May 20, 2010
Hey guys,
I have a Yamakasi Catleap, one of the budget Korean S-IPS 1440p monitors that use the LG LM270WQ1 panels, the same found in the Apple Cinema Displays. Let me tell you that this display is absolutely gorgeous. So here's a little background story:

I am getting a PS3 soon, and probably a PS4 sometime later after it releases. I cannot hook my PS3 up to my Catleap monitor since it's a single DVI monitor, and it also lacks a scalar and an OSD. If I hooked it up to my PS3 (which you would need an adapter for), it would display 720p only on the monitor, and it would look horrible. I was looking to replace my Catleap with an Auria, the 1440p monitor they sell at Microcenter which (originally) used the same panel, backlighting, ect. The Auria is multi input, so I thought I would be able to use it as my PC monitor as well as my screen for consoles. Sadly, I learned the hard way that any multi input IPS monitors are going to have a lot more lag. In this particular case I think the Auria is rated at 27ms of input lag, while the Catleap is 6ms. The Auria was great for my PS3, but I noticed so much lag when PC gaming compared to my Catleap, I couldn't keep it.

So I decided to look for a bigger second monitor or TV to serve mainly as my display for my console, and occasionally as a PC monitor. That way I can keep my single DVI Catleap and enjoy lag free PC gaming, but also have a bigger screen to play consoles on and use as a backup monitor. I didn't keep the Auria for this because since this will be used for my PS3, I have no need for 1440p and I wanted a bigger screen. But I found out that no 1080p IPS monitor past 27" exists. I'm looking for 32", so that puts me into the HDTV domain.

Which leads me to the topic at hand:
I came across the LG 32LN5000 and the Samsung UN32EH5000. Both on paper are similar to the panel in my Catleap. They also have 4:4:4 support, which is very amazing. And they would make great PC monitors too. I think it's safe to say that these are the best I'm going to get for my needs. I am going to go to Best Buy tomorrow and see them in person, however I really am not skilled enough to tell the difference from images. I would have to take them home, and compare them side to side to my Catleap to really understand. However, I don't know how returning tv's work once I opened the box, so I don't know if I'm going to do that.

I wanted to ask you guys, fellow enthusiasts and knowledgeable folk, how these 2 TV's would compare to my Catleap in terms of image clarity, sharpness, color reproduction, and lag. Is this really going to look similar to the panel found in the Apple displays? Am I going to have to calibrate the picture to get the best settings?

Also I'm worried about the lag. Why you ask? There may be a slim chance I will be selling my Catleap in the near future to go with a newer version. While I'm in that gap, I will have to use this as my main monitor and will play PC games on it. I may also use it occasionally to play PC games if the game is too demanding for my 1440p monitor. It's a TV, so while input lag is harder to tell on a console (strangely I was fine when I gamed on my PS3 with the Auria, didn't notice any lag playing Metal Gear Rising), it's still a slower panel with a ton of inputs, scalar, and a tuner.

Lastly, is there any clear winner out of these two for my needs? From what I've read the LG one seems a better buy.
I would really appreciate any feedback opinions I get on this. I also thank you for taking the time to read all this and sorry if I rambled on a bit. :rolleyes:

Thanks guys!



Oct 18, 2010
if we talking PS3 then all games are 720p normally. so don't think issue is that...and 1440p is great for PC gaming, when it comes to ms well, let's put it this way a 2ms monitor @ 1080p show's no lagg on pc or console, but if we talking tv's then best one to go in terms of brand is Samsung, they make great PQ's but lets put in this perspective, cheaper you got older it is, latest and greatest Tv's clearly going have better PQ, but what you need understand is pixel destiny and how far you are from TV.

there is also fact LED's LCD suck so bad on tv's they not viable choice there PQ is good but cannot beat plasma, Plasma do not suffer from Response time issue its instant ,(plasma Burn in is not issue with new Plasma's they fixed this fair bit ago if you plan to game and not leave screen on for 6hrs of same thing then don't worrie about burn in) there is also that fact of ghosting and flicky delay effect i find most LED LCD tvs have, they wont and never will fix it, they replacing the tech with OLED, that makes better color accuracy and dead blacks and response time beat's even plasma, its also less power hungry and does not have same issues LCD or LED have, ideally don't get LED OR LCD get a plasma from Samsung , but price need's be talked about here, depending how much you wanna spend, Panasonic make good tv's but LG are mediocare, Sony are decent but over priced. also size is issue most plasma are 42+.

From my experience in using tvs as monitors , i curretnly use a 64inch 2012 Samsung plasma , and i find that it works perfectly fine no delays or response time issues or lagg, Samsung make good products from phones to tv's korean manufactured , LG is china manufactured Panasonic use be japanese manufacture but now Taiwanese manufactured.

also like point out brand loyal elite pricks slander other brands, with any product there will be hit's and misses, what most people say is crap have no clue what they are talking about they just stupid consumers don't understand


here is review of my tv and its rated pretty well, nothing is perfect, but i will say this warranty on Samsung are really good if something shits it self, they come to your house and fix it, but got remember everyone had bad experiences with one brand over another, its like AMD vs Nvidia . can only based everything on pq when comes to tv's and price point