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  1. S

    Windows server 2003 & SAP on laptop haveing Atom processor-is it possible?

    Hello, my purpose is to install SAP for practice purpose, for that i would like to know if 1) i can install windows server2003 on the netbook (mini-laptop) having Atom processor in it. 2) will extra RAM will help improve the performance if the condition 1 works. Rgds
  2. chrom3titan

    Cloning C: drive

    hello!! I need some input on what program me and the company I work for should use for cloning the C drive with windows/drivers/data/apps now here is what I need from importance level 1 most - 5 least 1. super easy for the customer to restore, maybe a one click restore? *sort of like when you...
  3. M

    Brother MFC-440CN

    I lost my said printer instalation CD from where I can download it please send me the link
  4. O

    Act! Application Error

    Hello, When I try to start Act! 6.0 i get the following error box: act.exe - Application Error "The instruction at 'ox0270431' referenced memory at 'oxbo2d8726'. The memory could not be 'read'. A reinstall fixes it only for a few days.
  5. S

    What if i install x64 SQL server 2008 in my vista.

    hi i am using vista ultimate.. i dont know its platform i am also using ms visual studio 2008.. my question is SQL server 2008 x64 will work on my system or not or it will show any error at time of execution?? if anybody have answer please reply me on my email: soni.snehal@hotmail.com
  6. R

    How to use norton ghost for windows 2003 sever

    Hi all, I have to take backup or image using norton ghost along with installed SAP 4.7 ERP. Please telll me solution to solve. regards ram
  7. B

    Disk Imaging Issue

    Would like to save a little time and work by imaging a system for 20 identical computers (Windows XP) I need to deploy. Was going to with Ghost until I talked to them about licensing. Seems that after you purchase the program (approx. $60.00) you have to also pay a license fee (Approx $39.00)...
  8. itadakimasu

    Windows networking help : Old Domain controllers still have traces....

    This has been plaguing our network for a long time and I really can't figure it out. One of the most painful problems has been logoff scripts. We had several computers which, when you told them to either logoff, restart, or shutdown, would hang "running logoff scripts" for upwards of 5,6,7...
  9. Y

    Mcafee Firewall

    help me to enable Mcafee firewall
  10. G

    How do I schedule Acronis True Image Home 11

    I am familiar with Backup Exec System recovery. In it I am able to create a recovery point set that makes a full backup of a drive once a week then incremental every other day of the week. Then at the first of the next week it starts over. It will keep 2 recovery point sets at any time...
  11. kerdika

    Good exchange alternative

    I'm looking for a good alternative to Exchange... It needs to run within server 03, support at least 5 users, be able to pull emails and such from web based mail, have calendar sharing, and possibly have some way to communicate with BB/palm phones.... and a communicator of some sort would be...
  12. S

    This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action

    hi whenever i install adobe reader in my system it change my all program to adobe reader nd can't open any application.. i mean internet explorer change in adobe reader, C++, microsoft office every application...why its happened.... and even i can't open pdf files on my system it shows a erroe...
  13. liquidsnake718

    APPLE is just a PC with great marketing and a great OS..

    They are already using 'PC parts'. They just have their LCD's, speakers, headsets, and cases modified by second party companies and rebrand it "apple". Their prices are exhuberent. Their customer service is average, their OS is solid, but their marketing is great. Apple has become Apple but no...
  14. G

    TS RemoteApp for Mac

    Is there any way to run a RemoteApp from Windows 2008 Terminal Service on a Mac? I can run a remote desktop connection fine but a RemoteApp seems impossible at the moment.
  15. P

    MSDN Subscriptions Enterprise?

    Hello there. I have a boxed software kit marked MSDN Subscriptions Enterprise. We were cleaning out old office buildings and this was being thrown out along with other software. I was wondering what this is really for? Its sealed up and a tag on the top reads... MSDN ENT 7.0 WIN32 ENGLISH...
  16. P

    Windows Server 2003 shared folder permissions

    I work in a small architecture office (less than 10 people) with a server running Windows Server 2003. I have several shared folders set up for various files: - C:\Current is for all current project files - C:\Downloads is for downloaded program files or other program files that all users need...
  17. mfleetwood

    Small business software

    Good Afternoon I am opening a used book and media store. I am researching the type of small business software that would best suit my company. I am overwhelmed in this search. Does anyone have suggestions on a good small business software suit or any that i should avoid? Thanks Misty
  18. yoaverez

    Boot into an ISO Manager!

    I’m looking for an application that I thought would be pretty easy to find but apparently nobody has thought of this idea. I’m a computer technician, and as one, I carry around discs. Applications, operating systems and rescue discs, as well as drivers and backups. Last month I bought brand...
  19. C

    Svchost.exe audio terminated

    :hello:this morning when i was trying to free my computer of too much cpu usage,using the ctrl-alt-del thingy...(dont know much about computers) i accidentally terminated a svchost.exe. (system) so now i think that it was the audio one so i need help on how to turn it back on and when my...
  20. A

    How do you keep track of software and keys?

    At my new job, I'm trying to set up a system to keep track of software licenses, keys, MSDN licenses and eventually hardware (flash chips and embedded systems). I'm looking for something a little fancier than a Excel spreadsheet. I googled Asset Management and found a couple cool ones. This one...
  21. I

    CGI (Computer Generated Imagery)

    Hello everyone! I was wondering if anyone could make me a recommendation of software for use in CGI (specifically creating CGI adverts). Any information would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks in advance..
  22. W

    Windows AIK (Automated Installation Kit)

    Here's my problem in I'm trying to deploy/install 1) OS (WinXP, WinVISTA) 2) Office (2003 & 2007) 3) SQL (2000, 2005) 4) MS Patches, readers & etc (Adobe Reader, Symantec, Skype, CCleaner, Lavasoft, SpyBot S&D, etc) In my office environment its ok to just ghost the drive for data recovery and...
  23. neiroatopelcc

    Free scriptable software for hardware inventory ? anyone?

    Hello. I am looking for some software that does hardware inventory, and is able to put it into a database of sorts (don't care if it's mysql or access or whatever). Does anyone know of such, but without requiring to buy a complete systems management system? Preferably something like psinfo...
  24. H

    Acronis True Image Home 11

    Hello, and thank you for taking the time to help me. My problems is I made a image with the new Acronis 11, but when I try to restore the image to disk I get an error saying " The archive is corrupted". I was hoping someone had a quick fix for me...Thx again for your time.