External DVD RW disappear after CD is inserted


Sep 19, 2010
Hi I have a Samsung SE-208 DB portable DVD writer that works fine on another laptop (windows 7) but not on Asus Zenbook UX305 (windows 10).

The problem is, the device is detected when it is just plugged while empty (no disc inside). It is detected on device manager and you can see the DVD-RW icon on my computer.
However, once you inserted a disc the device is no longer detected (the icon on my computer is gone). The DVD writer just spins loudly trying to read the disc.

What I tried so far without success:
I tried uninstalling the driver from device manager and reinstall it.
I tried powering up the DVD writer while the laptop is plugged (not enough USB power theory).

Any advice?


There are few things that you can do about external devices. Here are some that may help.
- Try a different USB port in your laptop.
- Next is to uninstall/reinstall the USB driver from Device Manager.
- Do also check if your laptop has the latest BIOS version because if not install it as well.
- Here's the link of the latest BIOS: http://dlcdnet.asus.com/pub/ASUS/nb/Apps_for_Win10/Winflash/Winflash_Win10_64_VER301.zip?_ga=1.162873278.305422646.1455979617
- If all these will not work that could only mean that the external DVD drive is not compatible with Windows 10.