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    Question No sound Arc Sony A8F and Denon X2300W

    Hi! I have an Sony XBR-65A8F TV connected to a Denon AVR-X2300W receiver but I have the following problem: I do not get sound directly from the TV or when using apps like Netflix and YouTube. The devices are connected to their respective ARC ports with a high-speed HDMI cable. What should I do...
  2. B

    Sony KD65XF7005 and DENON AVR-X1000 no sound through optical

    Hey, I just bought a Sony KD65XF7005 and since it´s a 4K TV and my receiver does not support 4k passthrough I want to use Netflix and Youtube from the Smart functions in the TV (and not my PS4 for example). The receiver does not have ARC support so I´m using an optical cable between the TV and...
  3. N

    Constant 60hz humming / buzzing from speakers Denon AVR-484

    Hi, I'm using a Denon AVR-484 receiver connected to my TV via optical cable. While the humming has been there for quite some time it's recently started to annoy me quite a bit and was wondering if anyone would be able to help me out. The humming comes from the speakers (not the receiver...
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    Denon UD-M31 CD Receiver clicks on and off

    I own a vintage Denon UD-M31 CD Receiver Compact System with the mission speakers. It sounds great. From time to time, the unit will (randomly?) click off. Sometimes this happens when I switch inputs (labelled function on the remote). When it clicks off under these circumstances, there will be...
  5. Q

    Preamp connections on my reciever

    I have a Denon AVR-786, and I did not buy it new so please be patient with me. I see where my powered subwoofer hooks up on the back, but I am just wondering if the rest of the hook ups there in the same general area are also pre amp connections.
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    HELP - No audio on ARC or Optical Out VIZIO display and Denon Rcvr

    Vizio M70-D3 Denon AVR-S710W I'm having a hard time getting audio from the tv to the receiver using either the acr or optical out. I spent last night trying to get sound via ARC on the above receiver (and resorted to trying a Vizio soundbar) with no luck. Knowing there are sometimes issues with...
  7. ViddyD

    Denon AV Receiver keeps shutting off - blinking red light

    My Denon AVR 15-13 5.1 receiver has developed the habit of randomly shutting itself off causing the power light to blink red at an interval of twice a second. I disconnected all the speakers and peripherals, even the subwoofer, but it still keeps shutting off. Sometimes it works perfectly, all...
  8. terry4536

    I need a new AV Receiver. I want HDCP 2.2 and HDMI 2.0 at a minimum. Suggestions?

    After many years, my Yamaha amplifier is finally beginning to fail. It is a 115 watt per channel unit . So I want something with similar power (95 -120 watts) to power my current speakers. I haven't paid that much attention to audio equipment for a while. I do know that at least until...
  9. B

    Does the av 1912 have optical out?

    Trying to plug in a Turtle beach elite 800 to the AV 1912 but the optical port does not seem to be working. Some confusion as to whether the port in the back is an input (as mentioned by many) or is an output (as mentioned in the manual)
  10. J

    Denon CD Player Drawer won't open

    I've a problem with my Denon Cd Player. The drawer wont open sometimes. On closer inspection, it appears to be due to the magnet above the drawer being too strong and not releasing the drawer. Is there a fix for this?