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  1. S

    Simple RPG EXP formula BUT!, in MS excel (??) :(

    Hello guys, i am in an urge to solve this problem. So, the story behind is there’s a game designing challenge that i wanted to participate and i went trough the application form, They asked my to make experience formula for RPG games, BUT ! it had to be in MS Excel. Can you guys enlighten me ...
  2. A

    Solved! How do have a formula change as hte worksheet changes,

    =round(average(Week1:Week4!E2:E24),2) is in worksheet 4 when I move it to worksheet 5 should be Week2:Week5
  3. M

    using IF function

    what is the formula to insert in the cell when I want to express "IF" values in F column are "high" than 100 or "low" than 100? Thanks
  4. H

    creating a game related excel spreadsheet and need help

    Ok so I've been working on a spread sheet for a gane i play (NWN) Im looks g for help on a formula to do the following if it's possible. I need to look in the range AV6:BF45 within that range I need to find out if a cell contains "weapon focus: A13" A13 refers to a cell value which changes...
  5. U

    Color formula in Excel

    Want to have dark green for positive number and red for negative number. Got the red done but putting green makes it like a lime which can't be read. Looking to put dark green but when I put dark green it won't accept it
  6. E

    how to get the mathmetical formula to generate valid gift cards with security codes

    I have heard all kinds of things about people being able to generate valid credit card numbers with security codes, expiration dates and pin numbers. Is this really [possible and if so, what are the formulas for doing this?
  7. slyverine

    setup a colored rear jack as audio to my headset

    Hello there.To start with, you can see my setup at my signature but i can mention i have asus formula viii which has supreme FX onboard sound. I bought a pair of headset today and i have this problem.I initially plugged the headset to the front jacks , but the mic is catching some kind of static...
  8. M

    How to apply the 'FORECAST' function in spreadsheet?

    Hello, I'm attempting to apply the 'FORECAST' function to forecast a row of numbers 0 to 3. I selected a row of numbers to forecast. I then receive the following prompt: The formula you entered contains errors. If you do not wish to use a formula, insert a single quotation-mark before your...
  9. N

    ASUS AI Suite 3 Crash on Windows 7

    Hi guys! I just finished installing a new motherboard (z170 maximus VIII formula) and installed all the necessary drivers. I also installed Asus AI Suite 3 but i won't stop crashing on startup (within the first 5 seconds of opening it) for unknown reasons. Even after uninstalling, running the...
  10. G

    Do I need an Amp with 250 Ohm Headphones?

    Hi, My current rig is: ASUS ROG Maximus Viii Formula i7 6700K MSI twin frozr 980ti Corsair ax860i I am looking to purchase a decent set of headphones and was considering either the Beyerdynamic DT 880 or 990 250 Ohm. Do I need an amp to drive these? I have linked the mobo so you can see the...
  11. J

    If - then statements

    I have a spreadsheet with one column that indicates what type of Ultrasound we performed (i.e. OB, MFM, GYN) - is there a way to put a formula in so that if F1 = OB then J1 will = 35.00 (for all 3) - i.e. if J1 = MFM then J1 will = 65.00... not sure how to fun the formula for multiple values in...
  12. Z

    text used twice in word document

    hello guys, i need a formula to find text used TWO times in word document
  13. S

    Is Maximus VII Formula SupremeFX Any Good?

    A few weeks ago I bought and installed a Maximus VII Formula and 4790k. A big part of the ROG marketing is the audio, which apparently is supposed to be pretty good. Apparently this iteration has a "separate" part of the PCB dedicated to audio. I do not know how much this differentiates...
  14. S

    Looking for Numbers Formula

    I want the value of my first cell to equal the value of my second cell, but only if the third cell has a particular text
  15. C

    Excel 2010 help!

    I have two columns of numbers, column A and column B. I need to run a formula that not only shows if any numbers from A show up in B, but also how many times they show up? Any help woukd be appreciated.
  16. S

    excel 2010 formula Help

    I need a formula to solve the following. It involves 3 cell's, I will say A1,A2,A3 I need to total only A2 into A3 if the value in A1 is less than 1. But if the value in either A1 or A2 is 1 or greater the total values of both A1 & A2 are added together and placed in A3
  17. K

    Sennheiser G4me Zero with onboard sound, objective2 w/out DAC, or Obj 2 With DAC?

    I have some Sennheiser G4me Zero headphones on order that should arrive any day now, and have ordered an Objective2 amp that will arrive a day or two after, but now I am wondering if I made a mistake with the Objective 2. My motherboard is the new ASUS Maximus VII Formula that has an...
  18. M

    Excel 2013 - Subtract from cell 2 negative value in cell 1, but only if cell 1 is negative.

    Can someone please help me find the right formula for this spreadsheet? I need to subtract from the "Savings Account" to make the "Current Account Bank Balance" 0 (ZERO) only IF the "Current Account Bank Balance" is negative, otherwise not. Also, if the negative balance of "Current Account Bank...
  19. N

    Tiamat 7.1 on Maximus VI formula.

    I just got a Tiamat 7.1 and currently pluged it in to a Asus Maximus VI formula. I downloaded the razer surround sound and cant find the tiamat when configuration, and the outcome is i cant hear any bass from that headset. Any advise please ?
  20. E

    excel copy paste problem

    copying the formula sum(a1:a3) from a4 to b4 does show sum(b1:b3) in the b4 cell, but, value is still the same as a4. Changing a character (eg deleting and reentering the 3 in sum(b1:b3)) gets the correct value.
  21. Christopher Chung

    Change Word/Excel Pie Chart Total

    How can I change a pie charts total? Each piece totaling 500 instead of 100. I tried adding a formula on each cell but it's still taking it out of 100. Thanks
  22. J

    Giuve me some c++ code for here

    Prob 1: Accept dollar value and print the equivalent peso value. The program will convert dollar to peso having an exchange rate of 1 to 43.35 Prob.2 Create a program that will accept a temperature in Fahrenheit and print its equivalent temperature in Celsius. The formula for converting...
  23. gamerxavier

    Converting decimals to time formula needed

    trying to find a formula on converting decimals to time. I'm making a spreadsheet for a game >..> and i am trying to manage something. say i have this.. 7.72=days I need a formula for google docs to convert that into the actual time.
  24. S

    Simple spreadsheet maths

    Hello people, what's the formula I'd enter for LibreOffice Calc (or Excel etc) to return the lowest/highest numeric value on a row/column/selection? Thanks :-)
  25. M

    How to format a formula with a percent that will not result in a negative number

    I have a spread sheet in which the formula uses a Precentage to calculate values , however I want to exclude any negative numbers and also numbers over 100. What element do I add to the formula to obtain this desired result? Thanks
  26. E

    {JAVA} Calculating PI without using class.math

    Is it possible to calculate the Number PI without using the java class math? I found this formula to calculate PI. I think i need some int arrays to save the numbers but actually i'm stumped. Has anyone a hint?
  27. G

    Excel 2007 formulas

    Well i have a worksheet with 30 thousand rows and 3 columns. I need to use this formula =+A1:A27202&":"&B1:B27202&":"&C1:C27202 on each row,but i dont know how,and doing it by hand would be too much time consuming.When i select the D row and paste the formula it says 'Data on the clipboard is...
  28. E

    Excel - using a range (in one cell) in a formula

    Hello, I have a number of excel spreadsheets related to ticket sales that I'm trying to get organized. In one, we're keeping track of the actual ticket number (the one stamped on the ticket itself). Is there a way to use a range that's in one cell in a formula? For example, I have...
  29. nekulturny

    MS Access Question- Homework related -tearing my hair out!

    Working on a chapter assignment, I submitted last week. I couldn't make the formula work, professor gave it back to me with an extension as well as a formula to try and resubmit. Well using the formulas she gave me, I still can't make it work. Trying to get a simple record count from a sub...
  30. P

    how to unlock cpu,s with my crosshair formula V

    how to unlock cpu,s with my crosshair formula V
  31. P

    unlock my amd 560 be with crosshair formula V

    Hello, unlock my amd 560 be with crosshair formula V
  32. C

    Matching speaker wattages to a 100 w 3 way crossover

    Is there a rule of thumb or a formula to follow in selecting the speaker use wattage for each section in a 3 way crossover say that is 100 watts. How do they determine what wattage each speaker should be for the Low, mid, high in a 100 or 200 watt crossover?
  33. A

    Mr google com

    Hello, how to use countif formula in microsoft excel...??? can you tell and teach me..
  34. ulillillia

    Underwater darkening formula

    In the real world, things get darker as you get deeper underwater. I'm trying to replicate this in my game by darkening the entire scene and I need a formula (assume the middle of the ocean where the water is very clear). Relative to the surface, as a percentage, what is the formula for how...
  35. R

    How to lock a excel farmula

    need to know how to lock a formula in a excel worksheet
  36. G

    AI Help!

    hi! i got a formula that i don't quiet understand, coursework, can anyone help thanks, appreciate lots if you can help the formula and its descriptions are in a blog please check the link A Team! i also uploaded a image of the formula. info: There is a list of n items that are to be send...
  37. exfileme

    Gamers Far Worse Drivers than Non-Gamers

    Fans of Need For Speed and Formula 1 apparently suck at driving. Gamers Far Worse Drivers than Non-Gamers : Read more
  38. G


    I am working on a spreadsheet and need to create a formula so that in the following instances the cell is highlighted: If the date in cell A <= Today + 180 days AND The date in cell B <=A + 90 days. Then Cell 'A' will be highlighted. I am not sure if this is possible. Can anyone offer a...
  39. M

    Excel formula help needed

    Hello, I'm in need of an Excel expert, or just someone who knows better than I do how to put a formula together! I am trying to create a forumla to use with conditional formatting. What i need it to do is highlight a cell if two cells meet a certain condition. For example; IF G1 = "S73"...
  40. I

    Excel linking documents within formula help -- Suddenly not working

    I have been using Excel for many years and considered myself pretty sharp on Excel issues. Recently Office 2010 Startup was installed on this computer (and since has been removed). I have a rollup document that I link excel to in a formula situation. Before I could just go into the cell...
  41. G

    F1 Designer Debuts Ultra-Efficient One-Seater

    Gordon Murray and his team designed Formula One machines, the record-holding McLaren F1, and now, a snub-nosed tiny called the T.25 Minicar. F1 Designer Debuts Ultra-Efficient One-Seater : Read more
  42. exfileme

    Formula 3 Racing Car Powered by Chocolate

    This racer eats chocolate, carrots, and a few other ingredients. Formula 3 Racing Car Powered by Chocolate : Read more
  43. S

    Asus ROG's dedicated sound card

    Just a quick question, I own the old striker II formula 775 mobo and uses the bundled SupremeFX II sound card with a crappy 99$&lt; Creative 5.1 speaker. Will I see any noticeable improve if I upgraded to a superior card? I would to try some of Asus's Xonar DS, D1, DX or so on. I have little to...
  44. P


    frist hi to everyone.. actually my teacher asks me to do a project in excel.. but...i have a problem..when doing that.. """Enter a formula in cell H3 to calculate and show the letter Grade for the first student. The criteria for the letter Grade assignment: "A¡¨ >=85; "B" >=75; "C" >=60; "D"...
  45. G


    Archived from groups: (More info?) Was 30fps/60hz chosen for television since it could convert film (24fps) well to TV using (3/60+2/60)/2 = 1/24, or was that just a clever formula discovered after the fact.