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  1. C

    Editing & Encoding in two different softwares

    is there any way to edit video in one software and encode it in different software. Apparanly I am new to this so please be patient. I have Adobe Premier Pro CC installed but it takes too much time to encode video and hence my CPU temp rise to high. I am thinking of using Badaboom as I have...
  2. Coreo

    Should Adobe Media Encoder CC 2015 take this long to Encode?

    I am exporting four videos through AME that I edited in AE CC 2015. They are 16 minute gameplay videos of Terraria at 1080p60fps. It is saying that the videos are going to take around 2 and a half hours each to fully export. Is this right? My hardware is more than capable of exporting this much...
  3. D

    ''DTS Connect'' can't work as described to do.

    Hello. As far as i know, after a search i made, ''DTS connect'' encode the 2 channel sound into ''DTS 5.1'' in real time, unless, the audio, it's already encoded into DTS. That's work fine in Games (only) but unfortunately i cannot get 5.1 surround from others sound or video sources (music...
  4. S

    Solved! Super acting stupid

    I tried to convert an mp4 file to mkv using Super Video Converter; when i hit 'encode file', the programs closes out. any help? thanks
  5. C

    Any soft for encode video using GPU?

    I have nvidia gtx9800+ and phenom x4 9950. I need any soft for encode video to H.264. I need convert DVD or video files to mp4/H.264 files. I need batch mode. What is the best alternative? - dvdfab - handbrake - mediaconverter (arc soft) - mediaespresso - nerorecode - video converter...
  6. A

    Encode 5.1 PCM to AC3

    I have Ati radeon hd 4350 It supports either 2 channel audio or Dolby Digital encoded 5.1 Most PC games do not have AC3 format as an option. So please can anyone advise me on how can I encode 5.1 pcm (which I guess is the standard 5.1 format of most games) to AC3. Please help me in this task...
  7. A

    HandBrake encode stuck at 00.00%

    Hi, please forgive me for being new to video formats and encoding. For a while now I haven't been able to encode videos with HandBrake 0.99.5530 (and older versions) on my PC with Windows 7 64-bit because the encoding never gets past 00.00%. I've tried many different videos and formats. I've...
  8. I

    Best way/software to encode video and audio?

    What is the best way to encode video and audio and convert between different format and codecs? I heard something about some software called handbrake, Is that a good software for that? I'm just asking I don't know much about this, and I also need something to encode FLACs(I know Audacity can do...
  9. A

    Audacity export / quality preservation question

    If i take an ac-3 file, open it in audacity, perform some cuts/splits to it, and the export it (re-encode it) in the exact same hertz(48000) and bit rate(192), and the same file type (.ac3) will i degrade it in quality because i have to re-encode it, or will i end up with essentially the same...
  10. T

    How to encode-decode URL!!

    This is the excample of how to encode-decode URL,through this code you can encode-decode a URL public class UrlEncoderDecoder { public UrlEncoderDecoder() { // http://www.infysolutions.com // TODO: Add constructor logic here // } public static string TamperProofStringEncode(string...
  11. V

    Any DVD clone programs able to use multi-cpu's?

    Hi, Iv tried using DVDclone and Apollo DVD copy but they both seem to encode with only 1 core. Anyone one know any similar programs that will use both? Thanks!
  12. J

    Witch Way to encode

    I had been hired to put a few family guy DVD's on a Video Ipod. I have spent hours trying to encode these DVD's but the best I could get was the Videos with Directors Cuts. I got Viderodora Ipod converter but is it really this hard and time consuming? Maby a different setting culd help the...
  13. G

    DVD Collection onto ReplayTV 5000 Series

    Archived from groups: alt.video.ptv.replaytv (More info?) How do I encode my DVD's so I can transfer them to the Replay and play them?
  14. L

    mp3 encoding with Winamp

    Hello I want to use Winamp to encode MP3 But in the rip options appear various types of bitrate methods: CBR ABR VBR default VBR old VBR new VBR mtrh which is the best method?
  15. Spitfire_x86

    Two pass DiVX encoding

    How to encode video @ DiVX 5.02 with 2 pass, second pass setting? I use Vitual Dub or Xmpeg
  16. L

    Sound streams in Flask, FU

    Ok here is a either a good question or a good reason to still use Flask. Usually I want to only encode the main movie and not the extra crap that comes with a DVD but the last one I did had 3 extra 10 minute clips that I wanted to encode to divx. I did the main movie with FU and picked up the...