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  1. B

    Suggestions for a cool running SATA external hard drive enclosure?

    Hi guys, Essentially, I wish to copy everything from my PC's existing 3.5" 12Tb Seagate internal SATA 3 drive to a new 3.5" 14Tb Seagate internal SATA 3 drive. After copying is finished, the new 14Tb drive will be put into the PC and the 12Tb Seagate SATA drive into an external enclosure -...
  2. S

    Enclosure to use M2 and SATA SSD?

    Hi, I have a surplus of SSD from my previous computers (2x128 GB M2 from my laptop, a 128 GB SATA3 SSD and a 500 GB SSD ); which I wold like to use , but sadly my laptop does not have space for any other drive, since it has only 2 M.2 slots and 1 SATA3 slot, which is already occupied by a 500 GB...
  3. U

    Amplifier Compatibility with 2 JBL Woofers

    Hello guys, as mentioned in previous threads, I`ve purchased 2 12" JBLs GT5 S12 woofers 2 Here the specs: Each woofer has these specs: Impedance: 4ohms Peak power: 1200 watts RMS power: 300watts. Voice Coil: Single voice coil Frequency response: 23Hz - 450Hz Enclosure: homemade enclosure one...
  4. U

    JBL Woofers Placement In Room

    Hi Guys, How Are You, Actually couple of days back, from one of my friend, I`ve purchased 2 jbl woofers GT5-S12s, ported enclosure, with separate chambers for my home. And finally also got an amp for it. The thing is that due to which im very confused and want your kind appreciative feedback...
  5. M

    2017 13” MacBook Pro SSD enclosure / adapter

    Hi My daughter spilt her water bottle onto MacBook Pro while it was in sleep and it won’t turn on. I need to recover her data. What SSD enclosure/ adapter do I need for 2017 256gb SSD (PCIE I think) Thanks Mick
  6. D

    Solved! My laptop internal HDD not working on Enclosures

    I brought a new SSD for my laptop and brought a USB 3.0 HDD enclosure too. My old HDD not detecting on windows( but can hear the rotation noize) when I connected it with the enclosure. I tried connecting old HDD with another working enclosures but problem is still exsisting. Again I replace...
  7. M

    Internal HDD not recognized in external enclosure

    I upgraded my notebook to SSD this morning, and figured I would use the removed internal drive as an external drive in an Inateck 2011 enclosure. But Windows 7 won't recognize it. It sees the enclosure in Device Manager, and the blue light on the enclosure lights up to indicate that it is...
  8. I

    External USB 3.0 HDD not detected

    I have a new Inatech USB 3.0 Enclosure containing a new Toshiba internal SATA 320GB HDD. Plugging it into the USB port on my Win7 desktop installs the driver but nothing shows up in the Windows 7 file manager. However, clicking on 'safely remove' produces 'Eject AS2115' when and only when the...
  9. C

    Dell Inspiron 15 5000 enclosure

    What enclosure for a good price should I get for the GTX 760. My dell Inspiron 15 5000 is charging 24/7?
  10. I

    Solved! Charging adaptor not charging battery

    Hello, I have an acer aspire 5742z laptop. The problem I am having is that I can't seem to charge/ recharge the battery. This is a sporadic case as if I leave the computer off it would fully charge the battery now and again. But charging while using is not working. The computer does work if I...
  11. B

    Can't find files on laptop hard drive in new enclosure

    Just removed a working hard drive from old laptop, put it in an enclosure and hooked it up. The drive reads as Recovery, and after unhiding the files there is nothing there that resembles the old file system. How the heck do I back up my old info?
  12. E

    what would i need for a graphics enclosure

    so I want to purchase a laptop. for college but when I get home play some games. only problem is, I don't want to spend $5000 on a laptop. if I was to purchase a laptop and a mini itx case (for the enclosure) what parts would I need exactly for the enclosure to run properly on my laptop? I will...
  13. xRayne

    Seeking Laptop w/ External Graphics Enclosure; Razer 14" vs Alienware 15

    Hi all! I'm trying to make a decision on a laptop and so far I've only found two brands that offer me a necessity I would intend to get after the fact; an external graphics enclosure. So basically, I'm trying to find a laptop that would be a desktop-rivalling gaming rig when I'm at home, while...
  14. cminusincplusplus

    Is it possible to use disk enclosure/docking station/adapter with a SanDisk SDSA5DK-064G SSD?

    My MSI GT70 0NC laptop bios doesn't boot and I want to recover some files on these SSD's. Is it possible? Nvm, solved
  15. C

    Hard Drive Enclosure

    I have a Seagate Momentus 5400 .3 2.5 hard drive. PN: 9S1132-022. and I want to know what external enclosures are compatible with it? also, the HD hasn't been used since 2012, will this cause me issues? it's been in the broken laptop the whole time until today.
  16. Volpo

    laptop won't boot with HDD installed (used to)

    I have an Asus laptop that just stopped working, won't even post. After the usual things to try - re-seat ram, make sure all connections are proper etc. I removed the HD and mounted in an enclosure to see if that's where the problem was. The HD was read in the enclosure no problem. Just for...
  17. J

    Converted internal hdd to external taking too time to load

    Heya, i had old lenovvo laptop which got broke down so i thought of using its internal hdd as external hdd using enclosure. The problem is whenever i connect my converted hdd to my new laptop it is taking too much time to read and my laptop also hangs after some time. So i have following...
  18. A

    Adding 2nd Hard drive to Toshiba Satellite A350-20S in the Secondary Drive Bay

    I have a Toshiba Satellite A350-20S. This comes with a Primary hard drive bay and a Secondary hard drive bay, as well as the CD/DVD drive bay. I have just upgraded to a 500GB HDD from a 320GB HDD. The drive that fits the Toshiba is a SATA 15pin + 7 pin. I was thinking of either (a) fitting the...
  19. S

    How to enable a hard drive on windows 7

    I removed my hard drive from my laptop and put it into an enclosure to put into my pc but it continues to tell me it is disabled and can not be enabled. I am a novice at this so go easy on me. Thanks in advance.
  20. D

    What does system reserved mean

    I am trying to recognize a hard drive in an external enclosure to run a malware scan, and I am getting system reserved on the drive icon. Do I have to have the power supply to the enclosure or does the USB supply power since I am not using the sata cable?
  21. T


    I am runing widows 7 on computer with 64bit and an external hard drive in a sata enclosure running windows vista with 32bit in that, but I am having a hard time make them comunicate with each other. I have a program that will not open from enclosure to laptop. need help any answer out there?
  22. N

    Solved! Can't plug drive from Compaq f572us into external enclosure

    Hello, I have a Compaq Presario f572us laptop. The computer has died, it won't turn on at all. I'm suspecting a motherboard failure, power issue, something along those lines. I'm going to replace the machine, but I want to extract my data from the drive. I should be able to insert the drive...
  23. K

    Sata drive enclosure not recognized by my laptop

    Hello, i have usb connected sata drive enclosure for my SSD drive that i am trying to format. my Lenovo X300 W7 will not recognize the drive - HELP!!
  24. K

    Running programs from old computer in external enclosure

    Had to remove HDD from old PC and unable to install in replacement PC. Difficult to reinstall previous programs due to license concerns. Any hints? Trying to help out my church office.
  25. T

    Build my own laptop/notebook

    Where is a good supplier for laptop/notebook parts, including screen, case/enclosure, etc.? Thank you Terry
  26. N

    No initialze option in Disk management!

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.laptops (More info?) I bought a laptop Hard drive and enclosure for a backup. Instructions say it needs to be "initialize" through disk management. The disk shows up and I can right click on it, but initialize is not one of the options. The only things that...
  27. G

    Why are most subwoofers rectangular?

    Archived from groups: rec.audio.high-end (More info?) Most subwoofer manufacturers recommend corner placement. Seems to me that a 3 sided enclosure would be ideal, yet that's not the norm. Why is that? It's probably cheaper to make a regular box but with so many high priced subs available, I...