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  1. H

    how long would gameboy advance last with Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries?

    i am buying a gameboy advance, so i am intrested
  2. H

    gameboy games question

    if i play original gameboy games on gameboy color, will they have color?
  3. consptheory77

    Gameboy Advance SP ver1 vs ver2 vs DS? (brightness and nits)

    I'm looking to play the first few Final Fantasy games over the portable GBA format, and I bought a first version GBA SP but I am wondering if I should trade up to the GBA SP version 2 (with the backlit and brighter screen) or even trade up to one of the DS models? I mean, the screen is bright...
  4. Vengeance_

    Pokemon LeafGreen not working 1M sub-curcuit board not installed

    I started playing Pokemon leafgreen today and it said that the 1M subcurcuit board wasnt installed. This is not a ROM but a physical copy. There is a save file but it cannot be played. I cant save over it, an error message comes up when I do: "Save error, please exchange the backup memory".
  5. M

    GameBoy Rom into Android App?

    Hi guys! I saw some Gameboy games on play store which you can play without download rom and emulator. Does anybody know how can i make my own gb rom to android app. Thanks! Sorry if i missed topic :/
  6. K

    Which DS for old pokemon games?

    Hi, The last Nintendo console I played was a gameboy advance and I wanted to get a modern day equivalent that runs the same or similar games. I have seen too many models and I have no idea which console is the right one to go with. I'm not interested in any of the 3D consoles and I don't want...
  7. G

    Steampunked Gadgets

    Steampunk, or giving modern objects a distinct Industrial Revolution-esque aesthetic, has become increasingly popular over the last few years. Any interest in a retro-future GameBoy or motorcycle? Steampunked Gadgets : Read more
  8. G

    Play GameBoy Games on Your NES

    Bring your 1985 Nintendo NES up to 1989 GameBoy standards Play GameBoy Games on Your NES : Read more
  9. exfileme

    Nintendo Ships 100 Million Gameboy DS Units

    This afternoon Nintendo said that it has shipped its 100 millionth DS system. Sorry, golden ticket not included. Nintendo Ships 100 Million Gameboy DS Units : Read more
  10. G

    Game boy: Great games?

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I just got a Gameboy Advance today at a garage sale for 5 bucks. It came with Donkey Kong, Super Mario Land 2, and Tony Hawk 2. It's all pretty fun, but to be honest, I've never owned a gameboy before and I've been collecting...
  11. G

    Gunstar Heroes Sequel coming to Gameboy Advance.

    Archived from groups:,, (More info?) Gunstar Super Heroes: Video clips: One of the finest platform shooters ever gets a sequel. And the...
  12. G

    Gameboy Fixer Upper! or Gameboy in toaster!

    Archived from groups: (More info?)
  13. G

    Gameboy Color and/or Gameboy Advanced Emulator for H4150?

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) Hi all, I am looking for a Gameboy Color and/or Gameboy Advanced emulator for my H4150 (H4155). I have found a few but was wondering if anyone has a personal favourite? Also megadrive and (s)NES emulators would be cool :)