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  1. E

    Solved! Sage Peach tree

    How to prepare a bank reconciliation statement with Sage Peach tree
  2. J

    What do all the function keys on my dell latitude D600 do

    After using the FN keys, we can longer use the touchpad but only the eraser in thr middle of the keyboard. How do I undo? Dell Latitude notebook. E6420
  3. A

    Integration of QBasic to VB

    Is there a possible way how to integrate QBasic program to VB 6.0?
  4. C

    Vmware core limit?

    Hello, I would like to ask something and hope you guys could help me out. I recently installed VMware 9.0 and then installed windows 8 32bit extreme edition R1(idk if theres such a version but i pirated it tsktsk). Whenever I try to set more than 2 cores for my windows 8 VM, it still stays...
  5. M

    Problems installing MS office 2010 on Windows 7-product key error

    Hi, my name is Molly. i bought my laptop with pre-installed MS word 2010. Last month i allowed for an automatic update now anytime i try to start Word, it brings up a wizard that first asks for the product key which i input but the wizard keeps on saying that the key is invalid yet that is the...
  6. R

    Facebook browser donloding

    Hello,face book browser downloading on my mobile
  7. stevenvw

    Mapilab POP3 Mail Collector service not starting on reboot

    Hello, We have the Mapilab POP3 Mail collector for Exchange 2010 running on our server (Windows SBS 2011). For some reason, the service is not starting when the server is restarted, and we have to start it manually. I have already checked to make sure that the service is configured to start...
  8. R

    Toshiba c650 webcam application

    how can i have software for the toshiba c650 webcam application.pls help me on this matter.thank u
  9. C

    How to connect usb to cpu

    Hello, can you teach me how to make a time in and out for my computershop
  10. V

    Difficulty with SQL Server 2008

    Not sure if this is the right forum but I am running out of ideas. I am trying to install SQL Server 2008 Enterprise. I get this error. I am taking a class and I need SQL Server 2008 installed for it. I am running Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium. C Drive is a SSD drive and D is my HDD. I have...
  11. B

    Remote control software

    Hi An off ball question but i'm looking for software that a company can host on an eternal server that allows remote control via a link and password. i have found plenty of companies that offer it but they host it. I work in a secure enviroment and the comapny i work for will need to host. does...
  12. J

    Hardware advice for VMware desktop

    Hello, I am not really sure where this question belongs, but I thought I would try here. I am trying to build a daily use desktop computer that can also run a couple of test environments when needed. What I am trying to figure out is the hardware I should choose. I have a few questions 1...
  13. T

    Make system image of ancient os and move to new pc

    Hello Gurus of the toms I have to do computer task for a friend of mines; since hes fixing up my car for no labor charge. My friend has windows 98 or 2000 i forgot which one. I checked the processor info and its older than what I have worked with. He has one program which is not supported...
  14. I

    Limit on workstations allowed for microsoft SBS 2003?

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone knew of any limits on the number of workstation you can connect to your domain using a SBS 2003 server. I searched google for some information but found nothing. Also it would be helpful if someone could explain what CALS for sbs 2003 are used for. Are CALS...
  15. L

    Authenticated users group

    Hello, I'm trying to use windows Authenticated users to access an application metadata. I have added the goup to a network share which is metadata location, user can access to the share, but could not logon to the application. But I have an Active director group has the same access as the...
  16. G

    Software for watchguard firebox 1000

    Hello,where can i download software for the firebox 1000?
  17. M

    Exchange 2003 Admin security question

    I'm an admin at my company and the question I have regards Exchange 2003. There are 4 other admins in my IT Dept, and I believe one of them is reading company executive emails. I believe that they're either doing this through Exchange itself, or just adding the executive's email inbox to their...
  18. M

    Offline Physical to Virtual machine conversion

    Hi all, I want to convert a Windows XP Pro machine into a VMware virtual machine/image so that i can install Windows 7 on a new machine and VMware Player and allow access to the "old XP machine" software. I can't boot this old XP machine, so i need to convert the hard drives into a virtual...
  19. S

    Create ZIP file that auto extracts to C: drive

    Hello All, Anyone know how to create a zip file that will automatically extract to the C: drive so that the end-user doesn't have to specify the location? I plan to use 7-Zip or WinZip... Thanks!
  20. S

    How do you reset password when you don\'t know the current password

  21. W

    Want disk on drive for sofware to work

    I have just completed my maths lessons and converted them to adobe. Now I want to cut disks so that they can only work on if the disk is on the drive, No two copies - registered - can run simultaneously. User are to pay, either using credit card or convert databudles to pay for the use of the...
  22. A

    Quality checking software for image to word convertion

    Any one know the software to check the quality for image to word converter.if u know please mail me
  23. C

    Why mozila stop working and how to fix the problem

    Hello, I can't open the software download. This didn't happen while I was using window vista last year. The software required a plug in version of Fire Fox 3 or later, which mine is 10. I wonder why my the Mozilla stop working when I click on the downloaded file?
  24. K

    Fax Broadcasting ( setup procedures)

    Hi all, I wanted to get some general advice from those who knows about fax broadcasting. I ran a small doorhanger service and now I want to include fax broadcasting as well. Did some research on my printer/fax (Cannon MF), and as stated it can only store up to 3000 entries and can only send up...
  25. A

    Pcl xl error subsystem kernel error illegal tag operator PassThrough Possion

    Experienced when printing some PDF files, message is printed on the printer PCL XL error Subsystem: kernel Error: illegal operator sequence Operator: setpagescale position: 3
  26. Y

    How can i get naturalreader natural voices freely

    Dear all: how can i get paul us english male natural voice freely because i don't have access to credit card. thanks in advance. best regard.
  27. L

    Best Fax Solution

    Hello, I need to install a software based faxing solution for SME. Can anyone recommend the top 3 fax software to evaluate please? Ideally, users will log into a web interface that enables them to send, receive and manage faxes. thanks!
  28. spasmolytic46

    Legal question

    I have a student copy of Windows Server 2008 RC2 from last year at school. I am not a student any longer. The computer that I used to run that on for class has been dismantled and spread across multiple machines in my household. The hard drive it was on has been wiped and reused for another...
  29. N

    Xp delay before logon screen

    After installing Cisco AnyConnect Start Before Logon (SBL) , XP machine now has three added "tasks" (applying network settings, applying computer settings, running computer scripts) . There is a long 3 minute delay at "applying computer settings" BEFORE the logon screen even appears. removing...
  30. J

    Network monitoring screens

    Hello, i want to use one desktop for network monitoring screens. can i find a monitor splitter that can allow me split to about 6 screens on windows server 2008?
  31. J

    I bought a new enter e-wc 12 pc camera, its configuration is 12 megapixel, I bou

    Hello, I bought a new enter e-wc 12 pc camera, its configuration is 12 megapixel, but my picture quality I bought a new enter e-wc 12 pc camera, its configuration is 12 megapixel, but my picture quality is very poor,in the box mentione 12 megapixel is through software upgradation, can u pls...
  32. R

    How to extract tar xz in linux

    i am using Cent OS 5.7(64) and am unable extract these files using tar -xf file.pkg.tar.xz it gives the error tar: This does not look like a tar archive tar: Skipping to next header tar: Archive contains obsolescent base-64 headers tar: Read 10152 bytes from scilab-5.3.1-4-i686.pkg.tar.xz...
  33. R

    Default mail client

    Hello,when I try to get my email, this pops up- could not perform thie operation because the default mail client is not properly installed
  34. H

    Run Command Missing

    Hello, I can't use my run command due to restriction how to fix this problem. . .
  35. U

    Windows server 2003 will work in i5 laptop

    windows server 2003 will work in i5 laptop from uttam india
  36. spockfive

    Banner/message software?

    Is there software out there that can be used to display a message on a dumb terminal. That also allows and administrator to easily change the message from a different computer? I ask this because A group of people at the company that I work for would like to put out company announcements on the...
  37. V

    Looking for a consultant

    Hello. For the implementation of our LMS, I am looking for a consultant. This is not what is lacking on the Web, but in fact, there are so many taht I'll be happy to know more about a particular expert. Our company is located in Birmingham. Thank you.
  38. B

    Review of Driver Performer by PerformerSoft

    Is the Driver Performer download from PerformerSoft a useful or recommended utility to use in windows xp? Thank You! bp
  39. J

    Anti virus

    Hello, how can i download free anti virus ?
  40. Y

    The best way to backup bluray

    Hello There Due to the frequently use,it is difficult to protect my Blu-ray disc from scratches and worn out.So I want to lossless backup my bluray discs. The way i know is burn Disc to a blank BD-R 25GB or 50GB,but it has cost me plenty of time and money.Can anyone tell me the better way about...
  41. B

    SharePoint Advice

    Note: This may not be the appropriate forum for this discussion/questions. I work for a small construction company as a project estimator. I'm not an IT professional and I have limited computing skills. I understand more than most mainstream computer users but almost nothing compared to someone...
  42. C

    MSI Builder

    Hello, Can someone point me to software that builds MSI files for people who have no programming/scripting experience? All I have been able to find is MAKEMSI, and it is way to complicated for me. The MSI would be used to deploy software via group policy. Thanks.
  43. C

    Looking for software - tiered architecture content management

    Hey all, I've come across a situation that I've never really thought about: Where do you to find enterprise level software??? I'm looking for a particular type of software, searching the net on various key-words have proven fruitless. I hope that this is a place that can help me I have a...
  44. scooter69

    Quickbooks pro 98 and Windows 7 pro

    Yup, that's right, Quickbooks pro 98. I currently have it installed on Windows 7 pro and it seems to be fine with no problems what so ever. After calling Intuit and having two CSR ask what ver. trying not to laught, they said it won't work and I could loose all my company info. Does anyone have...
  45. W

    'Files stored on this computer'

    'Files stored on this computer' appears to be disabled in Server 2003 R2. I have installed both x32 & x64 and neither appear to have this functionality, though the registry keys appear to be there...Is there a way to activate it? Thanks. Bill
  46. L

    SQL Slowness

    I'm dealing with a piece of software called Client Profiles. It's an MSSQL database-driven case management application for law firms. The database runs fine locally, but not remotely. I've tried ruling out as much as possible, but I've hit the end of my road. Here's the backstory: The main...
  47. A

    Dhcp configuarations

    my server has one NIC card which goes to a basic switch, (3com 8port) ip : subnet mask: default GW : (blank) prefereed DNS : alternate DNS : (blank) still i could not get through my switch from my laptop computer however, i put in a static address in the...
  48. fab954fab305

    SQL Server

    What is the difference and/or limitation of the sql server academic vs. standard license? Specifically for small business use?
  49. computernewb

    How to read speed fan?

    im assuming fan 1 is the cpu fan cause of high rpm but how do i know which fan is the other 2? i need to know because i want to replace the slower fan thanks!
  50. J

    Dragon naturally speaking

    i want to buy dragon naturally speaking standard version 10. the system requirements are hard disk space 1024MB, 512 RAM, Intel Pentium 4 or later. my notebook has memory of 1024MB DDR2, Hard Drive 80GB, Processor Intel Atom N270. will my notebook be able to cope with the dragon software??i...
  51. G

    Hard drive has virus

    Hello,My computer has Antivir Solutions Inc. virus. I have XP, so can I remove external hard drive and plug in intenal hard drive and my pc will be OK????
  52. hell_storm2004

    Oracle 11g Installation Woes...

    Hi Everyone, I installed Oracle 11g yesterday with with PC running on Windows XP SP3. I have Kasperesky 2011 installed on my PC as well. The installation went on smoothly but soon after that KIS continuously notified that some PERL.exe file in the oracle installation had something...
  53. natesgotgrapes

    Adobe professional

    I am running adobe 6.0 professional, i install and it allows me to open and edit text on some documents but not others, any reason for this?
  54. M

    Which is the costliest software

    Please help me in this regard to find the costliest software that should be more than 1,00,000.00 INR. Perticularly in India.
  55. mustwarnothers

    Best Remote Control Software?

    Hi All, I currently work at a pretty large Credit Union in New York. I work in an IT department of about 30 individuals, with varying responsibilities. We are currently using a very frustrating software "IBM Director Console" for remote PC management within our CU. From my understanding this...
  56. nonxcarbonx

    Wolfram Alpha Ipod App

    In order to use the wolfram alpha app, do you need to be connected to the internet? I only have wifi support on my ipod, but i'd like to know if the app will still work when you're not connected to a network.
  57. L

    Software 32 bit

    Hello, is staad 2006 can be install in window 7?
  58. R

    How to extend 32bit to 36

    Hello, i need some information about ,how to extend 32bit to 36
  59. M

    Cannot delete make sure the disk is not full

    Hello, I have problem on backing up on my server for 2days now,even to backup on the external i get the same error:CANNOT CREATe OR REPLACE S-5-3-42-2819952290-8240758988-879315005-3663: ACCESS DENIED. Make sure the disk is not full or write-protected and that the file is not currently in use.
  60. F

    For the best antivirus software

    For all around protection, I have Norton but want to know is there any better software?