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  1. M

    Hi there. What app can I install on my HP laptop to watch DVDS with my super slim usb2.0 slot-in dvdrw

    Cannot find the app to read my dvdrw to watch dvds on my super slim USB 2.0
  2. H

    Solved! Cd is rotating but after few seconds it stops and even my computer dont show any icon change of dvd rw drive

    I havent use it for many months And cd drive is unable to read dvd
  3. S

    What to choose for DVD

    When i clicking on dvd RW for first time there are two option 1:-use as usb flush drive 2:-(forgotten) What are these and which should i choose ? Please ans me with full explaination.
  4. P

    i have asus fx550v i7-7tg gen laptop, how to open dvd drive? i check my computer and no dvdrw can be seen

    asus fx550v i7 laptop.. how to open dvd drive? no eject button.. i click my computer , also no dvdrw eject
  5. T

    My DVD-RW Drive won't burn

    Hello, I've received an used Hp Pavilion dv2705tu for a bit now, And when i tried to burn something into a DVD+R disc, many program'd just show some kind of error regards I/O . I tried burning using Nero, UltraIso ,WMP on windows and K3b on linux but all of them didn't work. The drive's model ...
  6. S

    Cannot play DVD-RW and DVD-R burned on DVD player on my laptop (or anywhere!)

    Hi all, Approximately 5 years ago, I spent time transferring a load of camcorder videos on small tapes to to DVD's. At the time I think the model I used was similar to JVC's DR-MV1S where I could plug in my sony handycam and connected a lead that went directly into the recorder. I burnt the...
  7. S

    internal dvdrw specifications

    Laptop internal DVD/R-W slim, ultra slim and normal...what the difference?
  8. L

    Acer aspire e15 will not play dvd's and it indicates that it has a dvd-rw drive

    I have tried playing dvd's in my class and all it says is that I need to adjust the resolution.
  9. sayurann

    External DVD RW disappear after CD is inserted

    Hi I have a Samsung SE-208 DB portable DVD writer that works fine on another laptop (windows 7) but not on Asus Zenbook UX305 (windows 10). The problem is, the device is detected when it is just plugged while empty (no disc inside). It is detected on device manager and you can see the DVD-RW...
  10. M

    Problem with dvd-rw

    Hello , I just notice that my dvd-rw when i insert a dvd / cd is not spining ... nothing . In my computer it is there but the only problem is that is not spining the dvd/cd ... What can a do ? I have a Acer E5-571G laptop
  11. _Binz

    Looking for low budget great gaming laptop

    Hi!, i'm about to buy a new laptop. i want portable gaming laptop, w/out dvdrw, good looking design, fhd resolution, and under
  12. N

    HP laptop dvd-rw not reading dvd9 discs

    hi, my hp dvd is not reading any dvd9 discs but it reads dvd5 and cds. When i put dvd9 in the drive it makes noises for a little while. and nothing happens. my dvd model is:hp DVDRW DU8A5SHL. and btw its a laptop. please guys help me i just bought three favorite games and i want play them.
  13. I

    Please help me. DVD-RW drive disappeared from system + BIOS

    Hello brothers today when I opened my laptop and opened my computer I saw that the dvd rw drive f is missing from my computer and when I restarted my laptop and opened BIOS there it shows that the dvd rw writer or ryder is not installed. Mine is although new only 5 days ago i got changed my dvd...
  14. C

    DVD RW won't work

    My Studio 1745 got to where the dvd drive won't work at all,it won't burn or play,it sounds like a clicking sound as if it has a disk in but doesn't,.and now it won't download,Any ideas?Thanks.......
  15. snake68

    Slimtype DVD A DS8A8SH

    Hi there, Just one quick question: Can I use my "Slimtype DVD A DS8A8SH" as an external DVDRW using a SATA to USB cable? Additional info: I have an ASUS N56VZ laptop and I plan to buy an SSD for it and replace the DVDRW using a HDD Caddy. Hence the question above ^ Thanks in advance :)
  16. D

    DVD RW drive won't work

    My laptop is not detecting any CDs in the DVD RW drive. When I put anything in, the drive beeps a couple of times and has a steady green light. The computer folder does not detect anything. It is a Toshiba Satellite C55-A laptop and per the device manager, the name of my driver is Mat$hita...
  17. P

    Is this a >RW< DVD DL

    http://www.officedepot.com/a/products/298536/Maxell-DVD-Recordable-Media-DVDR-DL/?cm_mmc=PLA-_-Google-_-Data_Storage_Media-_-298536-VQ6-41425125956-VQ16c-VQ17-pla-VQ18-online-VQ19-298536-VQ20-99729843137-VQ21- If not were can i get them g
  18. S

    Burned DVD playback issue/bad sound

    I've burned dvds plenty of times using nch expressburn. suddenly, after a successful burn, the sound when i play it is nothing but static. I can play a store bought dvd and it sounds fine. I'm playing them back on a pc. I tried 3 other softwares and still have the issue. i installed the latest...
  19. A

    replace DVD RW player reader Pioneer for Toshiba

    Hello I have Toshiba laptop L500 T12 from 2008 Now I need to replace PIONEER DVD-RW DVRTD09A ATA Device [Optical drive] Which player-writer come to my old mashine? I ve found “DVR-A09X PIONEER DRIVE DVD/RW 16X CD DVD READ WRITE” But I m not sure if this player has “ATA” connection Thank you
  20. D

    Swapping my HDD (sata3) with my optical drive(sata2) to open up room for SSD

    Hi all, I want to remove my optical DVD RW from my HP Pavilion G7 2233cl. A previous post was answered that my HDD runs on sata3 while the DVDRW is sata2. The DVDRW had an adapter and is listed by HP as "Bezel Sata" I'm not sure what this means. Will it even be possible to use an internal...
  21. D

    HP Pavilion G7 2233cl - Replace DVD RW with SSD, improve cooling, custom case.

    I have a G7 as in the title. I have a few things I was looking for feedback on. 1)I want to replace the DVD RW with an SSD. I know the DVDRW is a SATA connection. I am not sure if the bay for the DVDRW is big enough to fit an SSD, possible workarounds? Maybe a SATA extension cable? 2 &3) These...
  22. J

    Software to choose which files to burn to an 8GB disk or a 23GB bluray to optimize space useage?

    When trying to save space on my computer I always spend ages trying to find the right combination of files which will fill an 8GB DVD or a 23GB blu-ray with minimal wasted space. I already own two 3TB external hardware drives (and many smaller ones), but this is not what I want for certain types...
  23. hamed033

    CD drive isn`t working.

    I have an Acer Aspire 1410 ZL1, with an Slimtype DVDRW SOSW 852S. I got that laptop as a gift from my cousin, and it was working fine for about 6 months, then the CD stopped reading any kind of CD`s,after that it stopped ejecting when i press the button, so i need to force eject it. I tried to...
  24. A

    Is it worth it to buy MSI GE60 OND-I5387+ FHD

    I'm currently confused if buying this laptop is worth it. Hope you guys could help. MSI GE60 OND-I5387+ FHD | *15.6-IN. FHD (1920X1080) LED, I5-3230 2.6GHZ, 08GB, 750GB, GTX660M 2GB GDDR5, DVDRW, DOS ($1022) Also I'm considering the older version of this laptop MSI GE60 ONC-I5387+ | *15.6-IN...
  25. Diogo Pimentel

    Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-TD11RS

    Yesterday while creating an ISO this optical drive started giving failure signals since he couldn't read properly and said it might be the DVD. Soon it stop reading and instead it makes kind of a "intermittent buzz/beep". I can't find nothing anywhere about this optical driver... It's like it...
  26. S

    Acer optiarc dvd rw drivers

    The driver for my Acer Aspire 5251-1762, running Windows 7, is missing. I can't find the driver for it online anywhere, and Acer doesn't have DVD drivers on their site for my laptop. Does anyone know where I can get the driver from?
  27. J

    Aspire 7551-7422 laptop help

    I have to replace my DVD RW drive. Will a drive for a 7551G work?
  28. C

    Optiarc AD7930H

    Where can I find a winxp driver for the referenced dvd-rw drive?
  29. J

    Solved! Aspire 7551-7422 laptop help

    I recently purchased an aspire 7551-7422 laptop and I'm having trouble burning dvds on dvd-rw discs using the optiarc DVD RW AD-7585H ATA Device. Is there a driver or firmware that i need to install or maybe a burning program ?
  30. R


    i needthe drivers for a pioneer dvd-rw dvrtd10s ata device and a broadcom netlink gigabit ether device can any one help yhxs
  31. A

    Nero-DVD RW problem

    Hello I'm using Pioneer DVD RW DVR-216D ATA device and it works fine until I try to burn something so I guess its a software problem. When I try to burn something on Nero 7 I get this error log: PC 1C82-A0K5-19E5-MAAX-400E-CEEE-**** Windows XP 6.0 IA32 WinAspi: - NT-SPTI used Nero...
  32. B

    How do i restore my DVD RW Drive (E:)

    Hello, I have a samsung S3510 and i play lots of games but now when i put a disc in the DVD RW drive (E:) lets say "world of warcraft" so when i put it in the it comes up to the lanch page for about 3sec and then the page will cloes help
  33. JDRUM

    Convertx to DVD 4 ?

    My fiance in Norway Has convertx 4 installed and is using dvd-rw disks and cannot get them to play on her Dvd player? , They will play on her pc though! can anyone help?
  34. C

    Solved! Acer 4520 laptop missing dvdrw in bios

    i have acer aspire 4520 laptop, now the laptop bios did not show any dvd-rw. but when i am not used that laptop two -three days then i show dvdrw detect automaticlly. but then use dvdrw with in one hour system was hung after restarting bios not detect dvdwr agian !!!! i have open dvdrw from...
  35. I

    DVD RW Drive wont recognize CD

    Hello, I have a compaq presario CQ 61 with windows 7 on it. It is the 348.00 laptop that walmart is still selling new(if that matters). My CD DVD drive wont recognize any CD or DVD. It only shows drive DVD RW drive F:. I have tried many CD's/DVD's. When I close the tray it makes one rather short...
  36. F

    Solved! MATSHITA DVD RW UJ-875S windows 7

    Hello, Does this driver burn DVD? Not a coded one, I'm just trying to put my pictures on a DVD so I can play it on my tv dvd player.
  37. M


    hi i have a toshiba a100 and the dvd rw drive has completely stopped working have updated drivers and still doesnt work any suggestions thx
  38. J

    DVD-RW in LENOVO 3000N200 Not DETECTED in WIN 7

    Why my DVD-RW in LENOVO 3000N200 not detected on Win 7 Ultimate? Because in Vista pre-installed before, it can (via USB). I've try update according IBM/LENOVE Website, but still don't work. Anybody can help me? Thank's before.
  39. K

    Matshita DVD RW uj-875S ATA device

    Hello,dvd Just want to know if this is a 8X -/+ or 16X -/_devise.
  40. K

    Solved! Matshita DVD RW uj-875S ATA device

    Hello,dvd Just want to know if this is a 8X -/+ or 16X -/_devise.
  41. J

    Format media once used as norton 360 backup

    Used norton 360. Designated dvdrw drive as destination for backup. Can't format that dvdrw disc after that one use. Properties says no files on disk AND no space available on disc.
  42. G

    Solved! How to install os through lan

    how to install vista through lan my dvd rw not working plz help kishore.chkumar@gmail.com
  43. exfileme

    Blu-Ray Drives for PCs Bombing

    iSuppli reports that DVD-RW drives will dominate PCs and laptops well into 2013. Blu-Ray Drives for PCs Bombing : Read more
  44. L

    Acer TravelMate 4200 - replace CDRW drive.

    I have a Acre TravelMate 4200. I need to change the DVDRW drive. Although I have replacement drive I am not sure wich of of the many screws, on the bottom of the laptop, to remove. Also does the case come apart easyly. I am sure that once I have the case off I will manage to do the rest.
  45. G

    Can't erase DVD-RW after using it in TiVo

    Archived from groups: alt.video.ptv.tivo (More info?) I have a Humax TiVo with DVD recorder. I bought a few DVD-RWs, but can't erase the program I copied to the first and only one I've used. The error message says it's "read only" and can't be reformatted. What did I do wrong? Marilee
  46. E

    World's First Dual RW DVD Recorder

    <A HREF="http://news.sel.sony.com/pressrelease/3072" target="_new">Sony RDR-GX7</A>, world's first compatible with DVD-RW and DVD+RW formats, supports not only instantaneous recording of TV programs, but thru the iLink connection and advanced editing functions, you can create your own favorite...