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  1. H

    Can't open CMD , appear and disappear immediatly (flashing)

    everthing was runing smoothly , since i download a game that detected as a virus , the game was deleted automaticly by the anti virus, after that the CMD won't open and appear and disappear immediatly ( and other programs ) i'm searching for a solution a week ago ..... :( :(! Help please
  2. C

    should i delete??or?

    every time i restart my windows, there is a pop up from regsvr32 tell me there is a issue with a certain .dll from a appdata local uprmedia.ThemeMainEnum.dll. I have no idea what this uprmedia thing is, but when i search it on the registry keys it shows up next to other app dll's like normal...
  3. B

    color grading software for s-log

    Hello, I am using sony a6300 for my videography and I am shooting in slog.with Adobe premiere pro is not that many of a option to use there any one who knows another program for editing these programs? Thanks very much.
  4. S

    What programs should I get for Gaming PC?

    So my brother got his new laptop that he's planing to play games like CoD 5 (WaW) , BF4 etc. (not question about specs or can he run but), so what programs are essentional for every gamer to have?
  5. K

    PC settings not opening and unable to reset Windows 10

    Windows 10 recently affected by virus/malware . Now unable to open PC settings , default programs , stores and some apps . I wanted to reset my PC , but unable to access settings . Can anybody help me fix this . I tried troubleshooting, malware bytes in safe mode , SFC , dism - no source...
  6. Salvis

    Program from scanned documents

    Can i edit .jpg files with some kind of program? Is it posible to do that without a program?
  7. tfitch11

    What McAfee Services Can I Safely Disable?

    Hello everyone, I am finding that my antivirus McAfee (which I only use because it is free through my work) takes up a TON of memory and bogs my system down. I am trying to determine which services I can and cannot safely disable. Here is a screenshot of them. Thank you!
  8. L

    Somethings wrong with my java.....very bad HELP ME!!! [Gave Up]

    I cant get java to work. I have the version 8 update 60. i found the java files in C:\Program Files (x86). And java still doesn't work. My path is C:\ProgramData\Oracle\Java\javapath;C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\bin;C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre7\bin On the control Panel I found the java...
  9. D

    Mouse Without Borders Issue

    Hello, I have two PC's side by side in my room. I already have MWB on both computers and the program runs fine-until I need to shut a PC down. The problem being, when I shut a PC down will my mouse revert to the next computer or what? Thanks!
  10. P

    Ghosting programs that will work (w7pro)

    Hello: will Norton Ghost (I have) ghost programs (.exe) that will work, on a new drive that would have its new install of w7pro, already working? Or do I need to use the DVDs/downloads/etc., to have those .EXEs install properly? Thank you.
  11. C

    Essential programs for general use/gaming

    I've got a new build, could you give me a list of essential programs/apps? i'm running win 7, and the build is for gaming/general use