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  1. B

    Solved! Blue screen after Motherboard replacement

    Hello everyone! I am writing from Turkey. I bought Asus M15 Laptop last year in US. I had a FPS drop problem and I went to Asus Official service in turkey. They told me that motherboard is broken. They change the motherboard. After change FPS drop problem passed but blue screen problem comes...
  2. Axellion

    Question Issues with 2 Toshiba TVs

    One TV (Model: 50l4353d) has a black screen when I turn it on. However, when I flash a light onto it - a image appears. So I think the backlight isn't working but how would I fix this? The other TV (Model: 32w3453db) works fine for a few seconds after turning it on. However, a few seconds after...
  3. T

    Question Unusable laptop

    Out of nowhere my screen decides to just completely bug out and freeze the only solution I found was to reset but this was only temporary and the problem came back. This started out of nowhere yesterday and restarting it doesnt change a thing anymore. I have a Lenovo yoga 910 which I use quite...
  4. K

    Solved! ASUS Notebook — uninstalled ATK package now computer isn’t working

    Help! I have an ASUS NotebookUX305F. My Smart Gesture wasn’t working, so I uninstalled it and read that it was recommended to uninstall/reinstall the ATK Package first also. I uninstalled the ATK package and was prompted to restart my laptop, which i did. When it started up again all I get is...
  5. A

    Solved! Toshiba satellite won’t turn on, please help!!

    Hi, Today after trying to install AutoCAD my computer began freezing and not responding to commands, not even when I pressed the power button or ctrl+alt+del. Finally I got it to turn off, I turned it back on succesfully but it froze again. So I turned it off once more and let the computer cool...