Backlight Bleeding and clouding after slight movement - return worthy or overexaggerating?

Jul 6, 2018
Hi guys!

So I got a new laptop (HP Pavilion Power 15) and noticed quite early on it had a case of light backlight bleeding on the bottom left corner, and the bezel wasn't on too tight on the top right. The screen itself didn't wasn't entirely flush with the bezel, with the top and right lines of the screen being slightly bordered with a millimeter black line. I took it into repair, where after a month said they replaced the LCD and it was fixed. I take it back home and the bezel was now on tight and not loose, but the backlight bleeding is still there and now there is slight bleeding on the bottom center, with the bezel being loose to the point if I tap the bezel it taps the screen. Not flush at all.

Now when I move the screen back or forward, the whole screen gets cloudy light there's light bleeding everywhere.

Is this normal? Acceptable? Am I just overthinking it and should accept this as the norm? Should I contact the store again?

Here are some photos and a video:

If it is new, and isn't functioning correctly, then return it and have them exchange it for a working one. No new device should give you problems.