DVD RW drive won't work


Dec 11, 2014
My laptop is not detecting any CDs in the DVD RW drive. When I put anything in, the drive beeps a couple of times and has a steady green light. The computer folder does not detect anything. It is a Toshiba Satellite C55-A laptop and per the device manager, the name of my driver is Mat$hita DVD-RAM UJ8E2.

I uninstalled the driver and restarted the computer-same issue occurs.

I ran a Microsoft Fixit- the drive opens and tells me to insert readable media. It says media in the drive is not readable. I put in a music CD, video game and movie DVD and it all says the same thing.

I power cycled my laptop-shut it down, unplugged everything, removed the battery, held the power button down for 30 seconds, put everything back together, same issue occurs.

I did a system restore to yesterday morning (the problem first occurred a few hours ago)-same issue occurs.