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  1. S

    HP pavilion not starting

    HP pavilion will not start. Took battery out. Now it's in a restart mode. But when I try to open it the first time it said my PC needed to be repaired. Used the www.microsoft/stop code Then after I took the battery out it said it try to fix repair, and some code 00000486. And click on F1...
  2. R

    My HP pavilion dv-4 1430 screen went black. Give me solution.

    I have black screen problem with my HP laptop since today. Fan still running. But no display came till now. Previously it was white screen. Now it became dark black. May I know the solution of it.
  3. M

    Can I install Win 10 and how

    how to install win 10 on HP Pavilion G series x16-9072 64 bit? It has 8.1 how much??
  4. S

    laptop for uni

    hello everyone my mate is going to uni soon doing engineering and is look for a laptop he really likes the HP Pavilion x360 14-ba094sa 14" 2 in 1 so anything like that would be great his max price is £400/£500
  5. T

    hp TS Sleekbook needs OS

    I tried to do a factory reset on hp pavilion ts sleekbook. Now it says I have no operating system. I need a copy of windows 8. I bought the laptop used and it was windows locked. when I did the factory reset I got the error code 0xEFFFFF08 'RECOVERY MANAGER FAILED' Now the screen says it...
  6. T

    Can i run gta 5 on hp pavilion x360

    If no so i run gta 5 on which laptop
  7. Karim2001

    Is it good

    Hi I would like to know if this Laptop is any good its an HP PAVILION 15-CC003NK (1VQ16EA) One more thing what is the difference between it and HP PAVILION 15-CC004NK (1VQ17EA) Thanx.
  8. S

    HP Pavilion X2 Flashing Caps Lock and Red Charging light.

    I've looked this problem up on google many times but I can never find a solution to this. Whenever I plug in the charger the charging light lights up red. And whenever I press the power on button the caps lock flashes ONCE at me. (I've seen other threads that say it flashes multiple times.) The...
  9. A

    HDMI laptop to TV connection

    My HP PAvilion dm4 won't connect to my TV through HDMI
  10. M

    Hp pavilion laptop running windows 10 turns on and off after factory reset

    My hp pavilion laptop running windows 10, keeps turning on and off after factory reset. It was stuck at 57% during the reset process and an error occurred. Now it just turns on and off showing the hp logo every time. I can only get the BIOS and stuff like that.
  11. R

    Dead pixels spreading

    I have an HP Pavilion x360 laptop. About a month ago, I bumped my laptop and a small cluster of stuck pixels appeared. After a few failed attempts at trying to fix the stuck pixels, I gave up and decided to just live with it when a few days later I noticed the pixels had turned black. Since...
  12. S

    HP Pavilion Screen Flickers before Shutting Off

    Hello! I have a HP Pavilion laptop running Windows 8 with 2GB RAM, about 280 GB Storage, and it's touch screen as well. . I left it on all night (on my bed, running a game) before closing it, and as a result, the screen now flickers once before completely turning off. The laptop itself turns on...
  13. H

    I have an HP pavilion desktop PC and I'm having no signal to the TV I used as a monitor I switched the cables, tried plugging

    I have no signal on my PC to tv
  14. E

    What is better for price?

    Which of these laptops is the best for the price? They are both 599 euros Hp pavilion 15-CD006nv https://support.hp.com/gb-en/document/c05673049 Or Hp 15-bs102nv https://support.hp.com/gb-en/document/c05682469 I need a laptop to finish my school (now i'm 14) and for some gaming but not...
  15. P

    Adding a SSD on a HP Pavilion Gaming 15-cx0002ns

    Hello, I recently bought a HP Pavilion Gaming 15-cx0002ns, which has a 256 SSD M.2 installed, and I would like to add an additional SSD. It doesn't have a HDD, but it has a empty space (marked in red) and a empty slot (marked in orange). Is it possible to connect there a 2.5" SSD with some...
  16. 7

    New HP Pavilion X360 upgrade to Windows 10 1803 broke functionality - HP Support is useless

    I bought an HP Pavilion X360 15 br010nr in April and recently upgraded it to Win 10 version 1803. The audio and touch screen no longer work, and I have warning triangles on my cpu cores in device manager. The touch screen doesn't even show up. HP "support" verified that it is not a hardware...
  17. T

    Backlight Bleeding and clouding after slight movement - return worthy or overexaggerating?

    Hi guys! So I got a new laptop (HP Pavilion Power 15) and noticed quite early on it had a case of light backlight bleeding on the bottom left corner, and the bezel wasn't on too tight on the top right. The screen itself didn't wasn't entirely flush with the bezel, with the top and right lines...
  18. A

    M.2 Slot and SSD type for HP Pavilion CX (8th Gen) Laptops

    Hi all, I just purchased an HP Pavilion cx0140tx and since it's the base variant, it didn't came with an SSD. When I had inquired about installing an SSD, I was told by the HP retail staff that my variant does not have an M.2 Slot altogether, which got me worried. However, the HP Manual does...
  19. O

    Laptop wont turn on

    I have a Laptop that wont turn on and I have run several test already, but would like a second opinion before I give up. The Laptop a HP Pavilion x360 wont turn on or Boot, the light from On Switch turns on when pressed, fan spins but nothing comes up on LCD Screen or to a monitor connected...
  20. B

    Is my laptop scrap now?

    I was playing Skullgirls on my HP Pavilion dv6-3100, suddenly the graphics began to glitch out and I got an error. Then I lost all visibility to the laptop, did a reboot and now I get waving pink with white lines on the screen. I plugged the laptop with the HDMI to my tv, I get unsupported...
  21. C

    SOund volume changes

    I have a 3 year old HP Pavilion and I set the volume at about 17%. When I reboot the computer the sound goes to 67% every time. I have tried many things and it will not stop doing this. Even told windows to not adjust the volume with any apps.
  22. A

    HP pavilion X360 power not on

    I have HP pavilion 13-u100 x360 from more than one year now. I connected HDMI to screen for while after that I turn it to sleep mode. When I tried to reopen it nothing happens except the power signal was on and access to hard signal as well then it's coming off again. I noticed the two signals...
  23. K

    looking for repair solution

    hi, I have an hp pavilion which froze and I turned it off. when I turned it on the screen was black and fan was not running. what could be the problem?
  24. R

    Operating System Not found HP Pavilion DV6800us

    I am using HP Pavilion DV6800us model since 2008. This Monday when I switch on the laptop power button, it surprised me with "Operating System Not Found" error message. From this point it is not moving further. I bought this laptop in the year 2008. I never had a problem before. Any help in...
  25. S

    Is there a solution for HP's black screen of death

    So, I have this laptop HP Pavilion G6 it is not working for almost a year. It turns on and everything is working. But, it shows a black screen (even with an external monitor) Anyways, it's actually a famous issue called "Black Screen of Death". Is there a solution for it?
  26. A

    HP Hard drive replacement

    I have a HP Pavilion 15-n276sa Notebook PC. I am looking to find a replacement hard drive below £50. The current hard drive is HGST SATA 6.Gbps 1TB 5400rpm 0j34283. I would like to know where I can purchase one, struggling to find one.
  27. S

    HP Pavilion Dv3 No Power

    I dropped my HP pavilion DV3 Latptop from a feet high landed on my battery packside. The Battery is dead already. But when i Plugin the power cord, the charging indication blinks on and off and when i press power button it starts for a moment and with just volume and power lights on the keypad...
  28. T

    how do i get the @ sign to show on my hp pavilion

    when I press shift 2 to get @ I get" instead any answer,
  29. D

    I cannot restore my HP Pavilion g6-2016tx to factory conditions.

    I cannot restore my HP Pavilion g6-2016tx to factory conditions. I have copied the error log. Can anyone make sense of this:
  30. S

    Internal keyboard driver issue

    The key '7' and the space bar was working automatically even before entering my password so after a long lasting trouble I uninstalled the driver of the internal keyboard . But now I can't find the website to download the driver again. My model is hp pavilion 15 au006-tx. Please provide me the...
  31. A

    Solved! Laptop display brightness not adjusting after Windows update

    Hello! I have a Hp pavilion dv6 laptop which I've been running Windows 10 for a long time now. However, today I installed the 2018 April update and i can no longer adjust the display brightness after that. The brightness is "stuck" all the way up. Can anyone please help me with this. Thanks.
  32. P

    change in graphic card

    is change in graphic card is help for me over the existing graphic card intel hd graphic . on my hp pavilion nootebook 15 laptop . if i can change then which one is better for me
  33. S

    Increase performance of radeon hd 7670m

    I have hp pavilion g6 powerd by intel hd 4000 powerd by radeon 7670m 2 gb i can't play games smoothly In my pc how can I fix this ??
  34. R

    Is There a Way I Can Get 5.1 Support from My Laptop via HDMI to My TV?

    I have an HP Pavilion TS 15" laptop, that's all Windows gives me for the model #... I have an LG BH6720S home theater system (I heard those aren't very popular in this community, especially when compared to actual receivers, etc.) I also have a Samsung UN50H5203AFXZA Smart TV. As of right...
  35. H

    Should I buy this laptop?

    I want to buy a new laptop. I have one HP pavilion series laptop in my mind. It has i5-8250U processor, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD, Nvidia GeForce 940MX, 1080p display and rest all the ports I need. My use will be mostly for programming, Graphic designing and a little bit of video editing.(I won't be...
  36. T

    Solved! help me choose - Dell Inspiron 13 7000 vs HP Pavilion x360 core i5 versions?

    Hi Forum, I am planning to buy a new compact laptop on a budget with good build quality and performance with nice display. I have shortlisted two of them with quite similar or rather would say, with the same specs. Dell Inspiron 13 7373...
  37. D

    Disabling BitLocker on Windows Pavillion Notebook

    Have to disable BitLocker on my HP Pavillion Laptop but cannot find the option to disable it so I can update BIOS. Followed directions to disable it on the HP support site and where the option is supposed to be, it is not there. How do I disable BitLocker? It runs Windows 10. Model number is HP...
  38. P

    HP Pavilion g6-2235tx Win 7 not recognizing WIFI adapter

    Hey, hope someone would answer or will know what problem i might be heaving. Ive been trying to fix my WIFI,Ethernet cable on other side working perfectly, nothing wrong with a modem. F12 staying orange no matter how many times you press it. Device manager does not show any WIFI adapter, under...
  39. R

    Laptop keyboard's lifespan?

    Hi there. I recently got an HP Pavilion Power 15 laptop (i5, 1050) and I'm currently using it for games and programming. I was wondering what lifespan/life expectancy would my keyboard have? Thinking that the WASD keys will be constantly pressed down, will they get lower with time? Will they...
  40. N

    HP Pavilion 15-p165na won't start

    The laptop won't start. I tried reseting it. The power led shows some life and the cpu's fan is spinning at max speed,but nothing else. The screen stays off. I can't go into BIOS. I tried turning it on without HDD and switched RAM sticks. Help me out please,what could be the issue. The battery...
  41. A

    hp pavilion 15 notebook lid stuck

    I was using my laptop this afternoon for awhile, then decided to put it in sleep and closed the lid. After a few minutes, I tried to open the lid n it stucks an angle around 20 degrees and afraid I might broke anything if I open it any wider. Seems like hinge problem but I don't know what to do...
  42. S

    HP Pavilion Model 15-au063cl wont turn on!!!!!!!

    All of sudden my laptop stopped working. Lately the battery has not been holding much of a charge. The LED light next to the power cord plug is orange. When I press on the power button, it illuminates, gets brighter then shuts off. Again, the model number is 15-au063cl. It's my...
  43. N

    How can I keep my up pavilion g awake during upgrades? If it goes to sleep, the upgrade stops.

    Upgrade issues on HP pavilion g series
  44. C

    Need advice on a laptop to buy

    Hi, I am looking for a laptop for my girlfriend. She will use it mostly to write some documents and some photoshop. Having a longer battery life would also be important as she travels by train quite often. She does not have a lot of money to spend right now, so our budget is quite low. We were...
  45. R

    Looking for a good laptop

    HP Pavilion Convertible, Intel Core i7, 8GB DDR4, 1TB HDD with 8GB SSHD, NVIDIA GeForce 4GB. Is this laptop with these specifications a good one? I think it's cost is in the range of $800. I honestly don't know if it's a good one. I use the laptop a lot in gaming and all sorts of things, but I...
  46. S

    unable to play gta v on my hp pavilion g6

    i have a hp pavilion g6 2312ax with amd-A10 4600 with AMD RADEON HD 7660G/7670M 3GB DDR3 DEDICATED graphics with 12 gb ram. my pc has total available graphics memory: 6400MB Dedicated Video memory: 2560MB Shared System memory: 3840MB still while playing gta v my video memory shows as 1098MB...
  47. O

    HP pavilion bios update

    so what I would like to know is if my BIOS are Up to date. Version F.32 Rev 5.0 and if not were do I find the new one's and how to update never done it on a laptop before. HP pavilion x360 convertible Model 15-br077nr
  48. R

    My laptop has been fixed and after that the wifi is not working properly it works for a while then just stop

    My laptop wifi is not working after being opened to get fixed ... It's hp pavilion g6 windows 10
  49. M

    Hp pavilion g7-2340dx SSD issues

    I decided to volunteer my services and install a Samsung 860 Evo SSD into a coworkers HP Pavilion g7-2340dx laptop. I'm trying to run windows 8.1 and that's the basic overview of where everything goes wrong. I cannot get the thing to run in this laptop. I've tested the SSD on my pc and it...
  50. R

    Solved! Laptop ram upgrade

    Hi there, I am using hp pavilion g6 1000tu notebook which have hp 1668 model motherboard . So I want to know the max frequency supported by my motherboard so can I upgrade my ram.
  51. K

    HP Pavilion Power 15-cb003nv vs ASUS ROG Strix GL553VD-DM178T vs Lenovo Legion Y520-15IKBN

    Hello there! I need help deciding which one to get, since the one I currently own is a 2010 Sony Vaio (a beast I might add!). I need it for everything basically, plus gaming (adventure games). Specs for each one: HP Pavilion Power 15-cb003nv i7-7700HQ 2.80 GHz 8 GB 1TB 7200 rpm NVIDIA...
  52. S

    can i connect vga to vga tv to laptop

    im wanting to know if i can hook vga from my tv to my vga port on my laptop and get netflix on my tv
  53. C

    G6 black screen

    I have an HP Pavilion G6 laptop and the screen remains black when I try to turn it on. I can hear the fan running and the hard drive running. All of the lights come on but the screen will not come on. Can anyone help me?
  54. L

    Help! Wifi (off) Permanently

    Hi, I have been struggling with this issue for almost a year now but today its pushed me over the limit. My HP Pavilion G6 can not connect to the internet using its own wifi card, (which is a qualcomm Atheros AR5B93) My FN key activates Air-plane mode but doesn't reactivate my wifi and when...
  55. M

    HP pavilion 15 touch screen

    Please I have HP Pavilion 15 touch screen core i3 laptop is it possible to upgrade it to core i5 or core 17 I have just upgraded the ram to 16gb
  56. D

    Solved! Dropped my laptop

    I dropped my hp pavilion laptop off the table and now when I turn it on it has a blue screen and a clicking noise? What could be broke to click ? It wont boot up?
  57. N

    my laptop was taking around 4-5 sec to just show the right click menu

    my laptop hp pavilion power 15 was taking around 4-5 sec to just show the right click menu on desktop and also it use to take time to show explorer window then, it works fine,.. but any app being launched for the first time in the session, will cost me 4-5 sec.. is there any fix for this...
  58. Hydragyrum

    Upgrading an HP Pavillion DV6000

    Hello there! A co-worker asked me whether if I can upgrade his laptop which is an HP Pavilion DV6000. I am planning upgrade it to 4GB ram and 1 TB hdd, but is it possible? Note: the model name is exactly DV6000. Apparently it was a 2007 model.
  59. J

    Which laptop to buy?

    Which one should I get HP pavilion 15 cc130tx (59000 INR) or Lenovo IdeaPad 520 81bf00avin (62500 INR)? (main use is coding (not graphic related) n casual gaming, also which will provide a better battery life as battery life concerns me a lot) A LINK OF SIDE BY SIDE COMPARISON OF THE TWO IS...
  60. J

    Solved! Trying to find new laptop keyboard

    I recently broke my space bar on my HP Pavilion Power 15 cb010ca. And sadly I can't buy a single key, so I have to replace the whole keyboard. The keyboard's part is 926894-DB1. I tried looking online for it, but I had no luck. I was wondering if anybody here knows where to get this part, since...