Question Computer Monitor and Soundbar issues

Feb 14, 2019
I have a DirecTV wireless DVR box hooked to a computer monitor and I'm trying to get sound to our sound bar. (We had a house fire so this is my only way of watching tv until insurance replaces our TV's ). I'm not having any luck getting any kind of sound to the sound bar. I have the USB cable that came with my monitor plugged in so that the USB ports on the side of my monitor will work and they ARE working and I have a USB cable running from one of those ports to the soundbar. I've also tried a cord that has a USB on one end and HDMI on the other and tried both HDMI IN and OUT but nothing. But nothing I've tried is giving me any sound. Is there anyone that can help me figure this out.
USB is useless in this situation. No computer. No drivers. Won't work.
Without makes and models we can't know what connections you have so you won't get an exact answer.
The preferred way is to connect the soundbar to the DTV box directly. You may need an HDMI audio extractor or a converter depending on what outputs the DTV box has and what inputs the soundbar has.
If the monitor has an audio output then you could connect that to the soundbar.
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