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  1. F

    headphone hack -~-~- Play Music in One Ear and GameSoundFX in other?

    hey guys, my headphones are sound cancelling but i wanna hear my tunes while i play dota, pubg, diablo, etc. anyway yall know of that I can set spotify to only play thru the right earphone, and gameplay thru the left earphone? im down to tinker around if anyone has suggestions of where i...
  2. W

    Integrated graphics for games

    Hi! I plan to buy a computer. It has Intel HD 620 integrated graphics card (a PC with also 8th gen i7-8550u processor and 16gb ram). It's mainly for work, but I might want to play a few games on it. will I be able to comfortably play, smoothly and without problems the following games: The Curse...
  3. LilZpai

    Can the "ASUS ZenBook Flip UX360" run Hearthstone?

    Probably at ridiculous question, but can the ' [url=https://www.asus.com/Notebooks/ASUS-ZenBook-Flip-UX360UA/[/url] ' run simple games like Hearthstone, Diablo 3 and etc?
  4. A

    RESOLVED: Unable to play any games, graphics card seems to fail

    --Issue is fixed, see my response post for solution-- Hey guys and gals, a few days ago I decided to reinstall Diablo 3 and get back into it. After about 20 minutes into playing, my laptop crashed, making that loud and obnoxious air horn like noise (not sure how to describe it), screen went...
  5. P

    I have an Alienware m15x however it laggs whilst playing diablo 3 and many other games

    I I have an Alienware m15x however it laggs whilst playing diablo 3 and many other games. Could this be caused by one certain component or is it just simply because the laptop is "old"? Its from 2011. Specs are: Intel core i7 Q720 (1.6GHz) 4g Ram NVidia GeForce GTX 260m Hard Drive: WDC...
  6. 2

    is it possible to transfer games from one computer to another using a flashdrive?

    I have been having trouble trying to transfer diablo III using a flash drive. I dowloaded the game onto the flash drive then i plugged in the flash drive to my computer moved the files to my desktop and i click the files to open them and it says C:\Program Files (x86)\DiabloIII\DiabloIII...
  7. Z

    Best laptop around 6-700

    Looking for a decent laptop for 6-700 dollars for light gaming, think Diablo 3 on high and posibly the older cods like 4 at medium or low.
  8. T

    Help Me Choose A Laptop

    I am looking for a laptop that is capable of playing games like WoW and Diablo 3. I recently purchased a Acer Aspire with a i5 4210 that's running integrated 4400 graphics which I understand won't run WoW very well. I would like to play WoW on at least a high setting with view distance turned...
  9. K

    Hi, I need a computer for my wife. I have about $700 bucks to spend.

    So budget is $700 looking for atleast a 15" screen Needs to be able to use photshop no problem and games like diablo 3 at decent settings. only thing I found was this http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=9494837&Sku=#spec and Iv seen mixed reviews on it...
  10. W

    need 17" laptop that can run d3 ros maxed with out breaking a sweat on a $1500 budget

    Need to know what makes and model's are out there at about $1500 that can run diablo 3 ros on max settings with no problems
  11. primoski

    Looking for a laptop to play some games

    1. What is your budget? 300 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? any bigger than 14" 3. What screen resolution do you want? any 4. Do you need a portable or desktop replacement laptop? mmm not interested 5. How much battery life do you need? mmm not interested...
  12. J

    DIABLO 3 known fps-stuttering issue

    Anyone knows the solution to this? I've ready everything on the internet, spoke with Blizzard administrators and can't fix it. Is there really 1 solution to this? ISSUE : "While owning a decent system, I experience low fps while fighting many enemies and during many spell animations. The fps...
  13. E

    Gaming laptop $700

    I play league of legends, Diablo III, and sims 3. Looking for a gaming laptop $700 or lower, will consider up to $800 but I'd like to see ones around the $700 mark. Thank you :)
  14. DerBear

    White one is internally better?

    Which of these 2 laptops is internally better? And why? Will i be able to run diablo 3 on them? http://m.bestbuy.com/m/e/product/detail.jsp?skuId=6061000&pid= or. http://m.bestbuy.com/m/e/product/detail.jsp?skuId=5862002&pid=1219165145852
  15. B

    What can this computer run?

    Will this netbook run Diablo III Expansion or StarCraft II on minimum settings?? Acer Aspire NX.M89AA.009;V5-131-2680 11.6-Inch Laptop...
  16. O

    Trying to record Diablo III, Any FREE software's that record your voice AND the games sound?

    Trying to record Diablo III, Any FREE software's that record your voice AND the games sound? I really need to record this for youtube but i can't pay so it has to be free :bounce: P.S. Not Frapps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. V

    Cheap Gaming Laptop

    I am wondering will the following laptop play World of Warcraft, Diablo 3, Minecraft etc.. I am planning on upgrading the ram to 8 or so...not sure...
  18. F

    Laptop to play diablo 3

    please help me pick a laptop with the requirements to play diablo 3 on.
  19. F

    Will Asus U47A-RS51 run Diablo 3 and Path of Exile?

    Hello, I am looking for a new laptop to do some light gaming on as well as everyday use. The only games I plan on spending much time on are D3 and Path of Exile. My first option is this: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834230648 And another...
  20. L

    Looking for a Laptop to play Diablo 3, Budget 300-350

    I currently see a lot of Black Friday deals out there for cheap laptops that has Windows 8. Just wondering if there are any budget laptops out there that can run Diablo 3, smoothly. But NOT in ultra high settings. just enough to play the game? Or maybe in Medium settings? Thank you for...
  21. C

    I need some Laptop Suggestions

    Guys, a friend of mine is planning to buy a new laptop. He needs it to for/be: 1. Diablo 3 (High Settings) 2. Doesn't need to be i7 3. Big HDD 4. 6 or 8 GB RAM 5. Decent Video Card 6. Adobe Photoshop I think his budget is around $750-$850. :) If ever his budget is not within the range of a...
  22. L

    Budget Laptop to play Diablo 3

    Hi All, I am currently in the market to find the cheapest Laptop to play Diablo 3. I am not sure what are the ranges. My initial budget is only $300 - $350. but willing to go higher if game play vs Price. I am not looking for the top end stuff, but want to know what kind of laptop needed...
  23. G

    Guild Wars 2 and Diablo 3 Laptop.

    Hello Community! D3 has been out for the last 2months and Guild Wars is being released soon. Need some advice on a laptop. I would like to play at Ultra settings at 1920x1080 or i could go lower res (which i perfer not) Wondering if anyone in the community has personal expereince with D3...
  24. G

    Taiwanese Man Dies After 40-hour Diablo III Marathon

    A man was found dead after playing Diablo III for too long without food or sleep. Taiwanese Man Dies After 40-hour Diablo III Marathon : Read more
  25. A

    Cheap laptop diablo 3

    I im looking for a cheap laptop that can run diablo 3 in medium settings. I have about 400-600$ budget!
  26. G

    Gamification: It's Like Playing Diablo For Everything You Do

    On the heels of the Gamification Summit in San Francisco, we take a look at the topic. Gamification: It's Like Playing Diablo For Everything You Do : Read more
  27. D

    Diablo 3 on the Lenovo G770

    Hey guys, Been reading a lot of the threads recently on various laptops capable of playing d3, as im in the market for one myself. This is what im swaying towards: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Lenovo-G770-17-3-inch-Laptop/dp/B007IZU9N8/ref=sr_1_8?s=computers&ie=UTF8&qid=1337639654&sr=1-8 Im a bit...
  28. G

    Diablo III's Real Money Auction House Launches in USA

    One billion GP will be worthless in real currency in no time... Diablo III's Real Money Auction House Launches in USA : Read more
  29. R

    Can i run Diablo 3 on a Acer Aspire 7750 Notebook

    Can I run Diablo 3 on this Laptop? Im looking for a good laptop under 600$. any suggest? http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/829664-REG/Acer_LX_RNA02_008_Aspire_7750_AS7750_6458_17_3.html
  30. F

    Diablo 3 crashing on alienware m18x

    My alienware m18x: i7-2829QM CPU 2 460M video cards 16 GB ram windows 7 64 bit is currently having problems running Diablo 3. the game crashes after an hour some times or it takes 2 hours to crash. my GPU temperatures reach an average of 85C and my CPU reaches about 160F (whatever the...
  31. I

    Good labtop for diablo 3

    Hello, I'm just looking for a decent gaming laptop for the game "Diablo 3". I would like it to have decent graphics for the game, and a great video card. It doesn't have to be a top quality laptop, I just want the game to run smoothly with a good video card, and processor. The reason I'm getting...
  32. D

    Sager NP3260 / Clevo W250 vs. FORCE PBL21 Diablo 3 Performance Level?

    FORCE PBL21: http://www.xoticpc.com/force-pbl21-compal-pbl21-p-3086.html Sager NP3260 / Clevo W250ES: http://www.xoticpc.com/sager-np3260-clevo-w250es-p-4339.html What FPS would each run at in Diablo 3 with med graphics? Can it play on the screen's resolution without any fps issues? which one...
  33. H

    How to tell if diablo 3 is using dedicated gpu?

    Hi all. I recently bought a laptop with a radeon 6650 as well as the 6520g integrated chip. How will I know for sure that Diablo 3 is using the dedicated card over the integrated when running? The reason I ask is because when d3 booted up, it asked if I wanted to update drivers for the card it...
  34. G

    Android App Lets You Know if Diablo 3 Servers are Working

    This handy dandy Android app makes it so you won't have to face that infuriating Error 37 ever again. Android App Lets You Know if Diablo 3 Servers are Working : Read more
  35. S

    Cheap laptop to run Diablo III

    Hi guys I've just bought the much anticipated Diablo III. Ignorant me didn't even think that my laptop wouldn't be able to run it. I'm like a kid on Christmas day with a new toy, but don't have any batteries to switch it on and play with it! My laptop is only 3 years old, yet houses a...
  36. vapezilla


    So i am going off to school and have to get a laptop and since i am a gamer i need a powerful laptop so i chose to go with asus flagship "gaming laptop" and just got it. I havent done anything to it other then uninstall mcafe and install kaspersky and then i installed Diablo 3. Now heres my...
  37. H

    Laptop for diablo 3 (old, i know)

    budget: 800 dollars resolution: not huge priority, 720p is fine requirements: able to play diablo 3 on high settings so as you can see, not too many requirements. i want to shy away from hp as i've had an hp laptop that had huge heating issues. thanks.
  38. S

    Hi all is this a good laptop for gaming like Diablo 3?

  39. T

    Diablo 3 laptop suggestions.

    Hey all, so I've been in the market for a new laptop. Budget would be between 400-500ish. I only use my laptop for papers and the web and don't tax them that much. It would be nice however to enjoy a childhood favorite, diablo 3. I'm not looking for anything crazy and diablo 3 Is the only...
  40. R

    Will this laptop work with Diablo 3?

    I am currently looking for a laptop that will run Diablo 3. I found this one through WOOT, but I am not tech savy enough to know if it meets the minimum requirements. Please help. 1 Toshiba L775D/S7340B, 17.3”, AMD Quad-Core 1.4GHz, 6GB, 640GB, Blu-ray, Radeon 6520G, 802.11n, W7HP
  41. WR2

    Diablo III on Laptop graphics cards

    Diablo III benchmarks are starting to show up on chart at notebookcheck.net. Just not many results ATM. Computer Games on Laptop Graphic Cards http://www.notebookcheck.net/Computer-Games-on-Laptop-Graphic-Cards.13849.0.html
  42. C

    Diablo 3 on samsung s9

    Hello, I have a samsung series 9 with intel core i3 U380 133ghz. i tried playing diblo 3 and its quite choppy. Is there some setting i can tweak or chould i replace my notebook? Carlo
  43. timnswede

    Gaming laptop under $900 mainly for diablo 3?

    Trying to find a decent gaming laptop for my friend so we can play together. If it could play Diablo 3 on medium that would be great.
  44. M

    A New Laptop That Handles Diablo 3

    I want to get a new laptop in order to play diablo 3 and handle pictures/music - but I have a budget of around $600-$700 max... Any suggestions on laptops I should be looking at? Thanks a million!!!
  45. D

    What computer set up should i get to run diablo3 ?

    hello everyone, my wife bought me diablo3 for my B day. now im running into a problem, i dont know if my computer will run it(toshiba satelight E100) do you think it will handle it ? OR i was thinking of getting a new computer with a budget of $1000 what kind of computer could i get, that...
  46. K

    Can my laptop handle Diablo 3?

    Hello, I have a HP Pavilion DV7 laptop, has core 2 quad Q9000, 6GB Memory and ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650. I'm curious if I need to upgrade to play Diablo 3 decently, if i need to upgrade i was lookin at either Asus G75VW or Alien ware M11, which is a better buy?
  47. A

    Would Like To Know How laptop will handle diablo iii

    Ok... I am now in the process of saving some money for a new build, but i would like to know if my current laptop will at least be able to handle diablo iii with just me and another friend playing? I currently have an asus with an i5 2.5ghz, 580gb HD, 4gb ram, (and im guessing) an intel hd...
  48. exfileme

    Bioshock Infinite Delayed Until 2013 - When It's Ready

    No Bioshock Infinite for you in 2012. Play Diablo 3 instead. Bioshock Infinite Delayed Until 2013 - When It's Ready : Read more
  49. S

    Laptop that will run diablo 3

    will a samsung 15.6" Laptop featuring AMD A6 3420M Processor (NP305E5A-S04CA) run diablo 3 in high performance
  50. F

    Is this Laptop acceptable for starcraft 2 and diablo 3?

    I plan on playing Star Craft 2 and Diablo 3 on at least medium graphic settings. I came across this laptop at walmart for $478.00 and i was wondering if it would be efficient enough for these games. http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=1766274&CatId=4938
  51. M

    Filter my 4 (~$600) laptop choices for Diablo 3

    I have been looking to get a laptop that will handle the new Diablo 3 game about to be released. I am trying to keep it under $600. I have been using notebookcheck with Mass Effect 3 as my bench mark (since D3 isn't available) to figure out which graphic cards to look at. Requirements: -Plays...
  52. C

    Looking to buy a laptop for around 1100-1200

    Just using it for diablo 3 and WOW. only 2 games i have any interest in have a xbox for whatever else lol. looking for around 1100 but ill pay up to 1200 if its worth it. thanks! need this laptop within 2 weeks for diablo 3. so looking for prob a prebuilt since i heard asus is really bad at...
  53. L

    HP Pavilion dv7-4071nr problems running Diablo 3

    I own a HP Pavilion dv7-4071nr, here are the specs: Intel Core i7-720QM processor 1.60GHz Turbo Boost to 2.8 4GB DDR3 RAM ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650, 1024MB DDR3 complete specs...
  54. A

    Diablo 3 !

    Hello,Just curious if I would be able to play diablo 3 on this particular laptop from i buypower, the: Battalion 101 W25 AES Could I max out the settings ?
  55. H

    New gaming/school laptop under $700.00

    I am planning to buy a new laptop to replace my the eight year old dell Dps 1710 I have. I need this laptop for school but as well when I am at class and have free time at work or school I would like to play a few games. Mainly DIABLO 3 when it releases. My main system at home is a beast so this...
  56. L

    ASUS A53SV-NH51 thoughts for gaming?

    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834230132&Tpk=ASUS%20A53SV-NH51 Want it for primarily sc2/diablo 3
  57. L

    Solved! Cheapest possible laptop that can play SC2/Diablo 3 on medium-high

    Really, nothing else matters. I want a laptop solely for these two games, my budget is around 700$.
  58. exfileme

    Diablo 3 Combat Will Be Lag-Free; PayPal Supported

    Diablo 3 F&F beta testers are claiming zero combat latency. Meanwhile, Blizzard launched an online character creator while announcing a partnership with PayPal. Diablo 3 Combat Will Be Lag-Free; PayPal Supported : Read more
  59. T

    Solved! Laptop that will run diablo 3

    Hello, I'm planning on purchasing a laptop in about one or two months. I need some recommendations on whitch laptop to buy. My budget is around 500~100, and I'm planning on running Diablo 3 once it is released. I was thinking about Macbook Air, but I doubt that it will run Diablo 3. So, I...
  60. exfileme

    Blizzard Hiring PS3 Developer for Diablo 3

    There's no denying it now -- Diablo 3 is coming to the PlayStation 3. Blizzard Hiring PS3 Developer for Diablo 3 : Read more