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  1. B

    Question Building a laptop from parts?

    So my computer just died on me and I need it for school so more or less I was wondering could I use the 5+ somewhat broken laptops in my house to scrap together something that'll work? Obviously it wouldn't need to be the best it just needs to work for the meantime.
  2. sid_vinze

    Question Ideal input/output speed of the HDD?

    I tested the speed of my HDD (5400 rpm) 1TB and these were the results- View: Is this speed normal? If not, what other options do I have?
  3. T

    Question GTA V Crashes and leaves a still image of the game covering half the screen.

    This seems like an odd issue my girlfriend is having on her ASUS gaming laptop she bought only a couple months ago, I have not been able to find any info on the issue or how to solve it. This is the second time it happens and after restarting and trying all things we could think of we had to...
  4. DavidovicRom

    Got a new lap top with pretty good specs but disk usage is high and it tends to get frozen some times.

    So guys, I bought a new lap top its a Lenovo Note book V330. The specs are 4GB Ram, Intel® Core i5-8250U (1.6 GHz base frequency, up to 3.4 GHz with Intel® Turbo Boost Technology), 1TB SATA 5400RPM,Intel® UHD Graphics 620. High disk usage, high ram usage. A lot of people advised me to get at...
  5. C

    Help with purchasing a new laptop

    I've been doing some looking over the last few days and really just can't find anything that I think I'd be happy with. I'm a picky person and can't decide on practically anything without outside input so I figured I'd posit the question. Anyone have any recommendations for the best price to...
  6. K

    how to fix not working keys? (especially f3)

    Hi! Everyone My laptop doesn't have its own lcd screen anymore (It just didn't show anything at all) and i already take it off. So, we used an external monitor to see. For the monitor to work, we need to press Fn+F3 (F3=Monitor). But, there is a time when i opened my laptop and press Fn+F3...