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  1. KaiserPhantasma

    Question Looking For An Alternative 4G Solar Powered CCTV

    Hello, If you can suggest other brands besides what I have set my eyes on for a while which is a reolink branded product (this one below) Already pretty set on it unless anyone can suggest something similar/better which will be very much...
  2. S

    Question A laptop will connect to the network but not the internet, other laptops are working fine.

    I have a laptop and it will connect to the internet in most of the building but it wont connect in one room (Even when it is right beneath the access point) It will connect to our internal network but not the internet. All the other laptops we have tried connect to the network and internet...
  3. BirdVideos

    Solved! Internet works fine on everything apart from my pc

    I know this isn't a Laptop but i didn't know where else to put it, Hello ive got a problem that i just don't know how to fix, its been going on for the past 6 days so I've got an ethernet cable into my pc and my internet will work fine and then randomly i can't go on any websites or any online...
  4. KumaBaby

    Solved! Issue with wifi "send and receive" signal staying very low going up and down

    I'm using a wifi adpater because when i use the ethernet chord it disconnects me a lot and the wifi speed just goes up and down, it'll only stay up at 8mb/s when i'm downloading something. My isp is xfinity with the 60mb/s internet plan.
  5. amboozle

    Solved! Unable to connect to this network acer aspire 3

    hi there my laptop can’t connect to other networks than my home network anymore. it doesn’t connect to my phone’s hot spot either. i’ve tried to manually connect to a network but that doesn’t seem to work either. what should i do?
  6. F

    Question Is it possible to replace my Fiber Optic Router?

    I recently got fiber optic internet, which is great, but I'd love to cut out the rental fees from my ISP and get my own modem. The only problem? The connection in my house is a Fiber To The Premises (FTTP) connection, so there is a fiber optic line going directly into my house. LOTS of modems...
  7. B

    Solved! Losing internet connection only when in browser.

    Hello. I am using a wired connection to my router. Recently my internet started going down while in chrome browser. My internet works great on every other device. It also works just fine when using my PC if I'm not in a browser. For example. I play online games on my PC and never lose connection...
  8. S

    Solved! I have internet connection but I cannot connect to the internet

    I am using Windows 8.1. For the last few days I cannot connect to the internet although I have an internet connection. At first I could connect using Brave, but not Chrome. Yesterday I could not connect with either chrome or Brave but I could connect using Firefox and today I couldn't connect...
  9. T

    Solved! Wan Miniports appeared out of nowhere and I don't know what it is and is it safe?

    I just recently looked into my device manager to update my network drivers to see if i can improve my network speeds.. To my surprise I see about 8 wan mini ports appeared in my network device column. I have no idea what are these wan mini ports and I have uninstalled them all but they keep...
  10. F

    Question Online games keep freezing every 5 seconds (PC)

    A few days ago I started having an issue where if I was playing an online game, about every 5 seconds it would freeze for about 10 seconds and then when it unfroze, the ping would shoot up then come down right after. This happens nonstop, basically making online games unplayable. All my other...
  11. Kohai-Amber

    Question Problems with Opening most webpages Chrome and no webpages working on alternate browsers.

    Hello, I have been having problems opening webpages on all my browsers. I believe I have used everything shown on Youtube and none worked. I searched through problems endlessly. My PC OS: Windows 10 My PC Hardware: Motherboard: Optiplex 380 Ram: 4GB (3.88 usable) Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2...
  12. M

    Solved! Free Internet?

    Hello, I have free 10 GB internet for Instagram, facebook and deezer every month, but just for those three apps. Is any way to use that internet for other apps? Telenor is my provider. photo
  13. N

    Solved! Your computer appears to be configured correctly but the device, or resource (dns server) is not responding.

    Randomly at times of the day sites become unreachable, i diagnosed my Ethernet and that message pops up "Your computer appears to be configured correctly but the device, or resource (DNS server) is not responding". I've tried everything in the world, every CMD prompt from Microsoft, reinstalling...
  14. B

    Question Wifi speed

    Hello guys, I have wifi problems with my ASUS F750J Laptop. On my android phone internet speed is around 300Mbps, but on my laptop only 40mbps. I updated network adapter drivers, but it didn't helped. And strange thing: at my parents house internet speed(70+-mbps) is same on both my phone and...
  15. PhilipMichaels

    Discussion If Facebook Wants Our Trust, Mark Zuckerberg Must Resign

    Privacy figures to be a big topic of discussion at the upcoming Facebook F8 conference. But does Facebook have any credibility left after so many public blunders? If Facebook Wants Our Trust, Mark Zuckerberg Must Resign : Read more
  16. L

    Solved! Laptop can't pick up friend's wifi but picks up everything else

    Lately I have encountered a problem I didn't have before. I used to always be able to connect to my friend's wifi whenever I was at his place but lately my laptop cannot even find it. My phone is able to pick it up but not my laptop. My laptop picks up mobile hotspots even and nearby neighbor...