am having trouble upgrading to the newest 11.8 Catalyst package for my HD 4850 video card.

It all started after I did a format partition and reinstalled Windows 7 64-bit. For some reason, Windows already supplied me with a video card driver upon installation. I checked control panel -> device manager -> display adapters, and it said "ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series (Microsoft Corporation WDDM 1.1)". On dxdiag, the driver date was 7/13/2009. I wanted to install the newest driver for my video card, and the driver is linked below:


Before I even installed it, I uninstalled the Windows WDDM 1.1 driver in the device manager (which was confirmed when my screen changed from 1680x1050 to 800x600.) After Catalyst 11.8 finished installing, I got a Windows message saying I successfully installed the Windows WDDM 1.1 driver ... which I did not want.

I tried redoing it in safe mode and I tried older Catalyst versions (11.7) but I can't figure out how to stop the WDDM 1.1 from being auto-installed and have my computer install the desired Catalyst package instead. After each attempt of installing Catalyst, I deleted the ATI files and made sure there were no remnants of previous drivers.

Note: the HD 4850 was given to me as a gift and did not come with a CD. I previously used Windows 7 64-bit and had no issue with this before while using the same hardware.

Is there something I am overlooking? Thanks for the help!