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    Solved! WoeUSB Error Code 256- Attempting to create Windows 10 bootable ISO

    Installation failed! Exit code: 256 Log: WoeUSB v@@WOEUSB_VERSION@@ ============================== Mounting source filesystem... Error: File "/media/woeusb_source_1543574182_9100/sources/install.wim" in source image has exceed the FAT32 Filesystem 4GiB Single File Size Limitation and cannot be...
  2. A

    What can you do with Java I/O library?

    So I'm reading a book on Java, and I'm stuck on the Chapter about IO. So I understand that Java was two streams; the character and byte stream, but I don't understand when to use character stream and when to use byte streams. Also, what if I wanted to make a Java program what can process...

    Solved! Format as internal

    how could i format my sd card as an internal without that option on the settings? i go to the sd settings and when i open them there no option beside the simple format. But what if i format sd card as ext4 file system using my desktop and then use it in my phone. Will it work?
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    I'm Thinking About Clearing My Drives For Organization Purposes?

    Hi, I'm new to this forum so hopefully I'm asking this question in the correct place. I built my PC a few years ago and never really took the time to properly learn how to organize my files.Now It's become a hassle locating things. I rarely ever created folders when I download software, so very...
  5. C

    Found an ".rnd" file in my PC and a weird story behind

    Hello to all members of this forum. I open this topic here because i was in full cleaning of files, those that seem temporary or that remained as a sign of some program installed. The question is that I come across this file located in the "C" directory with the format ".rnd". After searching...
  6. G

    Problem With Keeping Track Of Dates On Videos/Photos

    Hey guys, I have an issue here, and it has been something that I haven't paid much attention to until now where it is bugging me. Whenever I try to find out the real creation dates of photos/videos (a.k.a when they were taken), there are two different dates, one where the video/photo was created...
  7. club27

    thousands of photos got corrupt. Win 8

    I have a whole lot of photos that got corrupt and they wont open in any program. I'm trying to figure out how they got corrupt. And open them. Most of the files are from a Sony DSLR, in the .ARW raw photo format. I tried Recuva but no luck recovering the ones I really want back. Any ideas...
  8. stargate14

    Game saves problem to my internet cafe.

    Hello. How can I change the user profile name to my client computers so that "Appdata" folder and "My Documents" folder shortcut become identical to all client computers? I have 25 computers to my Internet Cafe and each one has different user profile name like (C:\Users\PC01\Appdata\)...
  9. viveknayyar007

    Manage/Create Drive Partitions in Chromebook

    Chrome OS, has a different filesystem than Windows. If you are not sure about the filesystem that Linux (or Chrome OS to be precise) uses, it is recommended that you pick the default configurations while installing the operating system on your Chromebook and leave the technicalities alone. On...
  10. N

    Repairing an image of a damaged hard drive

    My hard drive in my Lenovo Y580 laptop failed and got the click of death a few days ago. I could not start my computer up because it said 'No bootable device'. I made an image of the hard drive and tried TestDisk on it. It said "Can't open filesystem. Filesystem seems damaged". I tried 'Deeper...
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    phone says blank sd card ?

    Phone says sd card blank or unsupported filesystem.
  12. E

    SD Card form LG O2X to lumia 820

    Hi all! I bought a new nokia lumia 820 back in march or something, before that i had a LG Optimus 2X P990. I bought the 820 without a SD Card, but the O2X has one that fits. I put it in the lumia 820, and it worked partly. The phone says theres an error with the SD card, the phone boots slower...
  13. L

    SD card blank or unsupported filesystem.

    Hello, I have a Sprint HTC 4G phone and in my notification bar this just pop up (SD card blank or unsupported filesystem.) and in order to fix it it says i have to format it and i think it might earase everything. What should i do?
  14. S

    VB.Net Beginner Help

    I'm not that good with VB.Net although I've been working on this program of mine for quite some time and I've learned a great deal since I started. I'm using VS 2010 Professional and .net 4, I've got my program working but I'm trying to add some things that would better inform the user what's...
  15. k3y3n1n

    Visual Studio-- Copying Files

    I am using Visual Studio 2010 what i want to do is copy all the files in one directory >> Then create a new directory with the current date and place those copied files into that new directory. I was using this My.Computer.FileSystem.CopyFile( _ "C:\UserFiles\TestFiles\testFile.txt", _...