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  1. gorilaz2003

    Question How to play music from youtube on an old Sound/Audio/HiFi System

    Hello guys, I'm trying for some time to find a solution to the following problem, and i hope i will be as specific as i can. I have an old Sound/Audio/Hi-Fi System with great sound (Technics Amp + Dynaudio Speakers) and i want to be able to play music from youtube via Wi-Fi on it - i use...
  2. C

    Solved! Warm (bookshelf) speakers under $500 [need help]

    Hello dear tom's guide users... it's been a while since I used this forum and am more than happy to come back to this community! If you know the answer to the first part (1), second (2) or both, just put the number in front of your answer so they don't get mixed.. it would start looking messy...
  3. P

    How to connect Panasonic Viera 58DX802B to a NAD amplifier with only analogue (RCA, red, white) input?

    Any suggestions please? Has anyone had success in connecting TV HDMI audio output via a converter to analogue (RCA) amplifier input?

    HI-FI or Bluetooth speaker?

    Hello, I've been looking for new speakers to play music, gameplay sound and watching films etc... I've been looking at HI-FI systems and Bluetooth speakers. I've owned HI-FI systems before but I've never really used them as much as I should have, in the end, i just give them to my parents and...
  5. N

    Philips32pfs5501/12 to a Kenwood RXD 553

    Can I connect an optical audio cable to Philips32pfs5501/12 to a Kenwood RXD 553 hifi system?
  6. ArYcEz

    Does frequent changing of earpads wear them out?

    So now thats it's summer time I would like to change my earpads on my ATH M50X from my White Brainwavz to the stock M50X earpads. I was just thinking before I change them out when I were to switch back would the earpads then be loose or unusable
  7. N

    First Set of High Quality Headphones

    Hello I was looking into purchasing a set of good quality headphones. My price range is around $300, and ive been looking at the ath m50x. Should I get these, or go for something like the Hifiman 400s? Thank you, Allan
  8. T

    Best car/home subwooferspeaker under 300 euro ?

    Hello guys i'm searching for a new subwoofer for under 300 euro ( i should like it if i can buy the sub in the netherlands ) minimum reqeusts : +500 w RMS reconigd brand NOT under 12 ''
  9. ShadowProject

    New Setup - Help!

    Hi all, So I am planning on a progressive set up which I add onto as I can afford it. I want to start off with a 2.1 system with a 7.1 receiver for room to add. My price range is about mid ranged. The current system I am looking at getting is as follows:" Receiver: Sony STRDN850 (Maybe 1050 if...
  10. naroslife

    Audio splitter considerations

    Hello there! I have multiple speakers sitting around still, and I was thinking about utilizing as much of them as I can. So here's what I have: ■ one set of 2.1 speakers (Genius SW-HF2.1 1200 wood) ■ 2 pieces of old Magnat speakers connected to a Panasonic Mini HiFi using the kind of...