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  1. M

    Chip Type AMD Radeon Graphics Processor 0x6742 Dxdiag

    In dxdiag the Chip type is AMD Radeon Graphics Processor (0x6742).Is this an error or is it supposed to be like this?Even if I tried to unistall and reinstall the graphic drivers (radeon hd 7610m) it remains the same.This happened after I changed my HDD with a new one and now I have fps drops in...
  2. T

    FPS Drop For A Min But Temps Shows Nothing Overheat

    Hello thanks for helping. Here my spec (based on dxdiag thing) Laptop - Alienware 15 R2 Proc - Core i7-4710HQ Ram - 16,384GB BIOS - A00 Display - GTX980m / Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600 Ive asked many people and once in this forum about my problem which the FPS Drop like some minutes and go back...
  3. S

    My pc started to lag!

    I had this pc 5 years and it was all good but 1 week later it started to lag and only thing it cloud fix it is reinstall...I changed termal paste on cpu and bought 8 gb ram and its still there now CPU is all good gpu is suspicious its good but in dxdiag it only shows intel hd graphics and I...
  4. Jeremy87

    what can i do to my Asus Q551LB to make it better/faster for Gaming!

    Have a full copy of dxdiag log if that would be better? just screen shot's of basics! First time poster to Tom's, I'm vary sorry if this is in the wrong place! thank you in advance and i look forward to any responses! Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64-bit (10.0, Build 10586) System...
  5. F

    Hey... I've Problem with my Laptop, My Nvidia not detected in dxdiag and i've switch my VGA Graphic card from intel to nvidia

    My Laptop Wont Detect my Nvidia.. but i've Use all ways to solve it.. but it no effect.. i need help from u all.. i've updated the drivers to the newest... i've switch the driver in Nvidia Control Panel.. but it same.. please help.. Thanks Before
  6. TheJJBman11

    Laptop Doesn't Use Graphics Card!?

    Hey! My laptop has a Nvidia GT 540M (I know it's bad, but..) and an Intel Core i7 processor; however, when I'm playing Indie Games it lags.. a lot. This is on the lowest settings, by the way. I looked on DxDiag and under Display - Device, it shows Intel Integrated Graphics - there is no GT...
  7. G

    GTA V Requirements

    So I bought the pc downloadable GTA V version the other day and it downloaded but i went to open it and it doesnt work. I contacted rockstar and they eventually replied after i'd sent them my DxDiag and msinfo telling me that it wasn't working because my computer was missing some of the 'minimum...
  8. K

    DxDiag showing wrong memory

    My DxDiag is showing that my Geforce 820M 1GB has Approx.Total Memory of 2 GB want to know if my card actually has 2 GB or just DxDiag being a reading my card wrong
  9. A

    How to spot a fake dxdiag?

    Hi, so I was looking for a laptop at my local computer plaza where there were tons of laptops etc. There was one ASUS laptop that caught my eye, but I'm quite not sure if this bargain is true. Specs: CPU: 2.10~2.26Ghz, Quad Core GPU: Intel Integrated with 1238MB of Memory RAM: 4Gig OS: Windows...
  10. A

    Google Chrome Freezing for Twitter and Imgur

    I just purchased a new HDD today, fresh install of Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit. Starting to redownload and install everything from games, to drivers, to browser, etc. As far as I can tell so far this issue only arises when using Twitter and Imgur. For imgur specifically Google Chrome loads...
  11. B

    Getting preformance drops/overheating problem. More said in the thread.

    Hey everyone. I bought an ASUS K53SV laptop about a year ago. It used to run fine at the beginning, but I have 2 issues that need to be solved out: 1.) I have an Akasa Everest laptop cooler. The best one i could find at my local computer store, but the laptop still overheats itself. HEAVILY...
  12. C

    Sudden decrease in Laptop performance.

    Specs(copied from dxdiag): Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2670QM CPU @ 2.20GHz (8 CPUs), ~2.2GHz 6144MB RAM Display: -nVidia GTX555M 1GB (For some reason, dxdiag is only showing my intel card, but this is the one I use for gaming, and I'm pretty sure that it's using this when gaming cause it shows up in...