Looking for my first HDTV, with the right inputs and low display lag.


Mar 20, 2013
Hello, this is the first time I've ever posted on this message board, and it is also the first time I've had to look into buying a new TV. I'm new to everything, so please bare with me. ^_^;

I've been accepted into university, so I'm looking for a small (decent-sized) HDTV for my dorm.

I'm mostly going to be playing games on this TV, and I know I'm covered for my PS3 with an HDMI cable, but I would also like to plug in my Wii and PS2 somehow.

I also like to play fighting games/rhythm games, which require a low amount of input/display lag.

I was looking at the Playstation 3D Display, since it had one HDMI port and one component input, but it seems they've been discontinued due to high failure rates.

I've also been looking at the EVO Monitor, but seeing as this is a monitor and not a TV, I don't know what I would need to plug in my Wii and PS2 through component cables. I also don't know if it would be laggier for my Wii/PS2.

My budget is mostly around $200, but I'm willing to spend more if nothing else is avaliable.

Also, I apologize if I've posted this in the wrong section. This site is massive.


welcome to the forum and good luck with uni. you did post in the right section although it could have been located in /ht/hdtv instead of /ht/ but its a nonissue.

for ps3 use the tv needs to be hdcp compatible or it will not work at all.

i would suggest 1080p if at all possible but 720p would work if required by your budget.

similarly i would suggest 32"-40" but smaller could be used if required.

i'm not sure how it applies to console games but 120/240hz tvs can cause lag due to post processing by the tv. i would suggest 60hz only. this would save on costs as well so its a win - win.

if you want to save on power get a led backlit model. there really isnt any performance issues compared with old ccfl tech.

brandwise i would stick with sony, samsung and lg in that order. i've heard toshiba is making improvements by leaps and bounds but still havent heard enough to put them on my short list.

if a lack of hdmi inputs is an issue you can always buy an hdmi switch to swap between multiple inputs. adapter cables are also available if the tv doesnt have the right ports. i know my sony 40" came with plenty of ports and prices are down around $400 now.

you could use a monitor instead of a tv. you might be quite limited by the input ports though and the display may not be 1080p or 720p but an oddity.

you could also use a cheap tv such as vizio but personally i wouldnt recommend it.


what do i use?

i have a 40" sony bravia 60hz ccfl backlit 1080p.
i have my ps2, ps3 and pc connected to my receiver and my tv connected to the receiver via hdmi.

i did have both the ps3 and pc connected direct to the tv via hdmi before my big leap into hifi audio though and everything worked fine. the ps2 was broken and i replaced it after the upgrade so i cannot list how it performed direct hookup but should be fine (as video is essentially passthrough to my screen currently).

hope that gives you a few ideas.


Mar 20, 2013
Okay, so I was looking around, and it would seem that this TV would have everything I need. HDMI, Component, Composite, VGA, etc.


In one of the reviews, someone mentioned that his input lag was measured between 16-30 ms, on VGA. For me, this is within acceptable range.

However, can someone help me verify if this is accurate before I order anything?

Also, would the type of connection effect how much input lag their would be?
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