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  1. M

    You Can Now Check Your Email with Alexa: Here’s How

    Here's how to make Alexa your personal email assistant. You Can Now Check Your Email with Alexa: Here’s How : Read more
  2. C

    Email adress won't send new emails.

    Hello everyone, Today i bought a new pc for my grandma, after setting everything up (including her email) i thougt everything was working, however: i can recieve emails, i can reply to them but when i try to send a new email it won't show up in the reciever's inbox. at least not when i send...
  3. S

    Outlook data files problem.

    Hello, excuse my english, it's not my first language. So the problem is this: I have an old computer (lets call him ONE) and a new laptop (lets call him TWO) - both are work related. So on ONE I had two accounts on Outlook 2010- the office and the personal (I think they are squirrelmail) ...
  4. V

    Desperately looking for an email client which saves folders to disk the way OE did!

    My greetings to all members of this forum. I know that all of you are already light years ahead of me in regards to problems like this that I will expose, but I really needed your help in this matter. I have an old PC (Pentium 4) running Windows XP, and the ONLY reason I didn't install Windows 7...
  5. L

    "Auto Response" inbound to to block.

    Receiving emails from many sales companies. All have something like this: Auto Response: **Look 30 years younger!** How do I block these things? I received at least 15 a day.
  6. Rayven2

    Deleting Email Account

    So, what do I need to know about deleting a email account? I'm no longer happy with Hotmail/Outlook for various reasons that I could go into. I want to know which steps I need to take, for example, it's the email that's linked to all my accounts, Facebook, TomsHardware, Xbox account and so...
  7. B

    Gmail spam marked as not spam accidentally!?

    Hello, accidentally marked a couple spam emails as not spam. They moved to my inbox and i deleted them. Do you know if they will still continue to show up in my primary or next time the same person sends me spam they will go to my spam.
  8. A

    Forwarding from my student outlook account, but doesn't leave a copy in my inbox

    I wasn't sure what forum to put this in, so I apologize in advance. I have a student e-mail that works through I am forwarding the e-mail from my student account at, to my personal g-mail account. And the forwarding works so that's not the issue. The problem is a...
  9. G

    Heartbleed Used by Identity Thieves in Phishing Scam

    Scammers are using fear of the Heartbleed Internet-security flaw to try to con people out of their own identities. Heartbleed Used by Identity Thieves in Phishing Scam : Read more
  10. exfileme

    Hotmail Finally Dead, 300M+ Users Moved to

    All Hotmail users are now under the roof. Hotmail Finally Dead, 300M+ Users Moved to : Read more