Do I need an Amp with 250 Ohm Headphones?


Feb 19, 2013

My current rig is:
ASUS ROG Maximus Viii Formula
i7 6700K
MSI twin frozr 980ti
Corsair ax860i

I am looking to purchase a decent set of headphones and was considering either the Beyerdynamic DT 880 or 990 250 Ohm. Do I need an amp to drive these?
I have linked the mobo so you can see the specs of the on board audio.
The blurb does say that it can drive 32-600 ohms however what will the quality be like? and would a separate amp give a better result? If so how? and what amp?


I generally play a lot of different types of games RTS, FPS, RP, MMO and I listen to a lot of music mainly metal however sometimes drum and bass and dub step. Any different suggestions on headphones?

Thanks for taking the time to read.


You don't have to buy an amp. I would try them first. If the volume level is acceptable, then don't bother. Buying an amp may improve audio, but if (not researched) your audio is not that great already since you're using onboard interface, then an amp is going to literally amp that.

Here's the amp I'm using, now it's important to understand the difference between an amp and an interface, or both, either way, here you go:

All the best!
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