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  1. C

    External Laptop GPU

    hello, I was hoping to install an external GPU to my laptop using this...
  2. F

    External gpu + Cooling fan?

    Hey!, I have an old ux31a. I want to play games thats not really going to hit on my igpu. Like Csgo. But it seems like it hits at around 85w at load. I have looked around the web and seems like using integrated gpu can affect cpu heat. And id likr to invest on a cooling fan as well to cool it...
  3. D

    Samsung np470r5e-k01ub-15 compatibility with external gpu beast? + be used without an external display

    I haven't had much luck looking around on my own, so I've made an account to ask this, and I hope this is the correct thread. Short version: My samsung cannot meet my gaming needs. Has anyone with this specific model or similar model of samsung laptop had success using the external gpu beast as...
  4. G

    Does every laptop support external graphics cards?

    Hello, i have a bad laptop that cant really play any game except really old games and i am thinking of getting a external laptop video card dock to increase gaming performance (Yes i know it will bottleneck).Is it possible to do it on any laptop? If not then can it work on mine? Laptop model...
  5. O

    ASUS ROG G56JR external GPU?

    Last year I bought a gaming laptop - ASUS G56JR. So far, I've been pretty happy with it, but I'm somewhat disappointed in the GPU it came with. Now I'm thinking of getting an external GPU for it. Is it possible to do it for this model without having to carry a big box around? And if yes, how? I...
  6. notes2john

    external GPU for rendering 3dsMAX

    Anyone using an External GPU for renderings? I'm using a MBP and was thinking about one of these options for rendering power... Primary use is for Architectural Visualization... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_wAxRs0YAE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VX8Y2NWs7vg...
  7. W

    XPS 1502X Laptop: CPU, External GPU and Ram Upgrade

    Hey, I'm thinking of upgrading my laptop through three different ways (CPU, GPU and Ram), What do you think? Here's the laptop's info: Dell XPS 1502x 1) i5 2520M series (Sandy Bridge) 2) 2x4GB Ram DDR3 1333Mhz 3) NVidia GT 530 2GB Windows 10 64 Here's how I'm going to upgrade each part: 1)...
  8. M

    Can i add additional GPU to my laptop

    Hello, is it possible to add 2nd graphic card to my laptop and make it use both GPUs? I have GTX950M 4gb on my laptop and GTX 650 Ti Boost on my desktop. So is there anyway i can combine these together and make them both work to run Fallout4?
  9. T

    Can I somehow have an external GPU for my laptop?

    Hey. I don't really know much about this subject, so please, forgive me. I've had this baby for about 5 years strong. However, it's starting to slow down a bit. I have 2 gb ram and i just ordered 8 gb ram. Is there anything else i need to improve? I can really upgrade gpu internally...
  10. F

    Lenovo y50 - how many PCI-E slots & External GPU

    Hello, I'd like to ask 2 questions: How many PCI-E slots has Lenovo y50? I don't have this laptop, but I want to buy it, once. And I found that external GPU can be added thruth PCI-E, but most laptops has only 1 and it's used for Wifi. So how many PCI-E slots has Lenovo y50? Also, how can be...