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  1. S

    RGB Fusion Perfomance issue

    My RGB fusion on my motherboard (z390 elite) paired with corsair vengeance rgb pro lags. Music mode is also doesnt work and is stuttery. Any fix?
  2. O

    Gigabyte software incompatibility between Gigabyte devices...

    Gigabyte RGB Fusion refuses to see my Aorus RTX 2070. I have a Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Master motherboard, and a Gigabyte Aorus Xtreme RTX2070 video card. RGB Fusion finds the motherboard and sets the LEDs just fine, but will not find the video card. Aorus Engine finds the video card, but not the...
  3. J

    iMac 21 4K

    Hello What upgrade should I get for iMac 21 4K? There is several options: - 3.0 GHz quad-core i5 (7th generation) versus 3.4 GHz quad-core i5 (7th generation) versus 3.6 GHz quad-core i7 (7th generation) - 8 GB RAM versus 16 GB RAM - 1 TB Fusion Drive versus 512 GB SSD I'm thinking of getting...
  4. N

    How do I activate my sim in fusion tablet

    Got the sim in but don't know how to set it up Sim is three provider its in just need the clue as what to do
  5. M

    RGB fusion question

    So I just got myself a gaming 7 x470 aorus board and I managed to install the app center and RGB Fusion. I love the amount of options in it but I cant seem to find a way to get my RGB profile to load when ever I start up windows. Is there a way to do so without having to manually open the...
  6. X

    After doing the factory reset on the fusion5 w104 tablet, still stuck on the Android logo... Help!!

    Fusion tablet still stuck on android logo after factory reset
  7. E

    Failed to Download due to Missing SD card

    Every time I try to download something on my Fusion 5 tablet it says " download failed do to missing sd card". There is a 64gb sd card formatted for internal storage and a chrome has permission to modify storage
  8. M

    Bose Lifestyle 28 connection to Marine Fusion

    I bought a boat with a Bose Lifestyle 28 system installed and I want to eliminate the sub woofer and control console due to the space it takes up and the AC current required to drive it and the powered speakers. I connected the Lifestyle speakers directly to my Marine Fusion system and very...
  9. T

    Aorus X5 V7 Keyboard not working + WHERE ARE DRIVERS

    Hello, I just got my X5 V7 about two weeks ago. I love it... Loved it, until it started <<snip>> the bed. First, the keyboard backlighting stopped working. I tried going into Fusion, and it wouldn't do anything like it was frozen. I updated the Fusion software, still nothing. Then, the keyboard...
  10. K

    Aorus Fusion Keyboard

    For those of you with an Aorus laptop or are well informed about Aorus and their products, what do you think about the Aorus Fusion keyboard(generally speaking)?
  11. L

    Green screen on startup

    I purchased a Satelitte Fusion L55 and began the registration process. Hit enter got the Toshiba splash page and then got a green screen with the words Just a Moment... it has been sitting with that screen for 12 hours -- any ideas? SHould I just send it back.
  12. T

    Toshiba Satellite Fusion L55W-C5320 MAX memory

    I recently got a Toshiba Satellite Fusion L55W-C5320 with 12gb on DDR3. I was wondering if anyone could fine the specs for the max the system would take. It would SEEM that if the unit could take (2) 6gb's, it should be able to take (2) 8gb's... yes/no? The manual says the memory is not...
  13. S

    is there Bluetooth for Android

    At&t fusion 2
  14. P

    sumvision fusion tv not working thru hdmi

    hi all, just bought a new tv Panasonic TX-P50X60B, connected it all up, and connnectd my sumvision cyclone fusion 2 media player to it thru hdmi, at first it worked ok as i watched family guy using it but i unplugged the media player to taake upstairs to use in my other tv, came to plug it back...
  15. Evan20x

    Market to Play Store causes widgets to disappear

    Hello all. Phone is a Huawei Fusion U8652 running Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread. So a family member no longer needed their phone so they gave it to me. I then continued to do a factory reset, let it all get finished and rebooted. I fiddle around with it a little bit and then decide to sync my...
  16. M

    APU upgrade help

    Greetings Recently I bought Asus K53U notebook with AMD® Fusion APU C-50 (Dual Core) Processor, which is on AMD's M780G Chipset. Im having trouble figuring out what APU's are compatible with such chipset. The amds website doesnt provide any useful info. The C-50 only has 1.00Ghz and I want to...
  17. G

    Fusion Garage Gone Silent, Believed To Have Closed Down

    Fusion Garage, which was once the company supposed to build the CrunchPad and ended up selling it as the JooJoo, may have shut down. Fusion Garage Gone Silent, Believed To Have Closed Down : Read more
  18. Marcus Yam

    RIM's BlackBerry Fusion Will Support Android and Apple iOS

    If you can't beat 'em... RIM's BlackBerry Fusion Will Support Android and Apple iOS : Read more
  19. may1

    What is the cheapest FUSION laptop/netbook available in UK?

    Title says it all. The cheapest one I could find was on Amazon, Lenovo S205 for 269.99 GBP.
  20. welshmousepk

    Solved! AoO522C50 fusion. poor performance?

    Hey guys, hoping for a little help or a fresh perspective. so I recently bought an acer AO 522, with the C50 fusion APU. figured it would make a nice little HTPC/light gaming rig etc. reviews said it can handle old games very well, and playback full 1080p content. Now ive replaced W7 starter...
  21. G

    Will the new amd fusion netbooks be significantly faster that my k125+hd4225 net

    just got a k125+hd4225 netbook last august, just wondering if the new fusion netbooks will be faster.
  22. exfileme

    North Korea Claims to Have Nuclear Fusion

    Wednesday North Korea claimed to have achieved what other, less-poor countries could not. North Korea Claims to Have Nuclear Fusion : Read more
  23. G

    Help on AuioRequest Fusion line

    Archived from groups: rec.audio.high-end (More info?) We are building a new home and have been recommended to buy the AuioRequest Fusion line (80 GB versus 120 GB) with an additional zone. Any help out there
  24. G

    Agenda Fusion or Pocket Informant ?

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) I am in for a very difficult decisions. What to choose : Agenda Fusion 6.0 or Pocket Informant 5.0 ? Both look very neat but what are their essential differences ? Any help would be appreciated.