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  1. dudeawsomeness1

    Solved! can I recover data from iPhone 7 with broken screen for free?

    My brother's phone got smashed up and the screen is completely hopeless, I can't get it to respond on any part of the screen. I don't want to buy a screen for it because I don't think it's worth it. The phone seems to work just fine otherwise as far as I can tell on the lock screen and siri. Is...
  2. xFeaRDom

    Cheap/Free Intranet Software

    Hi Community, I have recently been requested to start looking into software to create an Intranet at work, and I'm sort of stuck, as we have many computers that would need to use this Intranet, buying seperate keys would rack up to be quite the expense. Could any of you recommend a cheap and...
  3. S

    Looking For A VPN

    Basically I'm looking for a totally free VPN that is actually worthy. I know there's lots of free VPN's, but most of them have some sort of limit (time, speed, location, etc). I'm looking for the best, totally free VPN (in terms of speed, location, no time limit, etc. in other words, "totally...
  4. BlueFireZ

    How to find commercially usable music on SoundCloud

    You're probably looking for some background music for a video, like I did, and finding music isn't that easy. Simply follow these steps in SoundCloud to find commercially usable music. 1. Firstly, search up a genre of music you like in the search bar, you can always change this later 2. Now...
  5. T

    Safe cloud storage or torrent streaming to use?

    Hey guys. I'm quite tired of using several cloud systems to farm free storage and in the end suffer with government spying my files. Any alternative that works? I've found this Fibo for cloud and streaming, but they're not open yet. I wonder if there any similar to ?
  6. theguyisback23

    Free Gps Tractor Spray Tracking APP For Ipad?

    Hello guys? is there any possibility in an application like AgDNA but instead being a Free GPS Tractor Spray Tracking APP For Ipad? i mean i downloaded the AgDna it was free, but in order to see my progress and the tracks i left after spraying the field with my tractor it required to upload my...
  7. Rayven2

    Replacement for AVG

    I've used AVG for years, but as most of you may know, AVG has changed their privacy policies since Oct 15. I'm quite pleased with them being open about it, but I'm in no way interested in continuing to use their service as long as they collect everything from browsing history to metadata. At...
  8. D

    When you develop a new app you make both versions: Free and Paid?

    Interested in some kind of app monetisation. You have developed new application and you make both versions, the full one for 2.99$ for example and the free one with the ads and some restrictions. Is that a right way or you prefer to make a demo version and then provide a paid one in full function?
  9. X

    looking for free, good and trustworthy VPN

    So I´m looking for a FREE VPN and I am willing to deal with quewes and "non premium service", because I have no extra spending money atm as a student. I have done some research and found a programm called Cyber Ghost is it any good? or is it a virus? -jk thanks for any advice or experience
  10. Boutchoo

    Do I really need an Antivirus in 2014?

    Greetings everyone, nowadays everyone seems to have at least a Free AV installed on their computers. From my personal experience, I have never encountered any other virus/Trojan since the one I had on my old HP Laptop back in 2009-2010. - Right now, I am using Avast Pro (365 days subscription)...
  11. C

    Best Free Encryption Software?

    I am looking for a free encryption software to secure a USB thumb/flash drive. I don't really care how long it takes to encrypt, I just want something that is free and, most importantly, secure. Thanks :)