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  1. K

    Izotope Iris Spitting and Crackling

    This is a weird one. I have Cubase on one hard drive and my CPU intensive synths like Iris crackle and spit. So I put W 10 on another hard drive and Iris plays okay on it. I don't get it, it's the same computer. I can go backwards and forwards between the drives and the fault is still there on...
  2. G

    Best chip and socket for pro audio (Cubase 9)

    What's the best chip and socket for pro audio (Cubase 9) Am looking for real input..
  3. D

    laptop for music production and live performance

    hi, im looking for a laptop that can handle live performance with a band. main usage is cubase and abelton. need: a fast ssd,usb 3,2 HDD,15" screen and above,16 gig memory (but i can add that later..) nice to have: tauch screen,17" screen,a good graphic card not an issue: weight ,battery...
  4. C

    transfer DAT to PC for Upload.

    I have some songs on a D.A.T and I want to transfer them into my PC and then Upload them onto Soundcloud and I Tunes. I have a D.A.T recorder.How can I do the transfer? I also have a soundcard and Cubase . Chris,Australia.
  5. C

    Audio playback

    Hello, I have Cubase 7 on Windows 8, and focusrite saffire 6 USB. I get midi playback but no audio playback. e.g when I audition the loops in the mediabay of cubase the midi loops play but the audio loops do not play, and when I record, the transport bar has activity but no sound can when I...
  6. C

    Why does cubase le5 stop recording in middle of track

    After approx. 9 seconds into recording an audio track with cubase 5LE and Lexicon Alpha interface, recording suddenly stops. Upon play back a loud hum follows the part that recorded properly. Any ideas? Thanks. John
  7. mother242

    Yamaha Audiogram 6/Cubase 5 AI Problems

    Hi all, A little while ago I bought the Yamaha Audiogram 6, when I got it I was told that it would allow me to record four separate tracks in parallel, two mono tracks and two stereo tracks. I take said item home load it up on my PC (runs win7 x64 if this helps), install cubase and register it...
  8. S

    Why isn't cubase working on my soundcard anymore

    Hello, I've recorded on cubase before using the generic low latency asio and it no longer works anymore, when I switch it on all sound on my pc goes off even after I turn the driver off in cubase and even after I turn cubase of all together, I think it might be the soundcard, but I want to...
  9. N

    Laptop for DAW

    I currently live in Taiwan and I'm looking for a good laptop that can also be used for DAW. Pro Tools 8, Cubase 5 and Sibelius 6. What should I be looking for?
  10. G

    A BIG RED LIGHTBULB that goes on when you're recording in ..

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I want one. How? (with Cubase SX3) Thanks, TJ
  11. G

    Splitting up 6gb .wav

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Long story short, I need to split a 6.07 GB 24/96 .wav file into several smaller files (less than 2GB) so that I can edit them in Cubase SX. My OS is Win2k. I have tried using the DOS program AudioHack, but the files it outputs cause an...
  12. G

    Using Linix instead of Windows.

    Archived from groups:,comp.os.linux.advocacy,,alt.steinberg.cubase (More info?) After 12 years of struggling with buggy, expensive software I made the switch over to Linux and I can say with confidence that I am not looking back. I was using Cakewalk Sonar, Cubase...
  13. G

    I'm Dumping Sonar 4P and Cubase SX3 for Ardour/Audacity/Ro..

    Archived from groups:,alt.steinberg.cubase, (More info?) I've really had it with the bloated, buggy software on the Windows platform and I have finally made the decision to move over to Linux because all the software I need is free. I've been test driving some Linux...
  14. G

    VSTis Collection

    Archived from groups:,,,alt.steinberg.cubase, (More info?) Great collection of VSTis (24) and 4 Pro Waves Pugins. Please Visit:
  15. G

    Problem recording more than 6 simulatenous tracks in Cubas..

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Hi, This machine should be posted to a Cubase forum but there seems to be more activity/better knowledge here ;) I just recently invested in a 2nd hand copy of Cubase VST as I have the Maxi Studio ISIS which I use for turning 8 tracks recorded...
  16. S

    is there any benefit to using cubase over adobe audition i..

    Archived from groups: (More info?) im really comfortable with audition and don't do anything complicated, but its seems that cubase is the other really 'pro' software for pcs.. the only benefit i've found is that it saves and loads ten times faster than audition.. for me at...
  17. G

    Sound Libraries for Sale

    Archived from groups:,,alt.steinberg.cubase,,cakewalk.beginners (More info?) To all producers, arrangers and musicians out there, check this web site out: Huge collection of Virtual Instruments for all your...
  18. G

    Will Aardvark Q10 work with XP SP2?

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I have an XP system with an Aardvark Q10 running Cubase SX 2.x. I'm considering upgrading to XP SP2 on the operating system, but I wonder if that might cause unexpected problems. Anyone have any experience that they care to share? Thanks!
  19. G

    Summing on digital mixers, vs DAWs

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I'm an ex-analog and ex-Paris user. I've been using Cubase SX and Samplitude lately, and recently did a comparo of their mix busses. Samplitude won easily. It was much better sounding. I'm contemplating upgrading from my Tascam DM24 to an...
  20. G

    Budget drum mics

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Can anybody suggest some good mics for a 7 piece drum kit that will aid me in keeping spearation in a live recording environment including recording live gigs? I am going to be using a MOTU828II with Behringer ADA8000 ADAT unit & Cubase VST 5.1...
  21. G

    Recording audio

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Hi I use Cubase SL 2.0 and I was wondering about recording audio. At first it didn't work, so someone said that I should check my connections(which ar right) and set my recording source of my DSP 2000 C-port to "Line in" in the soundcard mixer...