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  1. G

    Question Sony Vegas Pro 13 Crashing at 'Initializing GPU-accelerated video processing...'

    Always stops at this and brings up Problem Report. Problem details below. Problem Description Application Name: VEGAS Pro Application Version: Version 13.0 (Build 545) 64-bit Problem: Unmanaged Exception (0xc0000005) Fault Module...
  2. N

    Premiere's HUGE .CFA Files

    Recently I've been trying out Premiere Pro, but have been running into some storage issues when importing footage. Every time something is imported into Premiere, it creates PEK and CFA files. The PEK files are fine being only megabytes in size normally, but the CFA files are HUGE, usually being...
  3. J

    College animation/editing laptop? Have a good budget, but already own powerhouse desktop.

    TL;DR below. Heyo, looking for a decent laptop for college. I'm going for an animation major to disappoint my parents, I can't really find any guides that fit my exact situation. I'd like a medium 15" to 13" laptop for animating/modeling in Maya. I also make videos with friends so I edit...
  4. B

    Best super laptop for super editing

    Yes,it is know that the better ,the more expensive! Sorry,I have a question that does any one have a solutions for me to choose which laptop is good for like heavy editing.Adobe everything(let's say like that.)yes,I am so confused which one I should have. Asus?Msi?or dell? Please if some one can...
  5. N

    Intel i7 6700HQ vs AMD FX-6300

    Hello! Class is starting back up tomorrow and I plan to spend more time on campus than I used to because I am going to join some clubs this year. My classes are also more spread apart so I am going to be on campus most of the day and will have plenty of free time. Hopefully. Currently I am using...
  6. L

    Recommend me Video Editing Software?

    Id like some help picking some video editing software for YouTube. mainly gameplay stuff. If its free fantastic if not hopefully something to expensive maybe less than £100? and no subscriptions please. Hopefully nothing to complicated but id like it to be able to cover the following things...
  7. D

    Laptop for Recording

    Hey everyone I am looking for a fairly cheap laptop that I can use obs on with an elgato for recording xbox one gameplay. I move my xbox around quite a bit when playing it and keep it at my friends house a lot of the time. I am looking for something fairly portable in the 13"-15" range. I want...
  8. O

    Can a Bridge Cam Do depth of field?

    Yes or no, Can a Bridge Cam Do Depth of field and a Fixed Focus? or Should I focus more on a DSLR camera?
  9. O

    Sony Vegas 13 weird UI

    So I was editing and all of a sudden THE UI GOT WIERD AND THE EARTH WAS STARTING TO FALL! Can any on tell me what is this grey video in between and how to fix it... [Mod edit: OS=Windows 7]
  10. L

    Is this computer good enough to edit videos with the sony vegas and or the elgato editing software?

    Hey there, I´m a person with little experience with computers since i´ve never had one for myself. I´ve recently started a youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt86b91BkQUxJeODpKJoepA) and so far i´ve been editing and recording the videos with the ps4´s Sharefactory app and i now...
  11. I

    Laptop Suggestions? (Questionnaire Answered)

    1. What is your budget? Up to $1400, not including shipping/tax. 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? 15-17" leaning towards 17" 3. What screen resolution do you want? 1920x1080 4. Do you need a portable or desktop replacement laptop? Desktop replacement, but not...
  12. Dice Rollen

    What laptop can handle all of this?

    I'm a Youtuber who's content is 50% gaming. I'm currently using an HP G62 Notebook that I got in late 2009(I believe). It's dying & really can't hold up to what I need from it. 1. What is your budget? As close to $1,000 as possible. $2,000 would definitely be pushing my limit. 2. What is the...
  13. THM01

    Best Speakers for under $40 USD - Seeking opinions!

    Hello, I've got a tall order... I do video editing and light audio editing and am looking for some speakers (any kind) for $40 USD or less that have better quality audio than my current speakers (which are starting to hiss at me after a faithful 6 years of service). Thanks!
  14. W

    Video Frame Rate Questions

    Hope I'm in the right thread.. Hey all! I want to apologize in advance as many times as this has been asked, I have searched and searched but I don't quite get it, I thought personally asking may clear it up my questions. My questions is over Frame Rates and what happens to them in the rendering...
  15. E

    Cinema 4D Black Screen

    Hey, I'm using Cinema 4D for the first time and i made myself an intro animation with 3d text. Everytime i go to render it, there's either a black screen or only the first frame of the animation. What do i do? Thanks
  16. nebulasurfer

    Help Me With HTML Editing

    I'm not exactly sure where to put this post considering I haven't found a proper HTML or editing sub-forum on here but I need some help editing some HTML. I was muddling around with my theme on Tumblr last night and I must've accidentally changed something to do with the space between images...
  17. 2

    Looking for a light portable device, I have 2 contenders.

    Okay I understand for the budget I have I can build a nice gaming desktop, I already have one so I'm not looking into building one. I also understand that I could get a beast of a gaming laptop, I don't want something that is heavy and thick, I'm looking for nice portability. My budget is...