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  1. MadGamerG90

    A file keep reappearing and casuing problems to my game clients

    hi guys , new here A file keep reappearing and casuing problems to my game clients. the file name is 'ZDc3Mzc5YzhiZDFiYz.exe (32 bit)' this keep reappearing after I premanently deleted it. and it causing problems to my game clients like STEAM , UPLAY , EPIC etc. I dont know what else. I cant...
  2. P

    Solved! Program/method to copy files based on part of file name

    Is there any program/method that would allow me to create a custom amount of copies of a file based on part of the file's name? Ideally, the copies would be similarly named so that they follow the original when sorted alphabetically. Example: If I had the files below, I want to make X amount of...
  3. E

    looking for answers

    why cant i print my documents from my file without a pop up askiing me out put file name. I dont know what its talking about so I havent been able to copy my resume for an interview I had this morning.
  4. J

    SD Card changed

    The file name for my photos was accidentally changed. Now I can't view them on my camera, only my computer. How do I change it back?
  5. C

    Found an ".rnd" file in my PC and a weird story behind

    Hello to all members of this forum. I open this topic here because i was in full cleaning of files, those that seem temporary or that remained as a sign of some program installed. The question is that I come across this file located in the "C" directory with the format ".rnd". After searching...
  6. winoni71

    Create folders when archiving (RAR)

    Is there a way, when creating a WinRAR (I'm currently using version 5.31) archive split into volumes, to also create a folder with the original file name, in which all the volumes are automatically placed in? Like this: Original file: "" Archive split into volumes: "abc.part01.rar"...
  7. Pimpom

    MS Word temporary files

    Most folders I use for saving MS Word documents have several hidden temporary files. There are two types - one type named ~WRL****.tmp and the other ~$<part of file name>. I know that they are created when a Word file is open and go away when it's closed - most of them time. I know this is not...
  8. P

    cryptolocker? .RAD files

    Hi, all my jpg mp3 pdf doc etc. files have an .RAD extension (file_name.pdf.RAD). I formated my pc but nothing changed. I forgot to try out the system recovery. How can i decrypt the files?
  9. C

    File name, directory name or volume label syntax is incorrect ...

    Asked about this over in the windows 7 forum but have had no replies, when I download any .exe files and try to run them it gives me this error, can't work out why, read multiple fixes but none of them work for me, some people have fixed it by changing where the downloads save to because...
  10. Brotuulaan

    Microsoft Word 2013 (v15) Save Glitches On Older Documents

    So my wife has been having this issue for a while now with her Toshiba laptop we got for her classes last year. What happens is that if she opens a document that's even slightly old (even her newest document, from about three weeks ago), the Save button in the top-left corner will open a Save As...
  11. M

    SDHC card not unloading pics on my laptop

    When trying to take photos off my SDHC card my laptop shows a blue box beside file and I can't get the pics to put in an album. Card works in camera and I can set up an USB cable from camera to laptop and pull pics off. What do you think may be the problem? How can I fix it? The SD card seems...
  12. S

    Batch file to add underscore in file Name

    I have a pdf name 019078951000080.pdf I want to rename it as 01_907_895_1_000080.pdf by using a batch program. There are multiple pdf I need to perform the same action. Please suggest me the batch program for it.
  13. R

    finding and changing strings in a file

    I would like to use a batch to prompt, then let you copy and paste into the batch the file name, then have it edit the name by adding increments of 10 to the end..?? CONST robtarget Op110Ap1: CONST robtarget Op110Ap2: To CONST robtarget Op110Ap10: etc.
  14. Param28

    Go to jpg in C:\Program Files (x86)\Realtek\Realtek PC Camera

    So I was just going through folder and I came upon a pic. It says: Go to It was in my Realtek folder Folder Location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Realtek\Realtek PC Camera File name: AONIWMV.jpg source of drivers:
  15. S

    Long File Names

    So you all heard of that problem, File name is to long in windows things start to go to silly. Anyways its because she names her folders by names, what she did, how fun it was, so on so on. So basically i am looking for a program... that would store a data base simply, but you could... tag...
  16. gigoe

    Edit Your MP3 File Name

    i want to remove the site info from the mp3 using mp3 tag so how can i remove it ? means i wana mp3 like this 01-tynisha keli ft. Sammie - i wish you loved me not like this 01-tynisha keli ft. Sammie - i wish you loved me i don't need site name as highlighted here i just need to...
  17. jackson1420

    Anyone able to access this file Access file?

    Dear Community, I am having a hard time opening the following Access file. It is a public file found on this small page here (Toward the bottom under "Public Data Files") The file downloaded is...
  18. fkshakil

    Appcrasa problem

    Hello, when i open my outlook in my computer ,then flowing problem are shown: APPCRASAH File name:MSVCR80.dll
  19. G

    "CD Catalog" program research

    Hello, I'm currently using CD Catalog Expert, which i find better than Advanced Disk Catalog, still it's not perfect. First, most annoying part is that it won't record file name with asian character, it'll will become "?????.mp3" (example). Other than that, i'd like option like "record text...
  20. B

    Batch file, change filename with system date and time infor

    I wrote a bat file like this, to changea file name, test.txt to testMonthDayYearTime".txt here is what i wrote: ren c:\example\test.txt test%date:~4,2%%date:~7,2%%date:~10,4%%time:~0,2%%time:~3,2%%time:~6,2%%.txt” But after running, the file name is test12182010 093012.txt, a space is...
  21. G

    MS Excel Acting Strange

    When I do a "save as" in Excel to change a file name the 1st time, everything is fine. If I do a "save as" again on the same file name, is gives me an error telling me that the file is write-protected (and it is not). Does anyone have any ideas? I have never seen this before. Is it a macro-virus...