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  1. L

    Solved! FF Camera for Hobbyist?

    Hi folks, I've been looking to upgrade my old T1i for some time now. A relative owns a 6D (my first full-frame digital experience) and I loved the improvement in dynamic range, the overall presentation of light, the DOF, etc. I have tried the t5i and t6i for comparison, and wasn't impressed at...
  2. P

    Help needed! Bad virus, formatted drive, need to get OS back, no OS partition.

    Time sensitive! Help! Stuck! Had a bad virus, Toshiba Satellite laptop, was forced to completely format the drive thus eliminating the OS recovery install partition. I am unable to proceed any further, I absolutely thought this computer would have had some sort of failsafe to NOT format the...
  3. nednerbish

    Anyone want to help a novice set up my MsiGT73VR 6re? Please?

    It wasn't running games right when it arrived so I did a fresh install of win 10 and full format of D drive so its empty (deleted all my steam games) I'm going to have a ton of questions. but really do need help please. Would do private chat or In forum I don't care I just want it to run right.
  4. A

    Very Low Gaming Performance after Clean Installing The Windows.

    Hello. My friend bought a new laptop. It's asus n550jk. It has 6th generation intel core i7 processor. 16 GB RAM Gtx 850m graphics card It has also baterry issue. Baterry is always %0 and it doesnt charge. It was same before our clean windows installs too. It's default os was windows 8.1...
  5. J

    Screen keeps cutting out

    I am not to aure what is going on with my laptop.i took it to a computer shop they said I had a virus, I than took it home did a full format and its still doing it below is a video of the computer and what it's doing. http://youtu.be/OgI1bnPx_SQ Thanks for any help.