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    Pavilion 526x won't start. Keyboard locked up.

    I have a HP Pavilion 526x that won't boot up. It has a constant beep and the keyboard and mouse don't work. I have tried clearing the CMOS but haven't been able to.
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    Hp pavilion 15 motherboard repair / ID part

    Hey People of the awesome knowledge base. I have a laptop motherboard from a hp pavilion 15-ab series, missing a chip need help to figure out what the chip is
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    My hp pavilion dv6 was working properly but now when I switch it on, it does not boot to the desktop. It keeps running but the

    What could be the problem and how can I solve it?
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    Broken Charger port HP Pavilion G6

    The port was fine all day but now it's almost 1:10 in the morning and it won't go all the way in. It's like something is in there blocking it I'd really like some help. I can't tell my Mum or Dad (Who will just yell and scream at me when I bought the laptop with my own money) I bought this...
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    Laptop screen goes fuzzy and freezes

    I have a HP Pavilion 15 and a few weeks ago i droped a tiny amount of liquid in the corner of the keyboard and a few keys stopped working so i replaced the keyboard. The replacement was a cheap option from Amazon so must have been a Chinese replica. The first problem i got after installing the...
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    Q > Old Laptop Use?

    Good Day to all. This is my 1st time writing/asking in this forum. First of all, I am currently using my old laptop which is the "Toshiba Satellite Pro C640" which has a core i3-2330M with 4gb RAM. Despite having a broken hinge, it's still good in my everyday use. Meanwhile, I have found out...
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    Hp pavilion stuck on updatesHp pavilion stuck on updatesHp pavilion stuck on updatesHp pavilion stuck on updates

    My HP Pavilion DV 6 is stuck on update. It says it's not her percent complete. I turned the computer on and off hold it for five seconds. Nothing worked.
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    Looking for some help

    Hello there , a couple of months ago i purchased a pavilion 15 laptop (ay168sa model) and has no backlight also no hdd. I`d like a recomendation on a UK backlit keyboard and an ssd (has to be best price to performance) Any other upgrades i can do to this device ? Many thanks