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  1. viveknayyar007

    How To Unlock an iPhone 6/6 Plus/5S

    Note: The process described in this tutorial applies to the iPhone 5S as well. If you have purchased an iPhone from one wireless carrier and want to switch to another, you might want to bring your current device to your new network. The unlocking process may take you up to five business days...
  2. T

    Iphone 5s Verizon On straight talk

    Hello, I currently have a iphone 5s 16gb verizon and i get pretty good service, Some of my freinds have straight talk and they get good service but i was wondering if i could use straight talk on my iphone? I heard that you can't use verizon phones on straight talk but idk.
  3. B

    apple iphone 5s at&t unlock

    need help to unlock apple iphone 5s at&t unlock from usa
  4. M

    what is the cell phone system in usa?

    i live in egypt and my dad is in usa for a week, he doesn't know anything about cellphones and i want to get an iphone from usa but when i looked on amazon and bestbuy i found that the phones come with 1-2 year contracts with some of cell phones service providers in usa i don't really understand...
  5. I

    Replace iphone 5 camera for iphone 5s camera?

    I need to replace my iphone 5 camera. Ii was just wondering... can I maybe put in an iphone 5s camera? Has anyone tried this before? Or does anyone know if this is possible?
  6. J

    USB car charger for iphone 5s

    Last week I have fall a problem with my usb car charger. when I connect my phone with charger then my phone show worning msg "invalied charger" Any one have idea what I should now?
  7. M

    How to sync the wallet of an apple account between 2 accounts

    So I have recently bought an iPhone 5s and I am going to create a new account but I was wondering if I can sync the wallet or the amount of money in one apple account between 2 accounts so that if I increase the amount in one it will increase in the other and if I spend some of the money the...
  8. G

    Easy iPhone Lockscreen Bypass Found in iOS 7

    The latest iPhone lockscreen bypass strings together Control Center, Airplane Mode and a missed-call notification to break into a device. Easy iPhone Lockscreen Bypass Found in iOS 7 : Read more
  9. G

    Camera Face-Off: iPhone 5s vs. Galaxy S5

    The iPhone 5s and Galaxy S5 are two of the best smartphones around, but which device takes the best pictures? See the results here. Camera Face-Off: iPhone 5s vs. Galaxy S5 : Read more
  10. L

    T-Mobile Jump Questions...

    I'm paying $20/month for my iPhone 5 so if I upgrade my iPhone 5 to an iPhone 5S with T-Mobile's JUMP!, do I have to pay $25/month? I have some damage to the metal structure around the iPhone too, not sure if it would be a problem...
  11. CAaronD

    Best external powerbank for IPhone 5S?

    Does anybody know a good one with a decent price?
  12. J

    I'm looking for a new phone?

    Im getting a new phone soon as the iphone 3g has had its worth. im thinking of either the Nexus 5, iPhone 5s and the HTC One (M7 bros old one) which one is best.
  13. DarkDubzs

    HTC One M8 vs Samsung GS5?

    Which do you think is the winner? On paper, the GS5 comes out on top, and the camera wins by far; Comparison. The camera on the GS5 seems to be a clear winner with this test, even the iPhone 5S seems to beat the M8. So, which would you pick, and why? Im not even considering the iphone 5s, im so...
  14. T

    deleting pictures from iphone 5s

    When I got my iPhone I synced it with my computer to download pic. and it downloaded everything and now I cant delete any pic. in that folder does anyone know how to delete these pic.
  15. T

    Which would you like more iPhone 5s or Samsung Note 3 ?

    I want to understand which one are close for people... Thanks.
  16. P

    Iphone 5s or nexus 5 ?

    Hello, I am torn between getting an iphone 5s and and a nexus 5, The Nexus 5 is interesting because of the bigger screen size and android’s flexibility but the iphone 5s is more stylish, seems to have a better camera and a better battery life. To make matters more complicated, for the same...
  17. W

    Have 2 iPhone 5s - one can't connect to Internet via wifi in house but can access LAN devices - 2nd Phone no problems

    I have 2 iPhone 5s. Last week phone 1 suddenly couldn't access the internet via the home's wireless. Phone 2 has no problems. Phone 1 can access items on the network (DVR, wireless printer) and have full functionality with them. So I take Phone 1 to a local Optimum wifi hotspot and am able to...
  18. C

    Iphone 5s vs other Smartphones

    Okay my Iphone 5 was stolen yesterday, so now it's shopping time for a new smartphone. I do own an Ipad Air, so the sync between my iphone and ipad was nice. But, I'm not locked only with iOS. Wondering what smartphone I should go with now?
  19. A

    Apple A7 (ipad air/iPhone 5s) vs tegra 4 (Nvidia shield)

    Hello guys just wondering which one has more raw performance and fps on emulator and games because I've been seeing benchmark that the a7 won the Tegra 4 but can someone please confirm it or do a test for me please and confirm which one is better.
  20. I

    get 5000 i phone 5 s

    i am looking to buy 5000 i phone 5 s every week
  21. G

    Logitech PowerShell Turns iPhone Into Game Console: Hands On

    Logitech's PowerShell Controller offers a smooth iOS gaming experience while charging your iPhone, but doesn't come with joysticks. Logitech PowerShell Turns iPhone Into Game Console: Hands On : Read more
  22. A

    Nvidia shield vs iPhone 5s

    Which is better raw performance and power? Shield or 5s?and what is the Internet requirements to stream I have a slow Internet of 8mbps and 1mbps while downloading files from the Internet. But I have a good dual band concurrent router. Will I be able to stream?
  23. doukno

    I this the original iphone 5S?

    http://kolkata.olx.in/brand-new-iphone-5s-complete-box-pack-iid-562811637 Can any1 verify that the iphone is fake or real?
  24. G

    which smartphone is better?

    sony xperia sp or iphone 5s?
  25. doukno

    help in buying iphone 5S.

    I live in india.here rcom will be providing Locked iphones @ rs 2800 monthly on two year contract.Suppose if i buy that , can change its Sim card nd switch to other networks?If i unlock it, will i have to pay those monthly fees?
  26. S

    iPhone 5S or Galaxy S4?

    I'm looking for either an iPhone 5S or Galaxy S4. Can someone recommend me which one is the better phone? Also, is it safe to buy one of these phones off of Amazon?
  27. TheOfficalTanner

    Moto X vs Iphone 5s

    Okay so ive been looking up stats and reviews on these phones and I'm trying to figure out which is better for me in the long run, as well as right now. Ive got a list of stuff that ive already figured out but I worry that if i get the moto x will be outdated in 2 years by a long shot compared...
  28. M

    iPhone 5s or Samsung S4/5 ?

    So my iPhone 4s contract is ending next year in February and I am thinking of getting one of these phones. The iPhone 5s is out so I can get it after my contract is over but I can also get Galaxy S4(which I prefer because its bigger, but on the other hand its slower than 5s). Now my question...
  29. mark12000

    Looking for an apple bulk supplier, primarily iphone 5/5s.

    Hello, i am looking for a bulk supplier of iphones, primarily the iphone 5s. I currently have an 'agreement' of sorts with someone which is, 5 64gb iphone 5s's for $3000. Any other legit (not sure if the current person is legit) suppliers as cheap as this? Thanks in advance, Mark.
  30. G

    iPhone 5s Camera Loses to Point-and-Shoot in Low Light

    Despite a better image sensor and flash, the iPhone 5s camera is still no match for even a midrange pocket camera when light is scarce. iPhone 5s Camera Loses to Point-and-Shoot in Low Light : Read more
  31. I

    LG-E400R Sim Card fit in the iPhone 5S Sim Card Slot?

    Hi, I was wondering if the Sim Card slot on the LG-E400R is the same as the iPhone 5S? Also, just wondering is the Sim Card slot for the iPhone 3G the same as the iPhone 5S as well?
  32. Z

    which will be better for gaming?

    which will be better for gaming? iPhone 5s or S4
  33. T

    iPhone 5s or HTC One?

    I'm looking for a new phone to replace my iPhone 4s. Which should I choose? I will be playing some graphically intensive games and will be using GPS maps and nothing else.
  34. F

    Iphone 5s vs. Samsung s4

    I'm debating whether to buy the new 5s or the s4. I've done a bunch of research and watched a ton of videos comparing both phones, but i still don't know. I want the 5s because of the slow motion camera, finger scanner, ios7, easy to use, cool colors, face time, dual flash and an updated siri...
  35. G

    NYPD Promotes iOS 7's Anti-Theft Feature, Ignores Other Vulnerabilities

    New York's boys and girls in blue are encouraging people to upgrade to Apple's new OS 7 because of a new anti-theft security feature. NYPD Promotes iOS 7's Anti-Theft Feature, Ignores Other Vulnerabilities : Read more
  36. G

    How Good Is the iPhone 5s' TouchID?

    The iPhone 5s worked correctly for a cat and a woman without fingerprints, but a group of German hackers might finally have cracked Apple's TouchID technology. How Good Is the iPhone 5s' TouchID? : Read more
  37. G

    iPhone Fingerprint Reader May Already Be Hacked

    German hackers claim latex fake fingerprints will unlock the iPhone 5c, but IsTouchIDHackedYet contest organizers want more proof. iPhone Fingerprint Reader May Already Be Hacked : Read more
  38. C

    iPhone 5s Touch ID Finger Print Scanner Hacked

    Well.... that didnt take long. So much for innovation and futuristic security measures. http://wccftech.com/apples-touch-id-finger-print-scanner-has-been-hacked/
  39. G

    iOS 7 Flaw Lets Anyone Use Locked iPhone

    A weakness in iOS 7, Apple's new mobile operating system, lets anyone make calls, send emails or post Facebook updates from a locked iPhone, researchers showed. iOS 7 Flaw Lets Anyone Use Locked iPhone : Read more