FPS Drop For A Min But Temps Shows Nothing Overheat


Dec 4, 2012
Hello thanks for helping.

Here my spec (based on dxdiag thing)

Laptop - Alienware 15 R2
Proc - Core i7-4710HQ
Ram - 16,384GB
BIOS - A00
Display - GTX980m / Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600

Ive asked many people and once in this forum about my problem which the FPS Drop like some minutes and go back to normal, and keep happening along my gameplay. Most of the answers were talking about overheat and also mentioning that "what do you expect gaming on laptop? Go build PC!!!"

So I decided to study weather it really overheat or not but heres what I got [Ignore the server message, the admin is crazy]

Normal FPS (and the changes of the Usage of GPU and CPU sometimes reach 99% but just like a seconds then dropped.

Dropped FPS (sometimes even went down to 19 FPS) for like couple of minutes before going back to normal but honestly Usage and Temps of GPU and CPU. Both of them, most of the time kinda same as it was on normal fps and U can even notice in the image the gpu temps much lower than when it was in normal FPS.

So Im quite not so agreed with overheating because I didnt see the proof. Some said that because it change to my display graphic which is the Intel HD graphic so how can I fix it? And is it really change to it (the HD graphic) in the middle of gaming?

And I noticed that most of the time in Normal FPS AND Dropped FPS

Temps for GPU - 60 - 70 Average
Temps for CPU - 60 - 70 Average

Srry for the english.


Apr 17, 2006
Well your CPU is reaching 76ºC, most likely its throttling itself right after to drop its temps under 65ºC, period during which its low frequency bottlenecks your GPU, that's why you see your GPU usage going down from 97% to 40%. Combine low GPU usage with a CPU at low frequency and there you have your FPS drops.
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