sumvision fusion tv not working thru hdmi


Dec 18, 2012
hi all, just bought a new tv Panasonic TX-P50X60B, connected it all up, and connnectd my sumvision cyclone fusion 2 media player to it thru hdmi, at first it worked ok as i watched family guy using it but i unplugged the media player to taake upstairs to use in my other tv, came to plug it back into my new tv and now all im getting is no signal, ive tried changing the video output using the remote with no joy, ive changed the hdmi cable still no joy, but the hdmi port on the tv works as i can connect my laptop to it ok using hdmi, also the media player works too as i connected it upstairs again on that tv and that works, but for ssome reason it just wont connect to downstairs tv, but it did when i first set it up, im kinda baffled by it . . . any help appreciated