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  1. B

    Solved! How can I connect my TTUSB Ion turntable to my smart tv

    How do I connect my TTUSB ION turntable to my smart tv?
  2. M

    Solved! SPL Speakerbox | Lots of questions

    Hey, ive been wanting to build a portable speaker box that is ran off a lithium ion battery but ive got lots of questions and little knowledge but I do know it can be done. I'd like to power 2 6.5" mid drivers and 2 bullet tweeters and a 8" sub possibly once I figure out everything and im...
  3. N

    Looking to increase bass on speaker

    Long story short: I want extra bass in my portable Ion Tailgater Portable Speaker, however, I don't want to buy an entirely new speaker. My speaker has little to no bass in it. I was thinking I could perhaps buy and audio splitter and some sort of external speaker-like device which would act...
  4. T

    No wifi connect ion after reset

    Tablet will not connect to wifi or hotspot after hard reset
  5. A

    Solved! Ion turntable and Bose 301 speakers

    Have an ion turntable and some old Bose 301 speakers. The turntable had a USB port and two RFB outlets red and white. Will I still need an app to connect all of this or can I just connect directly to turntable
  6. M

    Bluetooth bluegate connect ion

    Need to know if it's possible to connect bluegate to my 19 sansui tv just got audio
  7. S

    Solved! Ion connection to amp

    How do I connect my ION turntable to an older amplifier?
  8. W

    Safeguard my iPhone

    Best way ion iPhone
  9. E

    Should you fully discharge a Li-Ion battery on first use?

    Hi all. It says to fully charge and fully discharge a battery after first time use. And to do it 3 times. Does full discharge mean below 5%? Or is 20% enough. The reason I am asking is because...
  10. H

    how to plug ion a printer

    i have directly plugged in my Hp printer to my Toshiba laptop but it won't connect.
  11. D

    Adding a portable Bluetooth speaker to my truck

    Hello, I own a 2014 Silverado and currently use the Bluetooth my connect system to play music from my phone, however I am looking at the Ion Road Warrior for extra sound/bass. How do I sync my phone to both my trucks Bluetooth system as well as the Bluetooth ion road warrior? Is it possible?
  12. M

    Laptop replace li-ion cells medion

    My current battery for my laptop (brand is Medion) has 6 cells. The battery back says: 10.8V == 4400mAh, 47Wh model name: A32-C17 So I want to replace all them with Panasonic NCR18650B 3350mAh. But then the capicity would be 6* 3350 = 20.100 mAh. in parallel so 2*3350 = 6700mah Can the battery...
  13. N

    Solved! URGENT: Acer Aspire One Z1402 Battery

    Hi! Can the battery be upgraded? Here's the battery details of the unit. Battery Information Number of Cells: 3-cell Battery Chemistry: Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) Battery Capacity: 2200 mAh Maximum Battery Run Time: 3.50 Hour Maximum Power Supply Wattage: 40 W
  14. S

    Lithium Ion Prismatic Battery Life

    Hi, I have an asus notebook k501ux and asustek battery with 48336 mWh design capacity. May you help me know the normal battery life of that battery per cycle? I read reviews on my unit and it should have long battery life but in my case, my laptop can be use unplugged 2hrs when playing game...
  15. Yuki Core

    Li-Ion batteries and charging on modern laptops

    I'm in possession of HP Spectre x360, and I have been wondering. If I were to leave it charging while it's at 100%, would it still use power from the battery (thus slowly ruining it) or it would use the power plug for power?
  16. N

    battery indicator wrong indication

    I want to ask for an e cig but the problem is technological. The battery indicator is not showing the battery correctly. One moment is 30% then 60% then again 30%. This mostly happens when its charging. Its a lithium ion battery but i dont this the battery has a problem. How to fix this if it is...
  17. G

    polymer lithium ion battery for tablet

    hello everyone i have a micromax funbook infinity (P275) which is 3 years old and 2 years ago it was stuck on while booting and for a long time it was like that only and the battery was finished and it shut down automatically but now when i m trying to charge it its not accepting.not at all...
  18. C

    Why Can't I Hear Sound When I Play Records Through My USB Turntable Using Magix Audio Cleaning Lab

    I just got this new turntable by ION (TTUSB10) and purchased two vinyl recording softwares. One from Magix and one called Spin It Again. Spin It Again Works Fine, but I'm really a much bigger fan of Magix. So this is the one I want to use because it auto detects the tracks and splits them into...
  19. K

    4400mah or 6 cell li ion which is stronger

    My gateway ne5 needs a battery and I want a strong one which one do u recommend
  20. C

    Connect my Turntable(Ion Pure LP) to my speakers?

    Hi I just got a new turntable, ION Pure LP, I only want to use it to play records, I don't have an amplifier, it is said in the manual that I could connect it to powered speakers. What kind of cable should I use? Looks like I need a "red" and "white" cable both end, but that sounds strange to me.
  21. D

    Play record player through speakers or tv without receiver

    I have a TTUSB Ion turntable and want to be able to hook it up to my LG tv or a set of external speakers (something like this I want a simple solution to play music...
  22. G

    Smartphone/tablet batteries & Laptop batteries

    Does the same rule of "To reduce wear rate & extend battery health, don't discharge your laptop (Li-ion) battery under 20% and don't use the laptop while keeping it plugged in at 100%, instead charge it to 80% and then discharge it to 20% and repeat this always" applies to the smartphone/tablet...
  23. J

    Can i charge my laptop battery externally using a power bank?

    Help. I have a li ion laptop battery 3620mAh
  24. D

    How long will this battery last?

    Hey guys I needed to know how long of a battery life the lithium ion 6 cell 47wh last from 100%. I know it depends on what I do but I still wanna know on average how long it would last. Here is the link to the exact laptop...
  25. grimlockPH

    5200mAh li-ion battery = <2hrs? Help!

    Hi, I have this old Acer Aspire 4315, Celeron 1.73GHz 1GB RAM DDR2, 60 GB HDD. Does a 5200mAh battery (li-ion) only last for less than 2 hrs of any activity? I'm running W8.1 with update 1.
  26. P

    Diffirence between 2 types of batteries

    Whats the diffirence between a Li-ion battery and a Li-po battery ?
  27. M

    Speaker will play when headphones are in stereo

    I have an ION obelisk3 stereo from the 90's. When i plug the headphone the stereo speakers still shout sound. Do I have to disconnect them to keep the room quiet? regards
  28. R

    Does keeping Li-ion Battery always connected to power source spoil the battery cycles?

    Hello everyone. I recently bought a Vaio E series laptop (SVE14a25cn) It has a great battery life but i'm confused if keeping it on charge always(even when it is full) will spoil the battery life. 90% of my usage is at home. Does overcharging spoil the batteries and cycles? Battery type:-...