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  1. B

    VLC is unable to open the MRL 'dvd:///D:/'.

    Disc is DVD-R plays on standalone player but not on laptop.
  2. Z

    Solved! how can i add a cd/dvd drive to toshiba satellite c55

    It didn't come with one but has the space plate. Can i install a CD/DVD writer
  3. A

    Solved! why does my dvd-r only play on some dvd players

    I have burned several family videos (Sister's wedding etc) onto dvd-r using my laptop (Lenovo). They play perfectly on my Panasonic dvd player which is only a cheap player, but when I took them to my parents house they wouldn't play on their dvd player which is Toshiba and more expensive, being...
  4. C

    Solved! What sata does my laptop's dvd writer has?

    I want to change my laptop's dvd writer with a caddy and i would like to know what kind of sata that port is
  5. J

    Sony vaio E series Not Work Dvd writer & Not show Device manager & Show device manager Unknown driver issue

    My Sony vaio E Series SVE 15115ENB model not Show Dvd writer in this p.c. & Device manager i m trying Registry Troubleshooting & Other Trick but its not work I m find its model Bios update file & tool but not find in this time please help me
  6. A

    Solved! Finalising a dvd-r?

    I'm about to copy some family videos onto a dvd-r, but I'm not sure how and if I need to finalise the disc. I'll be burning the disc on my laptop with the ashampoo burning studio which was a free download. I've practised on a dvd rw and it turned out fine. When the disc was finished, it said...
  7. A

    help in creating a dvd-r

    I've got some family videos I'd like to burn onto dvd-r's. Some are various lengths. Will I have a problem with the longer videos, some of which are about 3 hours long. The dvd-r's I've bought are verbatim and they are 4.7GB, but it does say 120 mins on the discs. I did experiment on a dvd rw...
  8. K

    DBAN ISO file cannot be found to burn to DVD-R

    Please help. I want to burn my DBAN iso file to a dvd-r but I cannot find the ISO. I have downloaded DBAN time and again, comp
  9. A

    how do I hook up a MOHU Leaf 30 to TV & DVD-R that only plays

    I bought a MOHU Leaf 30 & want to know how do I hook it up to TV & DVD-R that only plays! By the way, the antenna was on clearance & it is NOT paper thin like people are saying....more like heavy cardboard!
  10. G

    What is best.storege

    Help I find price of dvd-r going up a lot I could record my tv programme 8 hours on ep speed.does any one know best and cheap way to do. Thanks
  11. L

    HP 15 Celeron vs HP 14 PQC

    Should I go for an HP15 Celeron with 4GB memory, 500GB hard drive , Web cam, dvd writer, LED screen or HP 14 PQC with Intel Pentium Quad core, 4GB memory and 1 TB hard drive
  12. babi1987

    HP dv4 DVD Writer upgrade

    Hi, The DVD writer of my dv4 2103tu failed.Hence is it possible to upgrade to an internal DVD writer like this http://
  13. H

    Where this white rubber ring should go on DVD writer?

    My SH224-BB DVD-drive didn´t read discs anymore and I decided to take this thing apart. Now when I got the case off, some white rubber ring just fell out and I can´t figure out if it´s the right place for it: http://i.imgur.com/9K30iXi.jpg? I have tried it like that and it just fells off again.
  14. S

    Cannot play DVD-RW and DVD-R burned on DVD player on my laptop (or anywhere!)

    Hi all, Approximately 5 years ago, I spent time transferring a load of camcorder videos on small tapes to to DVD's. At the time I think the model I used was similar to JVC's DR-MV1S where I could plug in my sony handycam and connected a lead that went directly into the recorder. I burnt the...
  15. S

    internal dvdrw specifications

    Laptop internal DVD/R-W slim, ultra slim and normal...what the difference?
  16. A

    best way to rip dvd to laptop

    Hi, I've bought several warner archive dvd-r's, but as they are dvd-r I'm not sure how long they will last. Can anyone advise me of the best way to keep these in a library on my laptop (windows 8), and how will I be able to make another copy when the existing one is no longer readable. I've...
  17. S

    connect DVD Recorder to Hopper 3

    I just got the new Hopper 3 from DISH and love it. The main Hopper receiver is in the bedroom and the "Joey" is in the living room. I have 2 combo VCR/DVD Recorders. The one in the living room hooks up fine with the rca a/v cables. However, when I hook it up to the main Hopper in the bedroom, it...
  18. M

    i want to hook up a dvd external to my nextbook. will it support this

    I have a Memorex cd/dvd writer. I would like to connect it to my nextbook. it has usb ports on both sides of keyboard. the cable that came with the cd/dvd writer has one for 2 ports. my problem is I can get it to show in my devices. but can not get it to read anything. It would not start...
  19. A

    DVD WRITER is not reading CD...

    My DVD WRITER is reading CD but it is not reading DVD. I have searched this problem on google. I tried the solution---I have cleaned the DVD WRITER's LENS. But it is not working yet. Please help me..
  20. sayurann

    External DVD RW disappear after CD is inserted

    Hi I have a Samsung SE-208 DB portable DVD writer that works fine on another laptop (windows 7) but not on Asus Zenbook UX305 (windows 10). The problem is, the device is detected when it is just plugged while empty (no disc inside). It is detected on device manager and you can see the DVD-RW...
  21. R

    Optical drive help!

    Hey guys so im gonna be building a pc soon and i wanted a optical drive that can both read and write and play( as in watch) Blue-ray, DVD, CD Thank you guys for reading this and hope to you all have a great day/night!
  22. G

    Dubbing from VHS to DVD on my Panasonic ES40V

    I need to reach someone who knows about my video recorder. Panasonic DMR-ES40VS. It plays and records VHS and CD/DVD. It also dubs from VHS to DVD,. That's what I'm having trouble with. I was able to dub one VHS tape to a DVD RAM but could not play it back on my computer. So I need to know...
  23. G

    my laptops dvd writer stops with 4,5 tap sound

    my laptop's dvd writer stops with 4,5 tap sounds
  24. eob2000

    Macbook A1181 Combo Drive Upgrade?

    I have a MacBook (A1181) (Mid 2007) with a CD-RW Combo drive, I was wondering if it is possible to upgrade the drive to one capable of DVD-R or DVD-RW write support. Can it be done? If so what drive would I need to buy
  25. C

    Need Laptop for General use

    Hello, I was looking to buy a laptop for general use and some games Like PES 2013 and like this no heavy games i found this one available to buy in my country Dell 3521 i3/4GB/500GB/6 cells/ Dvd writer my budget right now is around 350 Dollars this laptops also available in my country...
  26. K

    Down loaded Quick Time Movie file from my camera do not play on my DVD

    The files i downloaded from my Canon Power Shot SX260HS onto my laptop are Quick Time Movies (MVI). I burned them onto a DVD R but they do not play on my DVD player. What do i need to do so they can be viewed on my DVD player?
  27. R

    Is there an LG dvd writer download for a Verizon Android?

    Is there an LG dvd writer download for a Verizon Android?
  28. M

    Laptop no longer recognising my Samsung Dvd Writer

    Hi, I have a Samsung Portable DVD Writer Model SE-208 and I use this with my HP Envy laptop. It is Windows 8 with - Processor: Intel Core i7-4700MQ CPU 2.40 GHz RAM: 8 GB System Type: 64-bit operating system I bought both last year at the same time and had no problems, but I haven't used the...
  29. K

    hook up service electric cable box to jvc dvdr to vizio tv

    need hookup advice for serrvice electric cable box to the JVC dvdr to Vizio tv
  30. G

    No Disk Drives

    Does anyone know why all the new laptops ,especially those that are touch, no longer have a dvd r/w drive? What is up with that? Does anyone know for sure?
  31. F

    Why my DVD will not play?

    I created many DVD-R's before and never have problem. Recently, I suddenly started to have problems: the DVD-R's I burned cannot be played either on my computer or on my DVD player, even though the program says "your DVD was completed successfully". I did not change the program. The same...
  32. M

    DVD player error

    My DVD player on my laptop stopped working after i tried burning a dual layer DVD not knowing that it does not support the DVD. It starts reading but after a few seconds makes a vibrating/screeching sound and stops. I have tried uninstalling the DVD drivers and restarting and also deleting the...
  33. N

    Can't copy file off DVD-R

    It's a video file and it plays just fine directly off the DVD, but I can't copy it off, there are two other videos on it and they copy off just fine. It "copies" 99% of it in less than a second which isn't even possible, windows says 1GB/s copy rate for a second and then it stops and says it...
  34. N

    Can't view the movie

    I recorded some movie clips on my camera and burnt it onto DVD r but now it plays but I can't view the movie I can only hear them
  35. E

    Old Satellite won't boot from USB or Disc

    I have an old Toshiba Satellite a105 that I'm trying to boot from either DVD-R or USB to try various flavors of Linux. It won't boot, even though I've changed the boot order each time. Can anyone offer advice? The advice on the list already is for a newer Toshiba, mine doesn't have those features.
  36. J

    Need help looking for laptop for my father

    Hey guys, I've been looking for quite some time, and it's been pretty difficult. These are what he wants specifically: touch screen, mobile, 14'' screen or less, DVD R/RW Drive, $600 or less. The best I've come up with is this customized hp laptop: sparkling black Windows 8 64 AMD Quad-Core...
  37. M

    Asus N55SF - can't write on dvd

    Hi, I have an Asus N55SF-s1067v it has a bluray reader / dvd writer: HL-DT-ST BDDVDRW CT30P it read dvd and cds but it can't write on dvd anymore. I have the original windows 7 and windows 8.1 on it and the issue is the same on both of them. any help ? thank you
  38. O

    DVD writer is not working

    I have a lenovo laptop with windows xp professional sp2 and Sony RW+-DW-D56A writer. I don't use my dvd writer regular. After the 3-4 months i have tried to play dvd in my drive. But my dvd drive doesn't read any CDs and DVDs. I have updated sony firmware, cleaned the lens and upgraded windows...
  39. L

    Factory back up

    Hi, I have an Acer Aspire notebook and have been trying to create a factory back up on Princo DVD-R 4.7GB 16x speed discs. program completes the writing to disc but at approx 80 per cent of verfifying tells me the process cannot be completed and to insert a new disk and try again. I have now...
  40. jale1966


    Hello I have a Sony VAIO VPCEE3WFX. Are there specific DVD Writers or Blue-Ray Writers that only can go into this laptop or does it matter. Please let me know. Thanks Dale
  41. auntarie

    Converting xvid to dvd-r

    Hi there, I need some help with this. I want to convert the xvid episodes of a certain series into dvd-r so that I can watch them on my DVD player with included subtitles. Right now if I burn the episodes to a DVD they show up without subtitles, you know how it is. I have all the needed files...
  42. D

    Computer shuts off when i try to burn DVDR'S!!!!

    My Cpu Shuts Down When I Use Dvd Fab At About 75% Or It Will Convert 100% And Say Waiting To Detect Writable Media. I Place New Blank Dvdr Disc Into My External Hp Writer , Different Types Of Blanks.....Still Shuts Down...Please Help!!! Thanks!!
  43. U

    I can't play a burned disc.

    I have a .avi clip that I put on a DVD-R disc but whenever I put it in my dvd recover it won't play. I read something about it needing to be on a DVD+R but I can't seem to find where I can covert it to that in ImgBurn.
  44. G

    Compaq presario cq40 cd dvd driver not

    Hello, dvd writer not reading the disc
  45. D


    Hello, I just installed a new Liteon DVD writer, replacing an old Sony one. The Sony came with Nero 6.0, but When I used DVDshrink, I was always able to copy discs directly to another discs, and thus didnot use Nero. After installin the new drive, I can no longer copy to the new writer, but I...
  46. P

    Replacement cd/dvd writer

    Hello, just want to let you know about the tsst and not allowing to read DVD or play DVD+R. First thing was uninstall Nero Then the thing that fixed mine was simply update the HP DVD Player with its free update and fix.
  47. O

    Creating self-installing/extracting multiDVDr

    I'm trying to find a program that will allow me to automatically create, from a single large compressed rar file, a spanned multi-dvdr archive. One that will detect the actual dvdr capacity. splut the single rar file into usable sizes and use as much space on the dvdr as possible and...
  48. E

    Transferring movies from digital camera to dvd r

    Hello, I took a movie clip on my digital camera and transferred it to my computer for burning on to a DVD R. When I did this and tried to play it on my DVD player nothing came up. What do I need to do to get it in the format needed for my DVD player?
  49. G

    Why cant i see my ps3 screen when its connected to surround sound

    Hello, i have connected my tv and dvdr to surround sound, but when i connect the ps3 to surround sound i can hear it but cannot see it, is there a way to correct this problem?
  50. J

    Solved! Windows XP

    I recently burned files on to disks, first a CD-R, then a DVD-R, then a DVD-RW, although all were perfect in my desktop where I originally burned them, I could not view any of them in my lap top which is running Windows XP Pro, they all looked like they were written in Chinese mixed in with a...
  51. acousticalnut

    Solved! DVD writer Speed Setting Utility

    IUsed to be able to burn at 1x speed and now I am unable to even get closer the 4x which is not really a assurance to the quality and generally do not get the same quality as I did at 1x burning speed I prefer and generated always at that burn speed. Is there anything I can do besides back track...
  52. C

    DVD writer won't recognize DVDs

    hi all, after I formatted windows XP on my laptop (Acer Aspire 6930G), my Optiarc ad-7560S DVD writer won't write DVDs anymore (if I insert a DVD it considers it as a CD, and still won't write anything on it; CD writing goes fine, with normal Cds); I guess the problem might be the drivers or...
  53. P

    Solved! Copy dvd-R movies to my computer

    Hello, i have a laptop and i would like to burn movies to my cumputer
  54. S

    External dvd writer

    Will LG super portable multi drive GP08 work with notebook HP mini 110-3107sa?
  55. Klosteral

    Prebuilt Clevo too good to be true?

    Hey guys, In my searches I came across a pre-built clearence sale on the Clevo-W860CU-460M (Metabox W860CU) which had the following: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit Intel Core i7-740QM Nvidea GTX460M 1.5GB 8GB DDR3 1333 RAM 500GB 7200RPM SATA HDD 15.6" FHD 1920x1080 screen (probably LCD) Blu-Ray...
  56. E

    DVD-Writer model conflict

    Hi, I have a DVD-Writer in my A105-S4334 Toshiba that has always been identified by the system as a Matshita UJ-841s. I have been having issues with it and removed it to remount it. The label on the chassis is UJ-850 Hw 1.00 FW 1.60. I need to replace the drive. (It won't read any data CD...
  57. G

    Solved! Fixed dvd writer that cannot read cd

    Hello, my problem is my dvd writer can't read cd they always appeared 'burn files with' but in the dvd there is no problem is there any missing files to my computer?
  58. B

    How do i access a dvd with a different format to windows

    Hello, I have an old dvd-r disc which i recorded video from a camcorder using an early model dvd/r machine. I now dont have the player that I originally recorded it on and I havint been able to play the disc on any system. When I insert the dvd, windows says it is either corrupted or in a...
  59. G

    Acer recovery without dvd

    How make acer recovery without phisic CD/DVD r/RW? I have an Acer ONE 250. Thankyou for your time Lucheto372@hotmail.com
  60. 1


    i have Nero 7.8.5 and also DVD writer. When I try to burn a dvd it got strucked from burning what is the remedy