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    Solved! Computer Monitor and Soundbar issues

    I have a DirecTV wireless DVR box hooked to a computer monitor and I'm trying to get sound to our sound bar. (We had a house fire so this is my only way of watching tv until insurance replaces our TV's ). I'm not having any luck getting any kind of sound to the sound bar. I have the USB cable...
  2. C

    Why I Finally Cut the Cord and Subscribed to DirecTV Now

    DirecTV Now is a lot cheaper than cable, and I got a free Apple TV in the deal, but there are also some kinks to be worked out. Why I Finally Cut the Cord and Subscribed to DirecTV Now : Read more
  3. H

    Solved! How can I use my California based DirecTV DVR in my Florida location?

    I have 2 directv accounts in two different states. I want to take the DVR from California and use it in FL where I have service as well. I added my California DVR into my Florida location but I am receiving an error (771) saying there is an issue communicating with the satellite dish. My...
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    DirecTV Now Reviews Are In: Good Price, Not Much Wow

    While DirectTV offers a lot of channels for a low price, the early reviews point to a service that still needs time to add key features and missing content. DirecTV Now Reviews Are In: Good Price, Not Much Wow : Read more
  5. webworkings

    How To Talk To A Human At DIRECTV Customer Service

    Some companies make it really easy to get to a live customer service person, and others, well no so much. Trying to get through all those prompts, and make sure you hear them correctly, can be extremely frustrating. This tutorial should help you cut through all that and get you to a real human...
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    How to connect hdtv to Directv and Dvd/Vcr combo

    I have a Vizio E32h-C1 hdtv , a Directv box d12-500 and a Magnavox dvd/vcr combo mwr20v6. I have no clue how to connect them or what I need. The only connections I have are: 2 coax; 1 red, yellow, white cord and a 3 way line splitter. Note: When having tried myself the tv would turn on but...
  7. C

    Connecting a soundbar to a Directv receiver, TV has no audio-out ports

    I have a Samsung UN32EH4003 32-Inch TV, one of the models with NO audio-out ports. I recently received a soundbar [Yamaha ATS-1050BL Bluetooth Soundbar] as a gift and am trying to figure out how to connect it through my Directv receiver. I have read some of the posts here that discuss this same...
  8. ITclimber

    Only one HDTV. I want to receive Both OTA and 'cable', without having to remove (change) coaxial connections.

    I need to share an (input to the TV) coax cable with both my OTA antenna and directTV "cable". There's only one hole drilled through the garage wall for a cable, and it's not big enough to squeeze both coaxials through (only the [DirecTV] input cable goes through, now [to the T.V. set-top...
  9. J

    DirecTV keeps switching to 4:3 with Denon receiver

    I just got directv and a new denon s500bt receiver. Randomly my directv will switch to 4:3. The first time it happened I went to the directv video settings and it was auto set to 4:3 so I changed it to 16:9 but it still switches back to 4:3 even though when I check that same menu again and...
  10. M

    Can I Get DirecTV? (PLEASE READ)

    I live in Canada and im a huge EAS fan. I was wondering if i were to purchase a DirecTV bundle on Ebay (ie. reciever, etc) if i would get American Channels and EAS's?