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  1. K

    Solved! install error "Compatibility Assistant" Corel dvd moviefactory 7

    I downloaded the trial version of Corel DVD Moviefactory pro 7 from the developer site. i tried to install on windows 10 pro x64, an error "This app can't run on this PC" my system config. I used the application till windows 7. windows 10 pro x64 16 gb RAM Asus M5A99fx pro 2.0 1 TB HDD amd...
  2. O

    Comparing video editing software

    Everybody has got several options for video editing like Vegas pro, after effects, premiere pro, Corel video studio and camtasia. But what are the real differences between them although I don't see almost any difference between them?!
  3. N

    Alternative to Corel Draw

    Can someone please tell me a free software that is similar to Corel Draw? This is for Windows. I need to upload a map, draw lines/shapes, then shade them in lightly.
  4. A

    Paint Shop ProX9

    Hello, I have paint shop pro x9 and I am having a problem with x9 crashing and it's freezing to. It's registered etc. I use windows10. Thanks.
  5. P

    Corel Motion 3D fails to insdtall

    I bought 3D Motion and received download link by e-mail. After the software was downloaded the program fail to install. I noticed a pop up-windows where some files were propably extracted bud this windows closed after a few seconds and that was it; No program installed . The program has...
  6. Dhandayuthapani

    Enabling Status activated Screen in Corel Graphic Suite X8

    Windows 7 Ultimate Sp1 32 Bit OS I'm recently reinstalling Corel Graphic Suite X8 (32 Bit) in windows 7 OS. In previous installation my Status & Verification Screen is enabled. (My Corel X8 already registered, authenticated and activated in Corel Site). But recently after re-installation my...
  7. L

    I cannot get an application to launch at all. Any help?

    Alright, so the application in question is Corel Videostudio Pro X6. I have been using it for quite some time and it's been working fine up until a few days ago and now it won't launch at all. There's no error message, nothing pops up, I click on it and nothing happens. I've tried uninstalling...
  8. N

    Is this a good Lap Top?

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a new lap top: ASUS Transformer Book Flip TP550LD 15.6" Touchscreen Laptop (Intel Core i7-4500U/ 1TB HDD/ 8GB RAM) Mostly using it for Corel Draw, some 2d animation and the odd Starcraft II and Streetfighter IV... and maybe the ability to handle new PC games at low...
  9. N

    Hardware specs for photo and video editing (with programs like Photoshop, Corel, etc)

    Hello, a friend of mine looks for a new PC. He is a graphic designer, working mainly with PhotoShop & Corel toolsets but wants to be able to make movie editing also if needed. A colleague proposed the following hardware: -CPU: AMD A8 7600 (110eur), - mobo: ASUS A88XM (80 eur), - RAM...
  10. A

    can use photoshop in tablets

    Can use Adobe photoshop,corel,illustrator on a tablets
  11. F

    Corel studiox7 not showing audio on clips.

    I have recently started to use Corel studiopro x7. I have encountered a major problem in which all of the video clips I want to use do not have sound. They are .MOV's from a Canon T3i. The audio plays fine in media player. In Windiows Live the audio is pretty much normal. There are annoying...
  12. C

    Pinnacle Studio 18 Plus vs Corel VideoStudio Ultimate X7

    I have been looking through the forums and have narrowed my choice down to these 2 video editing programs that i think would be good for me. The one that has more content like effects and other things like that would be my first choice, but i dont know if one performs better than the other...
  13. W

    Which processor is better for Corel Painter 12, AMD or Intel?

    Which processor is better for Corel Painter 12, AMD or Intel?
  14. R

    I am trying to install a program from a CD and I keep getting an error message

    Hello, I am currently running Windows 8.1 and I am trying to load up a an application form a CD, Corel PaintShop Pro X6. I had installed it when I first purchased the the software, but had to uninstall it because I save it to the wrong hard drive. Now every time I load up the CD i get an error...
  15. S

    Which of the four for graphic design?

    Hi, I need to buy a notebook. I use Photoshop CS6, Coreldraw X5, Pagemaker 6.5, Virtualdub for video editing. Most of the times I use these applications only. Occasionally I play games. I have shortlisted three laptops. I am finding hard to decide which laptop to use. Acer Aspire M3-581TG...
  16. O

    700 Euro Laptop Suggestion Required

    Good day, I am looking to invest max. 700 euros into a new laptop to replace an old one. It should possibly meet best specs in this price range to properly run photoshop and corel draw (meaning huge projects in both programs) and allow occasional gaming. It is very important to me to have the...
  17. woodenbear

    Corel Paint Shop Pro XI

    I have had Corel Paint Shop Pro on my computer since I purchased it (Yes, it is Legal). It was working for years on XP, Vista (crap), and Windows 7 and never had a problem with it. What happens only in the last couple of days is it will load about 4mb of information then quit. I have used...
  18. rahul1

    corel draw x6 activation

    i'v installed corel draw x6 30 days trial, i want to make it free for ever. how to do it.
  19. M

    Why wont my pc based corel blu ray player play earlier discs but not 2012 and la

    corel bluray player cannot play 2012 and later discs Why not?
  20. M

    Corel video studio pro x5 pan and zoom

    Hi, I would like to know if it is possible to rotate the pan and zoom box to be a vertical rectangular box in stead of a horizontal one? Because I have pictures that are vertically taller that I would like to pan and zoom but have to start from either bottom to top or vice versa and I don't...
  21. M

    Corel Video Studio Pro

    I am doing screen casts and am using Corel Video Studio Pro to record it. But when I play the video back it has like black borders on the sides. I am recording at the 1920 and 1080 but it still shows it. My screen is 1080p so the size etc is the same. Does anyone know how to get rid of it? Thanks.
  22. C

    NEF to JPEG

    can you tell me please how to change a NEF to JPEG using corel paintshop prox4 ...thankyou !!
  23. M

    Corel Graphics Suite X5 pro or student edition?

    What is the actual difference between the pro and student edition? I saw features like micro and enhanced color management that is excluded in the student edition. I am not going for photography so are those features really needed?
  24. M

    Photoshop competators

    I am looking for the Corel version of Photoshop. Can you tell me which Corel product that is? And how if it can complete same of similar things to Photoshop.
  25. d-angelo

    Your system has not been modified?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? HuH?! HELP!!!

    trying to install Corel photoshop pro x4 on my Ascer Aspire 5542-1462 laptop windows 7 64 bit. The site says that it is compatable with widows 7 64 bit and it even allowed me to download the trial for 30days. but now when I got to buy it as it is installing it I get this MSG saying "Your system...
  26. N

    The time it takes for installing ms office 2007

    Hello, how long does it generally take to install ms office 2007, Pastel account software and corel draw respectively?
  27. M

    Does Corel WinDVD 2010 Pro work under Win 7

    Is Corel not telling the full truth or has anyone else got Corel WinDVD 2010 Pro to work correctly under Win 7 Professional? Corel claims that Corel WinDVD 2010 Pro is compatibility with Win 7. I can not get it to work and following 6 pages of tech support instructions to start with a clean...
  28. G

    Burn Wars: Corel vs. NTI

    YouTube be damned—some of us still want to create fantastic DVDs and Blu-ray discs for home video. We compare offerings from Corel and NTI to see how they fare. Burn Wars: Corel vs. NTI : Read more
  29. G

    Meet Photoshop's Nemesis: PhotoImpact X3

    Photoshop's not your only Windows photo editing option. Corel's PhotoImpact X3 gives you most of the same features, plus others, for less. Meet Photoshop's Nemesis: PhotoImpact X3 : Read more
  30. G

    Taiwanese Temptress Lures Us To Corel's Suite

    Taipei (Taiwan) - Did you know that Corel now owns WinDVD? Taiwanese Temptress Lures Us To Corel's Suite : Read more
  31. G

    Symantec's Hagerman To Become CEO At Corel

    Corel said that Kris Hagerman, formerly group president of Symantec's Data Center Management Group, has been appointed as Corel's interim chief executive officer. Symantec's Hagerman To Become CEO At Corel : Read more
  32. G

    Corel Upgrades WinDVD with DVD Upscaling, BD-Video Profile 1.1

    Corel has released a new version of its video playback software WinDVD. Corel Upgrades WinDVD with DVD Upscaling, BD-Video Profile 1.1 : Read more
  33. G

    Corel To Move Minnesota R&D Work To Taiwan

    Canada-based multimedia software provider Corel will transfer is Minnesota R&D operations in the US to Corel Taiwan, according to Jeremy Liang, president of Corel Taiwan. Corel To Move Minnesota R&D Work To Taiwan : Read more
  34. G

    First Look at CorelDraw X4

    Review - Corel is about to release a new version of its "Draw" graphics suite, which is one of the very few remaining complete graphics suites on the market. Now in its 14th generation, it hasn’t lost its original look and feel and remains the most con First Look at CorelDraw X4 : Read more
  35. G

    CorelDraw X4 Graphics Suite Released

    Corel has updated its CorelDraw package, which remains one of the few alternatives to Adobe’s Illustrator (and neighboring applications) for graphics enthusiasts. Version X4, the 14th generation of Draw, follows almost exactly two years after the intro CorelDraw X4 Graphics Suite Released ...
  36. E

    whats the best adobi illustrator or corel draw video card

    in a laptop, lookin to buy 1 likr yesterday, i create graphics and brochures and such, what would u gurus recommend mayb spend like 2000 or less depends on what u tell me can any1 help thank u all