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    Audio Video Sync Problem-ish?

    Hello my name is Jonas and I've had a audio/video sync problem ever since I bought my pc (about a year ago) and I've tried so extremly many things from 1000 different suggestions. Its a small delay, about 100ms wich isnt visable if you do regaular things on the computer, but I play rythm games...
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    Best TV for PC gaming

    I want to buy a TV which I will use for pc gaming. So I'm looking for a 32 inch, 1080p TV with low input lag, it doesn't have to be smart or 3D but if it is around 350 euros it's ok. So does anyone could recommend me any good TV? I'm looking for LG or Samsung.
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    32 inch TV for gaming

    Hello guys. hope you can me out here I need a a 32 inch tv for pc gaming, ive heard that you need as low input lag as possible, also i want it to be able to run 1920x1080 in 1080p. My max budget is 650$ I hope you guys can recommend me a good TV for this purpose..
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    TV most similar to my 1440p IPS monitor?

    Hey guys, I have a Yamakasi Catleap, one of the budget Korean S-IPS 1440p monitors that use the LG LM270WQ1 panels, the same found in the Apple Cinema Displays. Let me tell you that this display is absolutely gorgeous. So here's a little background story: I am getting a PS3 soon, and probably a...
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    Looking for my first HDTV, with the right inputs and low display lag.

    Hello, this is the first time I've ever posted on this message board, and it is also the first time I've had to look into buying a new TV. I'm new to everything, so please bare with me. ^_^; I've been accepted into university, so I'm looking for a small (decent-sized) HDTV for my dorm. I'm...