Jul 30, 2013
Hello guys. hope you can me out here

I need a a 32 inch tv for pc gaming, ive heard that you need as low input lag as possible, also i want it to be able to run 1920x1080 in 1080p.
My max budget is 650$
I hope you guys can recommend me a good TV for this purpose..


Jun 28, 2007
I don't have a particular TV to recommend although I use Samsung. I just want to prepare you for the deluge of people who will tell you not to use a TV for gaming. Listen to them but make up your own mind. Mostly they are purists who are busy looking at graphs and specs and not the actual picture quality. I use a TV for a monitor both at home and at work and recommend them highly as a good value. Just be sure to use only a 1080p or higher.


Jun 1, 2013
Hi Gissel1989, have you had a look at this page, it is quite interesting as it shows the top tvs which are ~32"

Okay so that settled the things to find in a TV for gaming is obviously the native resolution or resolution in which you can play games in. Obviously a 1080p tv will potray better quality images which results in a better gaming experience. You also want a TV which is HD-ready. Other than that it is really down to personal preference. You also want the TV to be compatible with your PC, by this I mean the display cable used to connect the two. However you can easily get a DVI to HDMI (for example).

Personal my favourite TV manufacturers are Panasonic and Samsung.