Solved! SPL Speakerbox | Lots of questions

Jan 13, 2019
Hey, ive been wanting to build a portable speaker box that is ran off a lithium ion battery but ive got lots of questions and little knowledge but I do know it can be done. I'd like to power 2 6.5" mid drivers and 2 bullet tweeters and a 8" sub possibly once I figure out everything and im looking at a 1500w - 2000w 4 channel amp to do it. I'm not the best at understanding circuits or electricity and i'm wondering how I could incorporate a Li-Ion power supply into this mix to power something like this.
Here are the speakers!


right now im brainstorming so im not in a rush to make anything, I want this to be as loud as possible but also efficient and affordable. If anyone can drop me some ideas on what to power a 1500w- 2000w amp with and it being rechargable it would be alot of help!
Whatever amplifier you pick should have spec how much amp it wants, =hence battery capacity.

Your closest comparison are car stereos, which are essentially battery powered, should give u fairly close ideas.