''DTS Connect'' can't work as described to do.

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Dimitris Kiriakou

Sep 19, 2014
As far as i know, after a search i made, ''DTS connect'' encode the 2 channel sound into ''DTS 5.1'' in real time, unless, the audio, it's already encoded into DTS. That's work fine in Games (only) but unfortunately i cannot get 5.1 surround from others sound or video sources (music, video, youtube etc) but only 2 channel audio from my speakers (L/R). So, if DTS Connect can encode in real time 2 channels to 5 (or more) why can't work properly or i missed something?

I am using Win 8.1 pro with Asus M5A99X Evo R2.0/Realtek ALC 892 8-Channel HD Audio Codec. I also have Z-5500 Logitech Speakers connected to mobo via S/PDIF (Optical).

Thanks in advance
You could try going into the realtek options menu and try speaker fill. What that does is send the FR/FL signal to SR/SL to rear speakers. Also, if you have
DTS NEO6, it will deliver a 2.0 signal into a simulated 7.1.
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